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We continue the testing of We've already told you, why the exchange is unique and what it offers to traders.

We remind you that the main advantage of is its support of both — cryptocurrency and fiat. Moreover, platform users don't need to work with intermediaries and pay commission for the third-side exchange. became the first,who offer such opportunity to traders. Nowadays individual global trading platforms have supported this function, which is convenient for investors.

We`ve also informed you about the registration process on

Now we are going to analyze deposits and withdrawals.


Account replenishment

Select ‘Deposit’ from ‘Menu’ after authorization.

A window with a choice of currency, deposit method and amount will appear. You can replenish the deposit by card, bank transfer or cryptocurrency wallet. USD, RUB, BYN and EUR are available on the platform. The button for continuing the deposit process will be highlighted, after choosing a deposit method and indicating the amount.

There will be also a link to a page with a description of the trading commission, as well as the costs of depositing / withdrawing funds, which can be different, depending on the currency.


Replenishment with a credit card

If you need to replenish a deposit with a credit card, select the appropriate option and fill in needed data. The funds will be debited from the card and credited to your account, after confirming the transaction. commission will be 3.5% of the replenishment amount.


Recharging by bank transfer

If you need to deposit funds by bank transfer, select the appropriate option and click on 'Proceed to bank transfer'. ATTENTION: doesn't charge fee for bank transfers, but keep in mind that the bank can take it.

Then you should to transfer funds, according to the provided bank details.

It should be mentioned that when you hover over a specific field, the copy icon appears on the right.


Replenishment with cryptocurrency

You can replenish cryptocurrency deposits in a standard way — with the help of wallet addresses.

The number of confirmations for a deposit depends on the cryptocurrency.


Funds withdrawal

Fiat can be withdrawn to another fiat wallet within the exchange or an external wallet with support of ERC-20 standard. A bank transfer withdrawal option is also available. If you replenish your account with a bank card, you could request for funds withdrawal only to it. If you contribute funds to the balance from one account, but you want to withdraw from another one, you'll need to prove that this account belongs to you.


Tokenized fiat withdrawal to Ethereum wallet

You need to enter the wallet address and indicate the amount, which you want to transfer, to withdraw funds from another wallet.


the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD.


Funds withdrawal by bank transfer

If you want to withdraw funds from a bank account, you need to enter IBAN, SWIFT, the name of the recipient and click on 'Withdraw'.

If all the gaps are filled in correctly, a message, informing that the transfer request has been sent successfully, will appeared.


Cryptocurrency withdrawal

You can withdraw cryptocurrency in a standard way — with the help of wallet addresses.

The number of confirmations for a withdrawal depends on the cryptocurrency.

In conclusion

Currency deposits / withdrawals on the platform takes up to 30 minutes on average. The duration of getting approval for these operations depends on network load.

Bitcoin is credited to your wallet after receiving two confirmations, Ethereum requires 12 confirmations, Litecoin — only 4.

Money transfer to a bank card takes up to 30 minutes on average. The duration of a bank transfer depends on the certain bank. However, it takes not more than three business days.

We are going to analyze the ways of trading on in the next article.

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