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Schedule of events

20 September
Houston, United States

Стоимость: 595 - 1995 $

24 September
London, United Kingdom

Стоимость: 395 - 695 $

26 September
London, United Kingdom
27 September
London, United Kingdom

Стоимость: 190 $

7 October
Bristol, United Kingdom

Стоимость: 57 - 600 £

9 October
Geneva, Switzerland

Стоимость: 100 - 300 €

10 October
Santa Monica, Malta

Стоимость: 449 - 609 $

11 October
Barcelona, Spain
15 October
Berkeley, CA, United States

Промокод: https://cesc.io/

19 October
Denver, United States

Стоимость: 75 - 600 $

21 October
Las Vegas, United States
24 October
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
25 October
Singapore, Singapore

Стоимость: 0 - 990 $

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Would you like to report about an interesting event?
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4. If you the organizer or just a mere user and you have a message for us (for example, the announcement or a promo code) – events@neironix.io.
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