Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency created as one of the alternatives to Bitcoin, however, it significantly differs from other coins. Ethereum is not only the currency but also a platform for creating and running applications.
Circulating supply:
108 639 149 ETH
Total supply:
122 373 866 ETH
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Ethereum price

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1 ETH =
0.02345425 BTC
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0.02345425 BTC
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Ethereum (ETH) - USD Historical Price Chart
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Ethereum data

Ethereum (ETH) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . ETH price is 5.94534% up in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
About Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH) is a cryptocurrency created as one of the alternatives to Bitcoin, however, it significantly differs from other coins. Ethereum is not only the currency but also a platform for creating and running applications.
ETH uses decentralized blockchain technology like Bitcoin, but its developers have moved much further. Ethereum is not only a means of payment but also a guarantee of smart contracts implementation, carried on the platform basis.
The Ethereum network began work in the summer of 2015 and quickly became very popular among users thanks to its innovative capabilities. Moreover, the launch of the Ethereum network with its unique characteristics and the possibility of widespread use of the service has caused a boom in cryptocurrencies in general. As a result of a hacker attack at the end of 2016, about a third of the Ethereum was lost (about $50 million), after that some of the developers rolled back the transaction history to return the funds. This led to the appearance of Ethereum Classic (ETC), which is less popular than usual Ethereum.

The dynamics of the Ethereum rate

Even against other cryptocurrencies, the price of Ethereum shows an unprecedented increase. So, the value of the currency was 8.5 USD at the beginning of 2017, and the ETH quote was about $700 by the end of the year. The exchange rate exceeded $1,000 for 1 ETH soon. Such rate dynamics exceeded the most ambitious forecasts.
You can see today`s Ethereum exchange rate to the dollar on our website. Investing in Ethereum requires real-time exchange rate monitoring due to fluctuations in value. You can see the rate indicators now and their changes by days on our site. A convenient chart allows to track yesterday`s rate, price fluctuations for the week or quarter. The table shows the current changes in the value online and history since the launch of the cryptocurrency. The Ethereum exchange rate to the RUB is changing accordingly.




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Эхх Говорила мама "Идина завод, будешь 50к получать" А не вот это все ;_;
Я ж говорил вчера что 100ку 100% колоть будем
Хорошо что я не стал закупаться. Думаю к утру еще упадет. Так что ждем дна...
Блин, ребят, 90 это походу история ежегодная крипторалли перед новым годом. Думаю 120 будет первой целью во всех терминалах страны, причем рост будет настолько стремительный что народ не будет успевать покупать
Да не, сейчас рано покупать. Еще поход один вниз по-любому будет. Сверху зона продавца 109.9 - 114.83, что будет точно не известно. Могут дотянуть и обратно
Вот мне интересно. Аналитики говорят что при цене биткоина равно 3к или 4к компаниям, да и любому кто майнит не выгодно заниматься этим. И я думаю как долго это все продержится? Если будет держать то обязательно должно вырасти. А вот если все прекратят майнить биток? Все рынку конец?
Ethereum has been consolidating for about a month, if it shoots up, it will fly very high, can easily make 100% in a short time. Therefore, I think to buy it for myself for half a year, a year.
I agree, I read a lot about this coin, and in the coming months, the ethereum team will launch many cool updates for their blockchain, I think the coin will grow well against this background.
Я надеюсь на данную монету, так как доминирующее большинство смарт-контрактов работает на ее блокчейне. Ждем роста после хард-форка.
Ethereum is one of my favor coin,i already invested in eth so much,although price so down in last year,but i believe that it will increase value in future because etereum has a strong community,based erc 20 for many crypto!
Etherum the major cryptocurrency after bitcoin has been used by many ICOs for the reason price has pumped to $1100 but they have have only crashed it so much now it started rising a bit, after the hardfork much more things are expected.
Это монета с хорошей капитализацией и на ее платформе выпущено очень много разных токенов.
I think that the maximum price that ethereum can reach is $500. Because the main mission of this cryptocurrency is smart contracts but not money.
When will ethereum again rise to $1000?
Perhaps in 2020, I read recently that they should finally launch a global network update, which will increase the network bandwidth and the overall performance of their blockchain. But you know, they promise a lot, but then they endure everything all the time .... but I hope 2020 will be bullish.
I think that Ethereum wont rise because its competitors (EOS, Tezos, TRON) have better technologies and capacity. After 5-10 year EOS must heading among a blockchain platforms
I believe in ethereum, but when it grows up again no one can say for sure, so HODL! :)
Vitalik Buterin is somehow not positive about the near future, they still need to do a lot of work. Therefore, I do not know something to buy ETH now or not :|
Ethereum - это инновационная платформа современного поколения, созданная для совершения защищенных финансовых переводов, так как транзакции производятся за счёт эфириума монета всегда будет востребована, аналитики обещают рост 2500$.
Эфириум - одна из лучших монет на крипто-рынке. Не зря большинство ICO проходит именно на его платформе, так что эта монета как была популярна ранее, так и будет применяться в дальнейшем, и еще наверняка покажет свой рост. Кроме того, они недавно обновили интерфейс своего кошелька MyEtherWallet, и теперь он стал не только технологичным, но и красивым и удобным для пользования
Ethereum is my favorite coin, i like ERC20 platform, i think in future, ETH will be more popular then Bitcoin.
Ethereum is my preferred cryptocurrencies, it has a wide market to market with it, especially ICO projects. I am sure that in the coming years Ethereum will be an active crypto very well quoted in the cryptographic market.
for me ethereum is the best cryptocurrency
Подбираю на песпективу монеты эфира. Уверен в перспективы эфира. Сильный менеджмент.
Считаю данную криптовалюту наиболее перспективной, что показывают капитализации последних дней и небольшой рост! Помогают в росте многочисленные имеющиеся монеты на данном блокчейне, а также новые, которые создаются и добавляются, расширяя возможности.
Now Upbit has Hacked, and stole 342,000 ETH ($ 51.3 million). Deposit and withdrawal of funds is suspended... because of this, the price may now go even lower
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