Africunia is a digital bank project based on the concept of blockchain decentralized ledger technology. The country of location of the project is in the UK and no restriction for members from different companies to invest. – It’s a digital bank. Africunia operates on blockchain and ethereum platform and accepts payment using BTC ETH XRP LTC MIOTA, various and Fiat
1 000 000 000 AFCASH
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1 000 000 000 AFCASH
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Africunia (AFCASH) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . AFCASH price is 0% down in the last 24 hours. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
Über Africunia (AFCASH)
AFRICUNIA Blockchain Digital Bank will be a new and unique Financial Institution that will offer not only traditional banking services related to opening of savings & current accounts, issuing of debit & credit cards, loans and forex exchange services but also will provide innovative banking services such as bank-to-bank transactions, interconnecting the world of traditional finance and cryptocurrency startups.
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A highly dedicated team who is passionate about the AFRICUNIA BANK project to the point the project is virtually funded by its management with more or less no external investment. This a Company with the sole vision of reaching the unbanked, the less privileged as well as reaching those that are financially excluded wherever they may be found globally. The project has open-plan concept. Employees have a strong voice which is listened to by the management. Great place to work, very diverse community and ultimately a team with a noble vision. Haven't seen any project like AFRICUNIA and its AFCASH digital currency yet.
Token is currently listed on:!/trade/AFCASH-ETH (and other markets on same exchange)!/trade/0x3475b73b0b8c638bb5f8a405e58667e44e9e0501-ETH
I will reply pointwise to each statement. "The project does not develop during the year" - statement is false, project develops and every next 2 quarters we deliver new onlive service. "there is no news" - statement is very wrong, news are many every next week. "team does not say anything" - we replied to every single query both in the open groups and in private. Answered all questions even those that were asked impolitely and not comprehensively. "price is not real and the volume of trades also" - this comment makes no sense at all. Price is a speculative termin. If somebody failed to sell by the price rate he claims not to be real, this is due to his own laziness or other reasons. There is no reason to blame anybody especially the Team. "These are scammers" - reveal your name and provide a signed statement where you wish to demarket our company and claim we are scammers openly, IF YOU DARE. The UNNAMED "hero" will NEVER DARE to expose his/her/other identity, especially with the claim. That is when personal responsibility for those words takes place. The statement of this UNNAMED doesn't worth the bits of hard drive consumed to store it.
AFRICUNIA and AFCASH project remains the most genuine project I have come across in the technology world. The team has distinguished themselves from other projects as real, passionate and dedicated to the core and I fully support their initiative. Go for it guys! I believe in you and I believe you will change the world as we know it...
A determined project with a powerful trusted team able to meet objectives with open minded to the public and it's customers. A very wonderful support team quick in response. Love Africunia blockchain technology to the moon!! Great project!!
The project does not develop during the year, there is no news, the team does not say anything, the token is not traded anywhere, and besides, the price is not real and the volume of trades also. These are scammers, I don’t understand why Neironix flows to them indicating such a price.
Hello The price that is displayed is the price at the time of sale during ICO, IEO or STO. As you can see, the coin for this mmoent is not traded on any exchange connected by us. The price may vary depending on the change in price to which the coin is connected (in this case it is ETH, because the coin is attached to ETH)
Hello Mr or Mrs Unnamed, I am wondering what does it benefit you to openly and shamelessly lie and engage in untruthful swear campaign? Are you trying to promote another project and see the need to lie in order to take down our project? You will not succeed in this move because whenever light appears darkness must give way. Lies is only temporary but truth is permanent. We will continue to prove you wrong forever. You wrote there is no news and our team does not say thing? What a terrible lie! Visit our Telegram group on for interactive chat with our users need help. Visit our Facebook page here for daily news. Visit our official Twitter page for daily news. Visit our LinkedIn page for daily updates. Did you actually write that AFCASH token is not traded anywhere, really? Please go to and tell us what is traded there if AFCASH is not traded anywhere. Go to!/trade/0x3475b73b0b8c638bb5f8a405e58667e44e9e0501-ETH and see AFCASH traded there. It would be good to tell lies that is difficult to discover. That is what intelligent people do, and not easy lies one can quickly fact-checked. Oh and did I read you say there is no development? If there is no development in your opinion it must either be that you just woke up from long sleep or you are in denial of reality. And by the way I just mentioned 2 of many Exchanges where AFCASH token is being traded and one of those is called EXCOINCIAL Exchange Platform. Guess who built and owns it? Yes, you guessed right! We are the owner and it is part of our hard earned cash and hard labour over the course of the last 18 months. If you could do any better please we dare challenge you to a contest of proof of work. You want to see more development which we have worked hard to launch? Then go to Google Play Store and download our Multicurrency wallet here: ... By the way download, install and use is completely FREE. And should we remind you that it took months and months of work and lots of money to build the Mobile App in order to provide you this free service? I guess you can figure that out. Watch out for the launch of our Global eCommerce MarketPlace that we building for the past 14 months. Since you were permanently sleeping while other news were announced and or you don't follow news for whatsoever reason, then I wouldn't be surprised you would be deep asleep when the eCommerce platform will be launched and announced soon, perhaps only to wake up from your slumber again and shamelessly lie more and tell another tale in the public domain. STOP YOUR LIES AND LEST I FORGET PLEASE WHEN NEXT YOU WANT TO COMMENT, PLEASE DO SO WITH YOUR REAL NAME AND POSSIBLE CONTACT DETAIL AND DON'T HIDE BEHIND THE COMPUTERS. GOING WITH THE ID ''UNNAMED'' IS THE FIRST SIGN OF FRAUD AND SCAM! I strongly believe your type of person without a job and or bitter heart is the reason why the world is an unfair place of habitat. Repent!!! Thank you for reading...
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Kryptowährungsrechner & Konverter Africunia

Auf Neironix bieten wir euch einen Africunia Rechner, mit dem ihr jeden beliebigen Betrag nach dem aktuellen Kurs umrechnen könnt. Die wichtigsten und wohl interessantesten Währungen sind dabei der Africunia und der Euro. Der Wert des Africunia Wertes ändert sich täglich, weshalb es nahezu unmöglich ist, immer den aktuellen Betrag zu kennen. Meist sind die Schwankungen an einem Tag auch so groß, dass sich ein Vergleich wirklich lohnen kann. Aus diesem Grund haben wir für euch unseren Africunia Umrechner entwickelt. Dieser arbeitet nach festgelegten und regelmäßig abgefragten Werten und liefert euch dadurch immer ein genaues Ergebnis. Mit diesem Africunia Umrechner könnt ihr einen beliebigen Betrag von AFCASH in Euro immer nach dem aktuellen Kurs umrechnen lassen. Dabei bieten wir euch eine größtmögliche Aktualität und garantieren dadurch eine optimale Genauigkeit. Durch unsere höchste Flexibilität könnt ihr neben Bitcoins auch andere Coins umrechnen und miteinander vergleichen. Der Africunia Wahrungsrechner bietet euch damit alle wichtigen und individuellen Informationen auf nur einen Blick.

Wie funktioniert der Africunia Rechner

Um den AFCASH Rechner nutzen zu können, müsst ihr die gewünschte Ausgangswährung und die Währung aussuchen und in den Rechner eintragen. Dabei könnt ihr alle Währungen nutzen, welche auf Neironix angeboten werden. Beispielsweise AFCASH in Euro oder Euro in AFCASH. Auf diese Weise seid ihr immer mit dem aktuellen Kurs bedient und könnt euch genauestens danach richten. Nachdem ihr euch für eine Währung festgelegt habt, könnt ihr den gewünschten Betrag eingeben. Dann könnt ihr beispielsweise 1 Africunia in Euro umrechnen. Das funktioniert selbstverständlich auch mit allen anderen Beträgen eurer Wahl.

Der Währungsrechner liefert in Sekundenschnelle die gewünschten Ergebnisse und rechnet alle Währungen zuverlässig um. Um den Kurs immer aktuell zu halten, aktualisiert sich der Rechner immer nach wenigen Minuten selbstständig. Insbesondere Menschen, die den Handel mit Africunias bevorzugen und Währungen kaufen oder verkaufen möchten, profitieren von diesem Angebot des Kryptowährungs Rechner. Durch den Africunia Umrechner sind die immer auf dem aktuellsten Stand und können ihr Geschäft im richtigen Moment bestätigen. Damit bildet dieser Rechner ein innovatives und sehr gutes Werkzeug für den internationalen Handel sowie für Anleger und Interessenten an internationalen Börsen.

Zudem können Urlauber über Neironix Umrechnungen zu tagesaktuellen Kursen machen und sind damit immer auf der sicheren Seite. Der aktuelle Kurs bietet einen optimalen Überblick, um Geld sparen zu können.

Die Africunia Einheiten

Die Währungseinheit des Africunia wird mit AFCASH bezeichnet und hat nach dem Komma noch 8 weitere Stellen. Dadurch wird das Umrechnen in Euro sehr schwierig gestaltet. Gerade das richtige Runden der Beträge wird zur komplizierten Aufgabe. Mit dem Africunia Euro Rechner erledigen wir für euch diese Umrechnung zuverlässig und schnell. So wie es den Cent für den Euro gibt, hat auch der Africunia kleinere Einheiten. 1 AFCASH gliedert sich daher in 1.000 mAFCASH. 1 mAFCASH besteht aus 1.000 bits. Die letzte Einheit 1 bit ist die kleinste Einheit nach Satoshi und bildet die Grundlage aller weiteren Rechnungen. Dank dem Africunia Rechner müsst ihr euch nie wieder die Frage stellen, wie viel ein gewünschter Betrag in Euro ist.

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