Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most popular digital currency in the world, it has been issued since 2009. It differs from all world currencies because it is not tied to certain countries and is completely decentralized.
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Bitcoin data

Bitcoin (BTC) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . BTC price is -3.3522% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost BTC is recorded on the crypto exchange Bithumb Global. Leader in trading volume BTC is the exchange Binance. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
Über Bitcoin (BTC)

What is Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first and most popular digital currency in the world, it has been issued since 2009. It differs from all world currencies because it is not tied to certain countries and is completely decentralized.
Due to this, no one can block the circulation of Bitcoins or seize these funds, because they do not exist in a particular place - they are just records in a replicated distributed database. In fact, anyone can issue Bitcoins (mining), the only condition -  access to the Internet and PC.
One of the advantages of Bitcoins is its owners` anonymity - although the data on transactions in real-time is publicly available, it is possible to track only Bitcoin addresses of users without binding them to specific individuals. Therefore, the number of Bitcoins (and, therefore, the funds stored in them) of a particular user cannot be tracked through any bank.

Bitcoin rate changes

Due to the fact that the Bitcoin exchange rate is not regulated at the level of any state (unlike other currencies), it is completely dependent on supply and demand. The dynamics of the rate made it one of the most attractive currencies for investment. Millions of people have already managed to make money on the purchase and sale of Bitcoins, although the more Bitcoins in the world, the more difficult to issue them. So, Bitcoin`s value increased 330 times just in the first two years of its existence. It left behind some of the fiat currencies popular in Europe in terms of the money supply in August 2017. Bitcoin`s market capitalization exceeded $70 billion.

Bitcoin exchange

Bitcoin can be exchanged for fiat funds, including RUB, in the same way as any other currency, also, now it is used for payments via Internet services. This is a great alternative to any national currencies - first of all because Bitcoin is almost impossible to steal or false. Several attempts were made to create a cash analog of Bitcoin - a coin with its own bitcoin address and a secret access code. However, their release was stopped and they are more collection than actually used so far.




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Что происходит с курсом биткоина? Кто нибудь знает когда это все закончится?
График битка катится неизвестно куда
Что то мне подсказывает, что хомячки сейчас неплохо страдают
Я, очень надеялся что $3 500 будет отметкой для коррекции, но к сожалению курс двинулся дальше. Сейчас рассматриваю 2 400 - 2 500 как отметку где снижение биткоина может остановиться. Конечно на уровне 3к будет какое то сопротивление, но медведи дальше продавят( . Честно признаться было бы очень классно купить лайт за 2-3 доллара, а эфир по 6 -10 долларов. Тогда можно по пару 100 зеленных не жалко кинуть. И волосы не будут седеть, даже если рынок рухнет :D а вот если все пойдет наверх, тогда шиканем. Если кто то увидит там "коровкину", пинок от меня передайте пожалуйста
Сейчас большинство ждут $2 700 - $3 100, а это значит что отскок от $3 300 . Сейчас весит 40 шортов, и поэтому сейчас можно пролететь более $1 500 одной 5-минуткой
A new Bullrun begins in the campaign as in 2017. China again provoked the growth of bitcoin and I think that it isnt seem that this is the end
Bitcoin will grow not only due to China. You do not forget that in May, halving and 2020 Libra and TON will be launched. It is more important than China.
Everyone who thinks that bitcoin scam I advise you to study this ( article) and pay attention to the increasing volume of purchases on the Bakkt site, after the launch of options for bitcoin in 2020, we will fly to Mars. ;)
Дорогие трейдеры, не забывайте что выплаты MT.Gox начинается с 14 февраля, а это около 160 000 BTC и все что сейчас происходит, думаю не случайно
У биткоина нет будущего. Будущее есть у преспективных проектов, которые развиваются, налаживают связи и как то стараются. Биткоин просто первый прототип, у которого нет будущего. Ничем не изменил, не улучшился биткоин за 2018 год (
I think that first bitcoin will fall to 7500-8000. And wil be here by the end 2019
I support you, I will be purchased for the whole cutlet at a price of 6,000 :P
I read on the Internet that in 2022 Bitcoin will cost 100,000, is it true, is it worth it now to buy it or is it still a pyramid?
Well, it looks like we'll be kissing again with level 8000:/
When to buy bitcoin again? He is already at 8500. Take it now or it may fall even lower, who knows?
How much will Bitcoin cost by the end of the year? What do you think?
I think bitcon will return to 10,000 - 12,000, and there it will already be preparing for a new impulse, before halving, plus I also heard they were going to launch options for bitcoin, this should provoke growth.
I’m already starting to buy bitcoin a little bit for a year at least, and I will buy more if it goes lower, next year we will have a lot of cool news that can move the market high up!
Do you know people who justify why bitcoin will cost more than 100,000? It is about 3-4 trillion capitalizations of Bitcoin ... Is it possible?
Wait when it costs near $5,000. I think that it will in December
Bitcoin will reach 10,000 soon! Wait wait wait!
Still early. The first bitcoin should fall to 7000 and then it will be seen. But I think that by the end of the year bitcoin will be above 10,000$
А когда-то он стоил много.... (((
Kuptsichevich wrote a new article. On Friday, he buried BTS, then for two days he could not gather his thoughts after Stellar. But in principle, wrote correctly. The main battle is ahead.
Bitcoin is the best coin i invest,because it is first crypto coin created and many people said blockchain they will reminder bitcoin - Free Download Divi theme
Биткоин будет жить.
У битноина есть будущее, ночь темна перед рассветом ...
Btc is the best coin i invest,because it is first coin crypto created and many people said blockchain they will reminder bitcoin,i belive that one future not long,when ETF accepted and good news relevents like hardford,btc will gain top and up so far away,now price is so low to invest in it.
the king of crypto,Bitcoin is value like diamond! i will and do invest in BTC each month,it is aliitle but that is investment for long term,in 2013 i have already have a good profit for now,so i advise everyone remind that coin
Bitcoin now has the largest capitalization on the market, at least this makes it the leading cryptocurrency on the market, in addition, Bitcoin has one of the largest user networks, a cool community around the world.
I completely agree with you, I expect a good growth in the near future, not only in bitcoin, but in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, though we can still go down. :)
Покупаю Биткоин. Верю в перспективы технологии блокчейн. Биткоин изменил мир.
Bitcoin is the future money. Follow me for tips on how to trade Cyptocurrency, also if you wanna trade with me. here is my email
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