ARNO this is a real nano technology project. The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project.The entire economic system of the project involves the active use of the.
Kategorie: Manufacturing, Energie
Gründet: 08.08.2020
Land: Belarus
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ABOUT PROJECT Creation of production of secondary energy sources for industrial and home use based on lead-acid battery cells using carbon nano materials. The technologies for producing carbon nanomaterials, in particular carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite and graphene structures, developed and implemented for industrial use by our team over the past few years, allow us to produce additives of various types for various fields of application. This allows our team of scientists, engineers and technologists to use our proprietary additives to store energy, improve efficiency, increase the capacity and life of our batteries, and more. Manufacturers of electronic products, hybrid vehicles and power systems are also benefiting from our technical practice, which allows them to create more flexible and high-performance offerings for their end users. For the battery and energy market, carbon nanotubes, intercalated graphite and graphene's serve: - Conductive components of battery electrodes; - Rheology modifiers for pastes and slurries used in preparation of battery electrodes; - Structural and porosity modifiers for battery electrodes; - Capacitors for charge storage. LIQUIDITY OF PROJECT Any capital investment into cryptocurrency entails the financial risks. We have no way to guarantee the continuous increase of token, but we will make every effort to make it fluid at the maximum rate. - Once ARNO token is added to the exchanges, the project team will put up a certain quantity of tokens for auction, and when the tokens are bought by the participants, the team will stop the cryptocurrency input on the present platform for a year. The auction is held by the traders not bearing a relation to the developers. - The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project. The entire economic system of the project involves the active use of the ARNO token. We will not use even the most popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH. Only ARNO will be used inside our project and everything connected with it. - It is also a very important role in the fact that the project is physical and it is already working. The direction is new and in demand. New energy efficient systems are our future. ARNO Token Full Description: Details: Pre-sales: Oct 06, 2020 - Mar 31, 2021 Public sales: Dec 01, 2021 - Apr 02, 2022 Token supply: 50,000,000 ARNO Total tokens for sale: 4,000,000 ARNO Soft cap: 60,000 USD Hard cap: 7,760,000 USD Token Info: Ticker: ARNO Type: Utility-token Token standard: ERC20 Token price in USD: 1 ARNO = 2 USD Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, USDT, XMR, DOGE, BCH, Dash Smart Contract Address: Bonus program: When buying 30 and 299 coins + 10% bonus When buying 300 and 1499 coins + 15% bonus When buying 1500 and more coins + 20% bonus Legal: Blockchain Platform: Ethereum Country limitations: No Registration country: Belarus Office address: Minsk, Tolbuchina str., 2A BONUSESARNO Token - CryptoCurrency ICO/STO/IEO For more information, please find important links below. ARNO this is a real nano technology project. The project token is the main settlement tool of the economic part of the project. Category: Production, Energy Based: 8 Aug 2020 g. The country: Belarus
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