Bitupper is a new player with huge potential in crypto industry!

Greetings Community!

Bitupper Portal is growing as more users join us to benefit from the clear and user-friendly interface of Bitupper Explorer while we continue to add more functionality and more services in the ecosystem.

This update summarizes our recent team efforts in creating the cutting edge portal that drives the adoption of cryptocurrency to a whole new level. Being a new player in crypto sphere since our last publication with the development update in late 2018 number of visitors to Bitupper has tripled, meaning that we are on the right track and our users prove it by using our services more often.

This is what we managed to achieve in Bitupper since our last publication:

  • Bought, installed and moved to our own physical servers

    One of the most significant achievements we have made - we have moved to our own servers for Bitupper. Before that we were using dedicated servers from one of the top providers OVH. It is a significant milestone for us, though our users may not have noticed this change. We have bought and installed one of the top server solutions - HP Enterprise Proliant DL360.

    This makes the servers infrastructure cheaper in the long run while providing more security and reliability for our applications. In addition, it gives us greater inspiration to evolve further.

  • Search/filter the transactions by time period and amounts on a selected address

    Now you can select a range of dates to show the transactions made on the address within the selected period. When you browse an address in any blockchain (Bitcoin Block Explorer or Litecoin Block Explorer by Bitupper) press the Search/Filter button and select the desired dates. Soon we will add the option to filter based on the amounts of transactions.
  • Slovakian language support added

    As we broaden our international reach we are adding more localizations and this time it is Slovakian language, so Vitajte na Prehliadač Bitcoin Blokov!

    As of now you can enjoy Bitupper services in 5 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Slovakian. And we are working on bringing Chinese localization soon. Stay tuned.

  • Address balance after transaction (similar to bank statement)
    This is a truly unique feature of Bitupper Explorer: you can view the balance of the address after the selected transaction. No other Block Explorer provides this feature.

    Thanks to Bitupper, you can now look at the address balance after each transaction, same as in the bank statement. In the list of transactions at the address - you can immediately see what the balance was on the address after the transaction.For example, on the address page — when you point on any transaction, press Show more for more details, which will show a pop-up with the balance after the transaction.

    As an example, just go to this address and see how it works for yourself

  • Several enhancements in the interface

    We are constantly working to make the user experience with our services as smooth as possible. You can now see the number of confirmations on the network for your transactions. We also added some transition effects when you browse Bitupper, so it looks even cooler.

  • New partnerships

    More projects start to discover Bitupper Explorer and switch from competitors to us as they find Bitupper more beneficial in their services. We are happy to announce one of our new partners - Kuna Crypto Exchange, that is using our Block Explorer to show the transactions process in Bitcoin and Litecoins for the users. Kuna Exchange enjoys our partnership as at least 10% of their users from the exchange are driven back after seeing a dedicated banner on Bitupper Explorer with Kuna services.

    After such a success with the partnership, Kuna Exchange even asked us to develop explorer for other coins as soon as possible, such as an explorer for USDT, which will be comprehensible for the users. This proves the point that we are on the right track by launching one of the best block explorers on the market with easy and intuitive interface.

    We encourage new partners to join us and start using Bitupper Explorer as we offer really great solutions for your users and they will definitely thank you for making their user experience better and life easier.

    To join Bitupper as a partner - submit your application now

We thank our users for great feedback and trust in our services as we continue to make Bitupper more functional for everyday use.

Spread the word about Bitupper Ecosystem and join us in our movement to drive cryptocurrency adoption worldwide!

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