Hong Kong FUBT Exchange is committed to building a world-leading one-stop trading platform for blockchain assets.
Founded: 06.2017
Type: Centralized
Country: Hong Kong
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Hong Kong FUBT always advocates rational investment, adheres to forward-looking layout, international expansion and market operation, and seeks the value of high-quality digital assets, and strengthens the integration of technology, capital and industry to promote the transformation of blockchain technology applications.We rely closely on professional technical operation and international financial advisory team to deeply serve global digital asset developers and users, and to build a new industrial system that is honest, fair, efficient, and advancing with the times. Hong Kong FUBT is based in Hong Kong and serves the world. It has established branches in Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Zhengzhou. It covers FUBT Exchange, BZU Cloud, Fubitt Capital, Fubitt Business School, Project Evaluation, Coplus Intelligent Quantification, etc. To achieve multilingual, multi-platform, multi-node coverage. At the same time, it supports PC and mobile terminals, provides OTC and currency exchange services, smoothly responds to transactions in a timely manner, adopts financial security prevention and control, and strictly guarantees the security of users'assets. At the same time, FUBT has invested dozens of enterprises and teams related to the block chain, basically completed the industrial ecological construction and overall layout. As of March 2019, the registered users of the Hong Kong FUBT Exchange have exceeded 1 million, and hundreds of high-quality digital assets have been launched. It has four trading zones: BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (ETH), USDT (Teda coin) and FBT. The total number of platform transactions is more than 200, with an average daily turnover of 400 million US dollars. The degree of internationalization, specialization and scale development has been continuously enhanced, and its comprehensive strength ranks in the top ten of the global exchange lists. After more than one year's development, the whole industry chain business structure system has been formed, which takes the development and construction of exchanges as the main body, the application and development of industrial products and the dissemination and promotion of projects as two wings, and comprehensively serves the development, investment and operation of block chain assets. Members of the Hong Kong FUBT core team have deep blockchain genes and rich investment banking experience, and have leading technology development and practice innovation capabilities. At the same time, it gathered the elite resources of science and technology, finance, media and other leaders at home and abroad, vigorously promote the exchange and cooperation of international high-quality projects, and gradually build a new ecological space of transnational, cross-disciplinary and cross-industry, empower digital assets and boost the economy. Hong Kong FUBT regards users as permanent partners to meet the needs of customers and develop the source of power for the enterprise. Since its inception, it has attached great importance to user feedback and community operations, and has continued to maintain the vitality and enthusiasm of the community. It has established deep strategic partnerships with well-known big master, institutions, and media in the industry at home and abroad, and has jointly organized blockchain events for a long time. Efforts have been made to achieve an organic integration of brand benefits, combined with market benefits and social benefits, and it has also received extensive attention and unanimous praise from the blockchain industry, academia and research community. Looking forward to the future, FUBT in Hong Kong will further deepen its market and accelerate its development. At the same time, it will continue to enhance its technological R&D advantages. With the positive policy of blockchain in the new era as an opportunity, we will forge ahead and make outstanding achievements in promoting global scientific and technological progress and make contribution to social and economic development. [Enterprise Vision: To be the world's leading digital asset trading service platform] [Enterprise Mission: Empowering Digital Assets and Boosting the Economy] [Core Values: Integrity, Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Win-Win] [Service tenet: risk awareness, efficient collaboration, hard work and enterprising] [Business philosophy: user asset security is above all else]
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when be calculator available? And what means Listings in the left section? Is this where the stock exchange is located?
We will open calculator in the nearest two weeks. Listings is a section about cryptocurrency listings and delistings in this exchange.
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