G999 blockchain is a technology that can allow individuals and companies to make instantaneous transactions on a network without any middlemen. Transactions made on the G999 blockchain are completely secure and fast.
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G999 मूल्य

- अंतिम मूल्य:
1 G999 =
0.00000009 BTC
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वॉल्यूम 24h
24h के लिए न्यूनतम मूल्य
24h के लिए अधिकतम मूल्य
G999 पाठ्यक्रम
G999 कोर्स बीटीसी में
0.00000009 BTC
बाजार पूंजीकरण
ट्रेड वॉल्यूम 24h
24h के लिए न्यूनतम मूल्य
24h के लिए अधिकतम मूल्य
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पूर्ण अधिकतम
पूर्ण अधिकतम तिथि
पूर्ण अधिकतम से
1d अस्थिरता
7d अस्थिरता
24h के लिए परिवर्तन
7d के लिए परिवर्तन
14d के लिए परिवर्तन
30d के लिए परिवर्तन
60d के लिए परिवर्तन
1y के लिए परिवर्तन
G999 (G999) - USD ऐतिहासिक मूल्य चार्ट
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G999 data

G999 (G999) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . G999 price is -0.497813% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost G999 is recorded on the crypto exchange BitForex. Leader in trading volume G999 is the exchange HitBTC. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
के बारे में G999 (G999)

G999 is a peer-to-peer payment system that aims to create an ecosystem with fast payments, micro-commissions, next-generation communications, and high bandwidth. The emission of G999 e-money is limited.

In the decentralized G999 system, payments and transactions do not require intermediaries and are not regulated by central banks. G999 uses asymmetric data encryption, which will ensure that information is only accessible to two persons: the sender and the recipient. This is how G999 developers create a high level of privacy and security. The principles of blockchain operation differ from the classic PoS.

G999 can be integrated into web-browsers. The payment system is also compatible with popular mobile OS. The ease-of-use of G999 tools should help increase the use of blockchain tools by telecommunications companies.

The company is also working on the creation of G999 e-money wallets. Wallets are a gateway for private, decentralized transactions and communications. They allow users to store private keys, place bets, or trade. Depending on the needs of each user, the company has developed several types of wallets that are aimed at performing specific tasks. Wallets work on macOS, Windows, Linux systems, as well as in a web browser.

The G999 cryptocurrency is an internal utility coin for the operation of the ecosystem, which is used by Blokchain Academy, Email blockchain, G999 Voice & Chat applications, Gold Merchant, G999 ownership certificates, and other tasks. It is not yet possible to trade the G999 coin on exchanges. However, on the gstrade exchange site, you can purchase coins for US dollars to use the tools of the G999 ecosystem.

The number of masternodes in the G999 blockchain is limited to 4000. The exact number of coins generated by each block and the limited number of masternodes allow the calculation of rewards to holders in such a way that each masternode owner can have constant passive income.


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