Ripple is a decentralized platform designed to optimize the operation of payment systems.
परिसंचारी आपूर्ति:
43 298 481 757 XRP
कुल आपूर्ति:
99 991 298 961 XRP
अधिकतम आपूर्ति:
100 000 000 000 XRP
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Ripple मूल्य

- अंतिम मूल्य:
1 XRP =
0.00001539 BTC
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0.00001539 BTC
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Ripple data

Ripple (XRP) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . XRP price is -1.38412% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost XRP is recorded on the crypto exchange Walkex. Leader in trading volume XRP is the exchange UPbit. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
के बारे में Ripple (XRP)

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a decentralized platform designed to optimize the operation of payment systems. The company Ripple Labs develops this project. The main task of Ripple is to provide absolutely safe, instant and cheap transactions. Also, Ripple can be used to reduce the cost of money transfers, regardless of the amount.

Distributed Ripple Registry

Since this payment system is based on the technology of a distributed registry (blockchain), there is no possibility of returning transactions in its protocol. Although, the basis of Ripple is not quite the usual blockchain, like in the vast majority of cryptocurrencies. The main principle of the Ripple network is based on the creation of agreements between the parties. A key feature of the Ripple protocol is a lightning registry update, so payment is exchanged very quickly.

Ripple Partnerships

The growing popularity of this payment system can be caused by the fact that Ripple entered into partnerships with major banks in the United States and other countries of the world. Bank of America, UniCredit Group, National Australia Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and several dozen other large banks use Ripple technology.
The thing is, due to Ripple’s technology financial institutions can save millions of dollars a year in transaction costs. Therefore, every year more and more banks begin to experiment with distributed ledger technology.

More details of XRP Token 

Ripple has been taking third place in the global cryptocurrency rating for a rather long period of time. It is fundamentally different from BTC, ETH, and other coins. One of the main features of this system is the consensus register. It is also important to understand that the number of nodes that ensure the correct operation of the network is strictly limited.
The network protocol excludes the possibility of mining since all Ripple tokens were produced at the time of the project launch. Total tokens amount in the network is 100 billion, note that 60% of this number belongs directly to Ripple. It contradicts the basic principle of cryptocurrencies - decentralization, that is why developers are often criticized for this.
Due to the fact that the number of XRP coins is quite large, their exchange rate is relatively small. It is worth noting that the dynamics of the Ripple rate has repeatedly shown increased volatility. For example, in 2017, the cost of Ripple increased by more than 500 times, and then a significant rollback occurred, but note that the price collapse at the beginning of 2018 occurred with all coins.

Ripple statistics on the Neironix.io

Neironix platform provides the Ripple rate to the dollar, the ruble and many other fiat currencies of the world. The process of updating data occurs in real-time, and all information received is recorded in a chart. On the Neironix site you can see the data for a day, week, month, year or all the time. Whatever the Ripple rate is, you can always find out the latest information on the Neironix platform, and make an informed decision, sell or buy cryptocurrency Ripple.

How to buy and where to store XRP?

The process of buying Ripple is not much different from purchasing any other digital coin. First of all, you can buy XRP tokens on many cryptocurrency exchanges, the quotation table is placed on the Neironix platform in the “exchanges” section of the “coins” page.
If for some reason you don`t want to buy XRP on exchanges, you have the opportunity to use one of the exchange sites. Besides, to buy Ripple you can send a direct payment to the coin holder. But this is a rather risky method since the success of such an exchange will depend on the good faith of the seller.
Ripple is a fairly popular cryptocurrency, so you can store it in almost all variations of wallets: mobile, desktop, online, hardware, exchange, etc. Everyone independently chooses a method of storing their coins.
You can find all the necessary information about the Ripple cryptocurrency on the Neironix.io.







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Цена идёт как под линейку, боты работают
Практически все монеты обновили свое дно, кроме одного....
Кто нибудь выводил XRP с одной биржи на другую ? Я пытаюсь вывести из Binance на Exmo. А он просит Destination tag, где его взять ? кто нибудь переводил?
Покупал рипл перед новым годом по 1$(на 200$ где-то), потом по 1,2$(на 100$ докупился) , потом по 0,75$(на 100$ докупился), потом ждал, и еще ждал, и опять ждал, а он то 0,6$, то 0,50$, а теперь и вовсе 0,3$. Печально думал стрельнет и купля сыну чего нибудь путевое, а в итоге )))) ну хоть ферму то не купил в ноябре17-го, извините крик души. Хочу пожелать только удачи всем, кто в этом не легком деле...
Ripple XRP is good coin for investor,alway top3 cryptocurrency and have a big volume,beside develpoment profession and big community,so i choose Xrp is one of the best coin to invest
Xrp is one of the big crypto have a good price and stable more than ethereum.i can see several exchange based XRP is couple pair with other coin,so i believe that Xrp Ripple is best chooise to investment.
What does everyone expect from a Swell conference?
Ripple — scam! They keep more than 50% of the coins on their wallets
It may be a scam, but it’s like a speculative coin supported by hundreds of organizations around the world, from large banks to large investment funds. The coin has the right to be in the investment portfolio at least for a small part of the whole proffered.
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