TON Crystal
Blockchain platform and cryptocurrency based on the TON protocol, which was created by Nikolai Durov and the Telegram team
परिसंचारी आपूर्ति:
2 727 340 TON
अधिकतम आपूर्ति:
10 000 000 000 TON
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TON Crystal मूल्य

- अंतिम मूल्य:
1 TON =
0.00000597 BTC
सबसे अच्छी कीमत(SIGEN.pro):
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वॉल्यूम 24h
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24h के लिए अधिकतम मूल्य
TON Crystal पाठ्यक्रम
TON Crystal कोर्स बीटीसी में
0.00000597 BTC
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ट्रेड वॉल्यूम 24h
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60d के लिए परिवर्तन
1y के लिए परिवर्तन
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TON Crystal data

TON Crystal (TON) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . TON price is 2.09559% up in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost TON is recorded on the crypto exchange SIGEN.pro. Leader in trading volume TON is the exchange HitBTC. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
के बारे में TON Crystal (TON)

Free TON Blockchain

TON is a protocol proposed and developed by Dr. Nikolai Durov. We, the Free TON Developers are grateful for Nikolai’s contribution to the TON protocol and wish him to continue developing it as part of a wider community effort.

Since we believe in freedom of speech, in information sharing, and in free software, we have decided to give the power back to the community and unanimously proclaim the launch of the Free TON blockchain and the Free TON Crystal (or TON for short) as its native token.
The Free TON Crystal symbol will be (U+1F48E): 💎

Peculiarities of the Free TON network

The main project document is not the usual Whitepaper but the Declaration of Decentralisation (DOD). It states that Free TON sees its mission in maintaining the values of the free market, personal data protection, decentralised management, resistance to censorship and cooperation of people around the world.

Free TON is a peering platform of multiple blockchains. Unlike other ones, TON-based blockchains have incomparably higher transaction speed and have initially been conceived as scalable. The Free TON economy is based on the TON Crystal coin, considerably different from classic cryptocurrencies in its architecture as well as in its distribution method: it was initially impossible to simply buy TON Crystal because the tokens were distributed through a competitive mechanism.

According to the idea of the project community, 5 billion tokens were distributed on a non-financial basis among the project participants who had made the greatest contributions to its development. Once the distribution of tokens is complete, the tokens are free to move – this is the stage that unfolds before our eyes today.

The Free TON network is fully decentralised, in conformity with the Declaration. The decentralisation is a fundamental feature of network management, validation and software development. TON Crystal is distributed among as many network users as possible and all of them will be able to participate in the coin staking. The project is being worked on by several independent development teams. No validator can possess more than one-third of all the available network tokens.

TON is essentially an intermediary interface between the blockchain network and the users who are given a set of tools to develop TON OS applications, including Solidity and C++ compilers, databases and SDK. The user interface is represented by the TON Surf OS, which is partly similar to the Linux interface and includes secure browser, wallet and chat applications. Since the TON code is open, community members can actively participate in refining and improving its components.


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