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Upcoming ICO Projects

If you look for the next ICO to buy, you have opened the right service. At NEIRONIX, we provide our clients with the most timely and approved information from the world of Blockchain economy. The data is sorted according to projects’ ratings, future perspectives and success criteria. You will need just to become acquainted with them in order to decide on the next big ICO; from our part, we we will render all details and stats for your right and profitable decision.

Calendar of ICO Projects in 2019

Our ICO calendar includes a long list of projects with concrete ICO dates for your convenience. This way, you can see fixed timeframes of possible presales and public sales, by estimating their profitability. For instance, some of them are ongoing, while others will only reach the period of ICO presale and its release in a few months. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for you to make sure of their efficacy and forthcoming opportunities of pre-ICO list.

How to Choose the Best Upcoming ICO Projects?

For this, NEIRONIX has worked out a comfortable cryptocurrency ICO list, consisting of diverse branches such as platform, retail, banking, Internet, communication, virtual reality, and many others. By turning to them, you are able to narrow the search and open those you need at once. Such parameter as the amount of raised money shows soft and hard cap sums, while the scoring points of upcoming cryptocurrency reflect the level of project attractiveness from the point of investment refund. These points are accounted and given automatically with the help of scoring – the so-called system of project risk assessment on the basis of probable processing and analysis. For this reason, all possible risks for investors are taken into account. Another important factor you should also consider is a general scoring point of any promising ICOs. It makes allowance for statistical data accumulated according to key risk factors and denotes the level of project uncertainty.

In addition to this, NEIRONIX disposes of initial coin offerings, Token prices, Altcoin release dates, ratings, and other significant statistical data, including so hot information as coins launching today. When do new coins come out? Thanks to our coins schedule, you always will be aware of it and the best upcoming ICOs 2019, which will give a great chance to invest your money profitably!

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