Money Rebel
Money Rebel
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Category: Platform, Business services, Banking
Founded: Oct 9, 2017
Country: Slovenia
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Information about ICO

Platform Ethereum
Accepted ETH
Start date Oct 10, 2017
End date Nov 8, 2017
Token price 1 MRP =
Released tokens 199 430 728
Soft cap
Hard cap
Minimal amount 2 MRP
Token MRP - 0.0016732200$
10.10.2017 08.11.2017
MoneyRebel (MRP)
MoneyRebel (MRP)
Platform: Ethereum
trade -
Main - token distribution
Main - use of funds
Smart contract - Money Rebel
contract SafeMath {

    function safeAdd(uint256 x, uint256 y) internal pure returns (uint256 z) {
        require(x <= MAX_UINT256 - y);
        return x + y;

    function safeSub(uint256 x, uint256 y) internal pure returns (uint256 z) {
        require(x >= y);
        return x - y;

    function safeMul(uint256 x, uint256 y) internal pure returns (uint256 z) {
        if (y == 0) {
            return 0;
        require(x <= (MAX_UINT256 / y));
        return x * y;
contract TokenRecipientInterface {
  function receiveApproval(address _from, uint256 _value, address _token, bytes _extraData) public;
contract ERC20TokenInterface {
  function totalSupply() public constant returns (uint256 _totalSupply);
  function balanceOf(address _owner) public constant returns (uint256 balance);
  function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);
  function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);
  function approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) public returns (bool success);
  function allowance(address _owner, address _spender) public constant returns (uint256 remaining);

  event Transfer(address indexed _from, address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
  event Approval(address indexed _owner, address indexed _spender, uint256 _value);

contract Owned {
    address public owner;
    address public newOwner;

    function Owned() public {
        owner = msg.sender;

    modifier onlyOwner {
        assert(msg.sender == owner);

    function transferOwnership(address _newOwner) public onlyOwner {
        require(_newOwner != owner);
        newOwner = _newOwner;

    function acceptOwnership() public {
        require(msg.sender == newOwner);
        OwnerUpdate(owner, newOwner);
        owner = newOwner;
        newOwner = 0x0;

    event OwnerUpdate(address _prevOwner, address _newOwner);
contract Lockable is Owned {

    uint256 public lockedUntilBlock;

    event ContractLocked(uint256 _untilBlock, string _reason);

    modifier lockAffected {
        require(block.number > lockedUntilBlock);

    function lockFromSelf(uint256 _untilBlock, string _reason) internal {
        lockedUntilBlock = _untilBlock;
        ContractLocked(_untilBlock, _reason);

    function lockUntil(uint256 _untilBlock, string _reason) onlyOwner public {
        lockedUntilBlock = _untilBlock;
        ContractLocked(_untilBlock, _reason);

contract ERC20Token is ERC20TokenInterface, SafeMath, Owned, Lockable {

    /* Public variables of the token */
    string public standard;
    string public name;
    string public symbol;
    uint8 public decimals;

    bool mintingEnabled;

    /* Private variables of the token */
    uint256 supply = 0;
    mapping (address => uint256) balances;
    mapping (address => mapping (address => uint256)) allowances;

    event Mint(address indexed _to, uint256 _value);
    event Burn(address indexed _from, uint _value);

    /* Returns total supply of issued tokens */
    function totalSupply() constant public returns (uint256) {
        return supply;

    /* Returns balance of address */
    function balanceOf(address _owner) constant public returns (uint256 balance) {
        return balances[_owner];

    /* Transfers tokens from your address to other */
    function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) lockAffected public returns (bool success) {
        require(_to != 0x0 && _to != address(this));
        balances[msg.sender] = safeSub(balanceOf(msg.sender), _value);  // Deduct senders balance
        balances[_to] = safeAdd(balanceOf(_to), _value);                // Add recivers blaance
        Transfer(msg.sender, _to, _value);                              // Raise Transfer event
        return true;

    /* Approve other address to spend tokens on your account */
    function approve(address _spender, uint256 _value) lockAffected public returns (bool success) {
        allowances[msg.sender][_spender] = _value;        // Set allowance
        Approval(msg.sender, _spender, _value);           // Raise Approval event
        return true;

    /* Approve and then communicate the approved contract in a single tx */
    function approveAndCall(address _spender, uint256 _value, bytes _extraData) lockAffected public returns (bool success) {
        TokenRecipientInterface spender = TokenRecipientInterface(_spender);    // Cast spender to tokenRecipient contract
        approve(_spender, _value);                                              // Set approval to contract for _value
        spender.receiveApproval(msg.sender, _value, this, _extraData);          // Raise method on _spender contract
        return true;

    /* A contract attempts to get the coins */
    function transferFrom(address _from, address _to, uint256 _value) lockAffected public returns (bool success) {
        require(_to != 0x0 && _to != address(this));
        balances[_from] = safeSub(balanceOf(_from), _value);                            // Deduct senders balance
        balances[_to] = safeAdd(balanceOf(_to), _value);                                // Add recipient blaance
        allowances[_from][msg.sender] = safeSub(allowances[_from][msg.sender], _value); // Deduct allowance for this address
        Transfer(_from, _to, _value);                                                   // Raise Transfer event
        return true;

    function allowance(address _owner, address _spender) constant public returns (uint256 remaining) {
        return allowances[_owner][_spender];

    /* Owner can mint new tokens while minting is enabled */
    function mint(address _to, uint256 _amount) onlyOwner public {
        require(mintingEnabled);                       // Check if minting is enabled
        supply = safeAdd(supply, _amount);              // Add new token count to totalSupply
        balances[_to] = safeAdd(balances[_to], _amount);// Add tokens to recipients wallet
        Mint(_to, _amount);                             // Raise event that anyone can see
        Transfer(0x0, _to, _amount);                    // Raise transfer event

    /* Anyone can destroy tokens on their walllet */
    function burn(uint _amount) public {
        balances[msg.sender] = safeSub(balanceOf(msg.sender), _amount);
        supply = safeSub(supply, _amount);
        Burn(msg.sender, _amount);
        Transfer(msg.sender, 0x0, _amount);

    /* Owner can salvage tokens that were accidentally sent to the smart contract address */
    function salvageTokensFromContract(address _tokenAddress, address _to, uint _amount) onlyOwner public {
        ERC20TokenInterface(_tokenAddress).transfer(_to, _amount);
    /* Owner can wipe all the data from the contract and disable all the methods */
    function killContract() onlyOwner public {

    /* Owner can disable minting forever and ever */
    function disableMinting() onlyOwner public {
        mintingEnabled = false;

contract MrpToken is ERC20Token {

  /* Initializes contract */
  function MrpToken() public {
    standard = "MoneyRebel token v1.0";
    name = "MrpToken";
    symbol = "MRP";
    decimals = 18;
    mintingEnabled = true;
    lockFromSelf(5010000, "Lock before crowdsale starts");
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