Bitcoin Cash
The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency is perhaps the most popular and largest fork of the original Bitcoin. It appeared as a result of dividing the Bitcoin blockchain into two independent chains on August 1, 2017.
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18 119 263 BCH
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18 119 263 BCH
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21 000 000 BCH
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Bitcoin Cash price

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1 BCH =
0.01421518 BTC
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0.01421518 BTC
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Bitcoin Cash data

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) today is with a 24-hour trading volume of . BCH price is -4.68904% down in the last 24 hours. Lowest cost BCH is recorded on the crypto exchange Bithumb Global. Leader in trading volume BCH is the exchange CoinBase Pro. Cryptocurrency market capitalization is
About Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) cryptocurrency is perhaps the most popular and largest fork of the original Bitcoin. It appeared as a result of dividing the Bitcoin blockchain into two independent chains on August 1, 2017.

Most popular cryptocurrency exchanges supported this fork and provided the owners of Bitcoin with Bitcoin cash coins at a one-to-one rate. For example, if the user had 20 BTC at the time of network separation, then one automatically received 20 BCH.

The Bitcoin Cash rate was quite high first, so it took third place in the global ranking of cryptocurrencies by capitalization. But such a price level did not last very long, and once exchanges developed Bitcoin cash input-output mechanisms, its rate quickly dropped from 1300 to 250 US dollars. Such a rapid fall happened in two days and Ripple replaced Bitcoin Cash.

The main purpose of Bitcoin Cash

The developers of the Bitcoin cash wanted to create an updated, improved Bitcoin, which will be able to process a larger number of transactions per unit of time with low commissions.

Characteristics of Bitcoin Cash

  • There is no registration in its usual sense - anybody can become part of the system, it only needs to open a wallet.
  • A BCH wallet is not tied to the identity of its owner, it guarantees anonymity, as well as the ability to create an unlimited number of wallets.
  • Fast, anonymous transfers all over the world at a minimal cost.
  • Inability to return or freeze transactions.
  • The opportunity to store a coin in many ways (online, on a USB flash drive, computer or smartphone).
  • No interference from financial regulators, the Bitcoin Cash rate depends on supply and demand only.
  • Limited issue, which is 21 million coins.

By and large, the fork’s functionality is no different from its “older brother”, the difference is noticeable only when deepening into the technical part.

BCH and BTC: differences

Although these two coins work on the same principle, they still have a number of differences:

  • Bitcoin Cash has an increased block size - 8 MB, against 1 MB for Bitcoin.
  • The complexity of the Bitcoin Cash network is recalculated every 6 blocks, and in the Bitcoin network, this happens every 2016 blocks (once every two weeks).
  • The amount of information entered into the block in Bitcoin Cash is smaller than in Bitcoin.

All these innovations took place in the new coin chain, which made the network much faster. For example, the original Bitcoin blockchain can process only 250 thousand transactions per day, whereas for Bitcoin Cash this figure reaches almost 2 million.

Also, the developers managed to reduce the commission for processing financial transactions, which is good for ordinary users, but bad for miners. The average commission is $0.003, and the daily trading volume is $1.5 billion.

Bitcoin Cash statistics on

You can see the BCH exchange rate against the dollar, the ruble and almost all other popular fiat currencies of the world on the Neironix platform. The website processes data in real time. There is also the Bitcoin Cash rate dynamics per day, week, month, year, or throughout the history of the coin on

How to buy and where to store BCH?

You can buy Bitcoin Cash on almost all popular cryptocurrency exchanges, you can find the quotes table on the Neironix platform in the “exchanges” section on the “coins” page.
You can store Bitcoin Cash on absolutely any wallet that supports the original Bitcoin. It can be an online service, desktop, mobile, hardware or even a paper wallet.











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Бедный Биткоин кеш, после форка обвалился жестко :D Не удачный момент выбрал для форка (
Думаю на 10 ку зелени залететь еще , кто что думает ?
Do you even know that yesterday hackers began to control 50% of the network? After this, I would not advise anyone to invest in this coin
Yes, it`s not good, but the BCH is good for short-term speculation, it can do 100% in a couple of days, so you can still invest in a small speculative part.
Cash came to life, above 300 you need to gain a foothold ...
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