Gaps Chain
GAPS Platform is a Co-Factory to propose a new paradigm of game development. GAPS Platform that allows anyone to develop games without initial capital intends to create virtuous circulation of game development using Private Chain based on Ethereum, one of the blockchain platforms.
Offerta totale:
2 000 000 000 GAP
Fornitura massima:
2 000 000 000 GAP
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About Gaps Chain (GAP)
GAPS PLATFORM gather information from the community users through debate like process that should be about something that can be predicted and have answer to it. Such as voting, weather, sports and etc. To those who answered logically and correctly and as well as for the questioner who asked a logical question will get a certain amount of compensation in our token. The main part is that we will gather the information for the Artificial Intelligence to learn the data to create a one of a kind of super computer in the future that can be used to predict different things like natural disaster prediction rate, voting, marketing or trends and more. 01. DEBATE It is the learning channel that allows participants to confront each other's opinions about predictions. Participants who have selected the correct prediction results and expressed their opinions are rewarded for their support for learning, and participants who made false predictions are redistributed at a certain rate to the creators and learners by collecting all the coins that were gathered from staking as a part of their responsibility for their opinions that resulted to learning failures. In addition, it is possible to receive or slash the logical score from the other participants who selected the same prediction, if the participant obtain a high logical point then he will be given a greater compensation in proportion to it, and the vice-versa can be established. 02. ORACLE Questions about predictions that are the subject of the learning channel are always limited to determinable questions in which the answer needs to be determined after a certain period of time. Therefore, it is essential to get the prediction results from the outside of the chain. The process is called Oracle problem and we wanted to address this problem through accountability and compensation. Various Oracle data for this particular event is provided as middleware from the platform, if the actual results after a certain time of a particular event, the creator can import the data to the channel that he created. 03. PROOF OF DISCUSSION FOR LEARNING GAP'S distribution principles can be described based on proof of work(POW), one of the blockchain's consensus algorithms, all debate participants has the same function as nodes for mining, and as they provide basic computing power for mining, participants must provide a staking coin that replaces responsibility for each opinion for their respective opinions, and as if they were rewarded after the creation of a given problem, they will be rewarded after the creation of the block. Only participants are rewarded. For this reason, GAPS platform consensus algorithm is called POD (Proof of Discussion for Learning) which means that all agreements are made by learning through debate.
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