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Don't trust he was a blogger nothing else. He wants TRP for own blog
Hi Vivek Kumar, There is no evidence of purpose of TRP like advertisements or something like that for his/her income/earnings. Just give proof as per his/her requirement if you people are genuine and not sycophants of
Metamask is blocked as that website ( is 100% SCAM and EMPR was 1:1 with USD while their Airdrop, then it went to fall as 1EMPR = 0.00000000001USD which made huge loss to the people who buy EMPR. Again they announced EMPRO swap with EMPR as 1 Trillion EMPR = 1 EMPRO and 1 EMPRO was equal to US$2600 to US$3500 at the time of their announcement but now it is just US$30 only nowadays and made huge loss to the people who brought and / or swapped EMPRO. So who is cheating by fake cryptocurrency other than Don't make SIN by becoming sycophant of cheating people.
I am really , really missing something here... huge loss what the heck are you talking about.. ?? I had 2 billion empr I got from taking a bonus wheel spin for stuff I was doing anyways, WON THEM like everyone else for FREE ...and when price was driven down by all the bigmouths calling empr a scam so they could scoop coins as they know us empowrians will never let go of that coin and someday it will rise if only historical value... ----I was very happy the company offered to allow me to swap for the empro which had a far better chance of being profitable quicker so I could get a few dollars.... but I did not trade and hold my empr because it is so obvious what you all are doing... in the meantime... you have hurt thousands and thousands of poor and hardworking people..and caused many to lose money while you cried scam like the wolf in sheeps clothing pretending to warn the people... I am tired of your bs and have published the real story and no since it is not titled scam , it wont get around as quick as yours but it will get around and I may not be the best writer but i am sure not no bot
Friends, Don't believe my comments but 1) just think by comparing above graph that shows; within 24 hrs of announcement, EMPRO failed / fallen from US$2600 to US$40. Only because they are not genuine and they are purely SCAMMERS. 2) Metamask is blocked them because they are SCAM. 3) a blogger challenging to provide evidence of genuineness here : and his posts are more than enough to prove that and EMPRO is genuine or cheating. Thank you.
@theguywiththeblogs, the exchanges are not controlled by the companies, it is the public buying and selling setting the prices. Sure there was high hopes for the coin and sure started at a high price, but if you were not informed enough not to understand that of course everyone was excited for the new coin and brought at first price , that's on you and certainly not a scam by the company. You think I brought EMPRO when it first came out heck no, now it seems to have settled in to a fairly stable price range that the public is buying and selling at. Same with the first coin, you think I brought at 7.00 first day , no way. I did very nice with that coin buying when it was low on stable plateaus and selling when it went higher with small margin of profit. Listen to any Crypto expert will tell you to trade on a daily basis not long term as it is not stable. I am still making a nice small profit as I have little money to work with but still coming ahead even today with these coins. These coins are popular and trading well as there is a community behind them so there is interest. This makes daily trading and profits more than feasible with both coins. Personally I notice very high in afternoons , very low in the late evenings and have done well with this. I get so tired to hear what a scam this company is . let's see you don't invest not even 1.00 ok now you do 2.00 to fund YOUR wallet not a fee you give the company so 0 investment. All you have to do the first week is share and post to get to spin a wheel to win FREE coins. Then they give you 2 more tasks bidding and listing items in the marketplace. FREE LISTINGS no fees and if you are posting, sharing, bidding and listing, you still get to spin the wheel daily for a chance to win. Basically they teach how to start an online retail business, your page being your store. Posting makes your page attractive, liking(sharing) brings others to your page. They give you FREE fans following, jeeze can't even tell you how hard I work for that other places but anyways bidding is so that you help other sellers as their item shows on your page when you bid and they do the same for you and then you list items for free with no fee. Yes you heard me FREE WITH NO FEE got any idea what I paid to sell a cart on another site, wasn't worth the hassle in the end. When you are successfully selling, the site then adds a small percentage which costs you NOTHING. By this time they have already invested a lot in you with the coins put out, free coaches and staff as you are not charged for anything and much of what they teach you would pay online mentors and coaches BIG money for. They teach you start to finish how to sell, how to market , how to sell your coins earned and trade with Crypto for FREE! On top of that if you successfully trade they give you a 1-7% trading bonus. Where else do you get that? This company will truly feed the world someday as more and more are earning coins, getting things they need in the marketplace and earning a daily sustainable income. I think .. well I won't tell you what I think can't post that here. There are people like me working hard every day for 10 years TEN YEARS on this site and if it was not there what would I do? Do you think of all the elderly and ill people doing this when you run your Big mouth on your blogs, do you care about all the single moms with no education who are learning a business? What about the homeless and hungry? Sure the company makes some mistakes, they are REAL people like us everyone did not like the manual system if they wanted a monthly subscription so the company tried to automate it and put up a notice IF you wanted a role and IF you wanted automated payments, then enter your key . NOONE said you had to so now they are a phishing site? REALpeople make REAL mistakes sure they goofed trying to make everybody happy. OH WELL that doesn't make it a scam. .or phishing ..and the companies that have them listed as such the CEO is a piece of xxxx. for not looking into the situation more, it was a human mistake and quickly fixed . The good this company is doing .. far outweighs any mistakes they make ..and they never told us they knew what they were doing, always we are told it is just as new to them as it is to us. Did they pretend to have experience with Cryptocurrency? No they did not at all. Flat out we have always known fancy high end programmers can't be afforded, read the beginnings it was an idea a lady started in her apartment to help feed the world. Payment proofs?? How about 0 investment proofs, I don't think in 10 years I could add up 100.00 I put into this company and now that I think about that , you can bet I will be putting some in as they have always given me what I earned from my business. Now extra payments from bonuses ,promotions, sure I have missed a few of those here and there, BIG DEAL Pretty much in a round about way they say look we overextended on this and if we don't cut back it will hurt the company. Who doesn't understand that? We always get it and I have always gotten it and they are always upfront and honest about it and tell us what's going on in the community. Every step, every feature we have now is from community vote. The coins? They were a community vote as the whole world and especially places that needed it the most, could not cash out their earnings to PayPal and fees for PayPal which by the way the company absorbed were high. The price of the coin is stabilized on site, if you transfer out 10.00 you earned whether that takes 1 coin or 100 coins to do you get it so does anyone care the price of the coin, no! It is a payment source only. Still it is on public exchange so if the public buys and sells , raises or lowers the price, like any other coin you take a risk it will go down instead of up, can make a nice profit with the highs and lows , or can lose. I lost my xxxx on some coins I brought 600,000 of these coins called Crystal because I liked the name.... you got it .. I liked the name .... now do you think I am crying to the whole world Crystal is a scam because I lost money? This is the first time I have admitted it in public, sure I was new to Crypto and openly admit I was an idiot to pick a coin by name rather than research it. If I join a program and I don't succeed and make a profit at it while others are I sure don't go public calling it a scam when I am unable to learn enough or comprehend enough to figure out the program. So what are you telling the world here? What is worse than any company infractions is the BIG MOUTHS like you who dont give a xxxx about the real people working at this , you want to call me a bot obviously I am not ... and while others perhaps you can claim to make them employees you will have a hard time with me as you can see me all over social media ... I am a mom, a widow disabled without disability. This company offers teaching as another way to earn and I LOVE teaching others to be successful at this, actually it is not really all that hard as it's pretty easy to understand ...coaches are people like me sitting at home investing 12-16 hours a day because WE CARE ...I teach homeless people sitting in cafe with free government phone so they can use free internet all day....people from other countries where there is no opportunity... single moms, can't tell you how many were so at the end of their rope they were ready to end it all....i teach them how to earn ... What part of it were you not getting? We're not xxx employees but believe enough in this mission to use our valuable time to reply to your xxx x ramblings and false accusations...the only reason you have no ads is last time I ran across you , I did accuse you of being out to make money off your blogs which was recently they came down... I am sure they will be back as blowhards like you are only out to make money off people and play their emotions sure everyone reads scam first , how many readers you think I have to my blog, the real story behind the coin 44 I am sure if i had titled it empowr scam instead of EMPR & EMPRO The Value Behind The Coin on blogger I would have a ton of readers too but REAL people don't do those type of things hope you are enjoying the publicity while you are hurting many and starving out others. If your taking offense that I am calling you an idiot here , your xxxx right I am as all you are doing is hurting poor people working hard and stealing opportunity out of their mouths and bellies with your lies. Probably you don't know what it is like to be hungry or homeless or not have milk for crying babies...people like you disgust me been reading your xxxx for years and not saying anything. For some odd reason most seem to feel good and right will prevail and say nothing ... I see the damage you are doing .. I see people everyday who don't earn because of you. Who caused the coin to go down and all these good people to lose money?? the company ? Don't think so , they did everything they could to keep the price up with trading bonus... You don't think it was the bigmouths like you calling the company a scam that caused the coin price to fall? Well I do and I wonder how many coins you are holding as obviously you had good reason for it to be crying all over scam..... and driving the price down probably to scoop up billions of coins not caring for those who brought at high price. It is obvious you are a member in the community..and obviously know that everyone cares so much for this coin as told in my blog that you know xxxx well it will go back up someday... ... and now you try the same thing with EMPRO .... well I am not going to sit back and say nothing at least people can make up their own mind instead of just hearing you. Payment proofs, got them all the way back to 2011
That blogging guy is stating that he was working/selling/buying/bidding/referring/posting/sharing/subscribing/completing goals everyday and actively involved at some more needful jobs at from past 13 years and earned nothing because he was not manipulating by multiple accounts, never sold more than MRP, spent money for power levels, spent money for ad fees, then spent money for mission roles etc., like these accusations what is your reply from you people supporting No need of any essay, your essay is just diverting the topic and blaming without evidences. I am the one posted about that blog here. So without making dramas/using imparliamentary words/stories, simple tell is a scam or not ? If there is no manipulation and scam post the proofs, that proofs must be clearly as stated by that guy. can you ?
@Index News : what do you mean by "xxx" ? what will be the status of a hungry, homeless guy or a single mom if she loses on trading these coins which was $2600 on announcement and now it is just $0.004 ? How a hungry, homeless guy and a single mom can invest to buy and sell these coins? Try to talk reasonably and genuinely without feeling sympathetic.
yeah well do you know that guy tried to scare off anyone posting payment proofs by posting photos of their family and stuff.
picked one randomly see here
You'll have to copy/paste that to browser as links don't post here
and another thing you horses xxx note the 0 fees from Paypal, the company paid fees always what company does that for the people? none always fees are deducted from your check
These kind of evidences are not acceptable because these earnings may be done by manipulations of multiple accounts and selling products by 100 times higher than market price or by success coaching. so NO use of this post.
Hello friends, I am the one posted about the blog reporting the evidences of scams by here. Here there are some guys trying to make some unparlimentary words, dramas and accusation without genuine profs which clearly stats that the blog is 100% true and promise that the is a bare naked scam. here is the another blog/site showing the proofs published by many many experienced persons :
@Index News : what do you mean by "xxx" ? what will be the status of a hungry, homeless guy or a single mom if she loses on trading these coins which was $2600 on announcement and now it is just $0.004 ? How a hungry, homeless guy and a single mom can invest to buy and sell these coins? Try to talk reasonably and genuinely without feeling sympathetic.
don't follow any stupid comments that spoils the reputation of the Empro Coin. There is a team of over 1000's of coaches and millions of hard working citizens and has been given their day night to the platform. Results sometime does take more time and that time is on the cards soon
Hi Aman Arora: There is no stupid comment, There are many proofs published by that person. If you can prove as, EMPR and EMPRO is genuine please give evidence here itself as per his/her requirement posted there or complete that blogger's challenge by proving with a evidence. Otherwise you are also a's sycophant as per his notation.
I see all is OK with EMPRO, so probably will be one of my favorite crypto!
Hi Katy Tanase : Metamask is blocked as that website ( is 100% SCAM and EMPR was 1:1 with USD while their Airdrop, then went to 1EMPR = 0.00000000001USD which made huge loss to the people who buy EMPR. Again they announced EMPRO swap with EMPR as 1 Trillion EMPR = 1 EMPRO and 1 EMPRO was equal to US$2600 to US$3500 at the time of their announcement but now it is just US$30 only nowadays and made huge loss to the people who brought and / or swapped EMPRO. So who is cheating by fake cryptocurrency other than Dont make SIN by becoming sycophant of cheating peoples.
I think there is simply a lot you do not understand community news is sometimes hard to figure out what they are saying... Regardless the price of the coin, if they earn 1.00 they will get that amount of coins to cash out whether it is 1 coin or takes 100 coins to make the 1.00 so price is irrelevant to the citizens on site earning. I can't afford to sell big items, and sell mostly blogs for 1.00 but have an item or two here and there for local pick up, during the month to help with cash advance and have cashed out yesterday, not much but it helps.
Empowr is for sure scam you can read comments here they do not have any reply to why all the presidents are getting sacked in few months and this woman trafficker Brian takes over every time. You will find even their presidential candidates commenting against them, that they are scam all people commenting above that they are working since past many years and earning even the screenshot of petty earnings they are giving in comment is provided by empowr, are scamming success coaches who's basic job is to make you connect ether wallet to empowr or make you spend money some way. Only source of their earning is keep sending message to new joiners out of greed they connect ether wallet and empowr wipes it out. Be aware do not connect your wallet and invest money they are in scamming business since past 20 years.
EMPOWR & EMPR FROM EMPOWR .COM IS 100% CHEATING & SCAM, PROOFS PUBLISHED HERE : Please do not encourage scammers and spoil cryptocurrency industry.
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