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You need to register to start trading on Registration process is simple and clear, however, there are several steps, which should be mentioned.

We've already informed you, why the platform is unique and profitable to trade. We remind you that the project is regulated by Belarusian law, and all cryptocurrency operations are legalized.

You can register with the help of both — a browser and a mobile application. One person can create only one account. Russian, English, Korean and Chinese languages are available.

If the passport and the document, confirming your stay, are at your fingertips, then registration will take about 3 minutes. It's also important to remember that you can't become user, if you are under 18 or you can't verify your identity.

There are 5 simple steps to register on


Enter your email and create a password

Go to and click on 'Log in' in top right corner of the screen to register from the desktop.

Enter your email, password and accept terms of use in the pop-up.


you won't be able to change your email and passport data after registration, you'll have to contact technical support to do it, so be extremely careful at this stage.

The relationship aspects between the user and the exchange are described in the terms of use. There is also a link to Whitepaper declaration. It's a legal document, please don't confuse it with a marketing Whitepaper.


Enter your place of living

The page,where you have to enter your country and citizenship, will be opened after filling in the previous paragraphs. Also, you will need to confirm the absence of the US inhabitancy.

Fill in your address to confirm your identity.

There are two ways to enter your address — autocomplete and manual.

According to the first way, the system shows options for autocomplete, as soon as you start typing the address. You only need to select the needed address from a database.

If there is no needed address, it can be filled in manually.


Enter your full name

Enter your passport data.


Verify your email

You will receive a message with the link, needed to confirm a registration, to your email. will be opened with a notification of successful registration, after you will follow the link.


Verify your identity

You will need to confirm your full name and address after authorization. Verification by passport or ID card is available.

If you chose passport verification, then the exchange will ask you to upload or send the pictures of your document — the first and the second pages, as well as the page, where the registration address is indicated, — to

It's very important to take pictures of the passport pages with all its angles visible. Otherwise, you'll have to take new photos and wait for its approval.

Then you have to send a photo of the passport page with the registration address, indicated by you earlier, to confirm it. Remember: a photo must be in satisfy quality, otherwise you'll have to upload a new picture.

If team has any questions about your documents, you may be asked for a call on Skype or you will need to take a selfie with documents, opened on the necessary pages.

You will receive a message, confirming that you can trade on the platform, after completing all the steps successfully.

In conclusion

The registration process on, which includes identity verification, is simple and takes only a few minutes.

We are going to analyze deposit replenishment on in the next article. Follow the updates.

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