Trading Process On Cryptocurrency Exchange: Tools Review

About 1,400 financial tools are available for trading on in September, 2019, and their number will be over 10,000 in the next couple of years. They include tokenized commodity, exchange indexes, stocks, cryptocurrencies and so on.

A large number of trading tools can be easily customized. Let's observe these tools and make a few deals with some of them.


The top bar displays the current financial status of, and wallets.


The display of these items can be set by clicking on the dots next to ‘Menu’.

The order bar and the trading glass are hidden by default. You can turn on the exchange glass by clicking on the order book icon. Also, you can call up the order creation bar by clicking on ‘Buy / Sell’ next to the price of the needed asset.


The chart shows clearly, what the rate is now in relation to the price difference for 24 hours. In order to see this panel, you need to hide the order book or the order bar.

The rate chart can be set by interval, type, indicators, display tools and layers. We are going to talk more about indicators and displays later.


Charts of each market can be added to your favorites.

They will be collected in ‘Charts’.

For example, we added three charts of the US Natural Gas Spot, Ethereum to US Dollar and Apple Inc. Tabs with them are displayed on the top of your screen. When you switch between them, the chart changes to the one you need.


‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ buttons are located here, too, so when you click on them, the bar of creation an exchange order appears. It is very comfortable.

Orders are set to purchase by market order by default, but you can set a limit order by setting your price. Also, you can set the date of the order cancellation.

When you place a request, the minimum and maximum amount of asset, which is available to purchase, and shares step are displayed.

Also, you can select the currency, which you need to buy or sell an asset.

After you purchase an asset, a trading pair with it will be highlighted on the market list.

The asset is marked in red, after you place a sell order.

All submitted orders can be seen in ‘Portfolio’ → ‘Orders’.


Reports on deposits / withdrawals, commissions, referral bonuses and so on can be seen in ‘Reports’.


Detailed information on ordinary and leveraged trading can be found in ‘Activity’.


Tools offers technical analysis tools. Some of them are quite rare for other trading platforms. For example, ‘Head and shoulders pattern’.

We are going to observe the main ones.

Price movement channel allows you to create a zone of fluctuations in the asset value during a specific time period.


A large number of indicators are available on the exchange, they can help both — novice traders and professionals to navigate with the choice of a trading strategy. We are going to observe the most popular ones.

MACD is used to check the strength and direction of the trend, as well as determine pivot points.


You can set the indicators to be shown on a separate display, as well as combine them together on the same chart.

Order types offers a professional set of orders:

Market order

– executed at the market price after clicking ‘Buy / Sell’.

Limit order

– it's possible to set the needed purchase / sale price, as well as the date of automatic order cancellationю

Stop loss

– executed automatically, when the rate drops to a certain level. Exposed to minimize losses. You can place both — a normal and guaranteed orders (then the order will be executed at the price, specified by the user). You can place an order by:
amount - executed in case the loss becomes the specified amount;
distance - the asset will be sold in case the price falls by the specified amount;
price level - executed in case the price drops to a specific value.

Take profit

- executed automatically, when the rate rises to a certain level.) It's set to take profit by:
amount - executed in case the profit becomes the specified amount;
distance - the asset will be sold in case the price rises by the specified amount;
price level - executed in case the price rises to a specific value.


ATTENTION: it's possible to set take profit and stop loss at the same time.

When you change the amount of leverage, the amount of the prepayment, also, changes on the screen. The potential profit or loss is dynamically calculated at the bottom of the order bar.

If you click the information icon next to ‘Prepayment’, detailed transaction information will appear on the screen.


The fee amount is different for each cryptocurrency type. The percentage, charged for an exchange, is slightly higher than the market average.


However, commissions are beneficial for the most of traders in terms of leverage trading.


Deposit from a credit card


Deposit by bank transfer

2.4% + 150 rubles

Withdrawal to Visa card

1.9% + 150 rubles

Withdrawal to Maestro card

300 rubles

Withdrawal by bank transfer

Conclusion cryptocurrency exchange was one of the first in the world, which allowed to invest cryptocurrency in traditional assets legally, and investors got the opportunity to make portfolio more stable.

It's a comfortable trading platform with a professional set of tools, which can be easy customize. Exchange fees are slightly higher than the market average, which is offset by more profitable conditions for leverage trading.

According to the main aim of, which is safety and convenience for users, you can expect it to appear in the TOP of such projects.

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