11:04 08.04.2019

MARKET CHALLENGE: Neironix Is Summing Up Contest Results

It's high time to sum up the results of the 'Market Challenge: Battle of the TOP 50 Companies' contest that was organized together with the team of Newconomy.media, in partnership with BitPax, Huobi and the information security expert Kaspersky Lab.

The contest was taking place from the 18th of March till the 28th of March, gathering the TOP 50 blockchain companies that were fighting for the title of the best project in their category. And, of course, for valuable prizes from our partners. The event united more than 30,000 crypto communities that supported their favorite projects.

Contest stages:

Stage 1. Neironix score

Neironix automated system analyzed each project automatically and scored points.

Stage 2. Crypto community voting

Community voting was taking place from the 18th to the 28th of March. Community members got the opportunity to vote for the project they liked, as well as try to guess the winners in five categories, thus identifying market leaders.

It's not a secret that there were difficulties at that stage. To increase the rating, some companies created false accounts, voting for their own projects. This issue was quickly resolved, and those companies got a warning that they would be excluded from the vote with the publication of relevant material about the incident if the incident happened again.

Stage 3. Experts' scoring

The third and the final stage was taking place from the 26th to the 28th of March. During an online conference organized by Neweconomy.media, opinion leaders and leading market experts created their own ratings of the companies participating in the Market Challenge.

According to the results of the third stage, based on the experts' choice, the Acryl Platform project received a free smart contract audit from Kaspersky Lab.

The Market Challenge winners announcement and prizes distribution


According to the contest conditions, valuable prizes are provided not only to the winning projects, but also to the participants of the contest who have guessed the TOP 5 ones as precisely as possible.

We’d like to thank and reward those of you, who participated in the voting. Unfortunately, no one took a leading position in guessing all 5 projects. That is why we decided to award all those people, who took the second place after correctly guessed betting on at least 4 leading projects.

37 forward-thinking lucky ones will have premium accounts on the Neironix platform and take part in the distribution of BTT tokens from the Huobi exchange.

The winners will receive e-mail instructions on how to get their prizes very soon. Congratulations!!


We are presenting our partners, giving out rewards for the five winning projects:


An exchange that provides an access to crypto capital and allows to use cryptocurrencies in the real economy, making real assets traded in cryptography. The daily trading volume of the exchange is $325M.

LATOKEN will consider all the winning projects of the Market Challenge regarding the inclusion of the project into the Lunchpad and the investment allocation up to $1M. LATOKEN will also provide special conditions for the Road Show in the USA for all the participants.

2. BitPax

An exchange, which is the part of the Korean blockchain holding called PaxNet360, which purpose is to create a global blockchain ecosystem. The structure of PaxNet360, in addition to the beforementioned cryptoexchange, also includes some telecommunication and analytical companies, accelerators and news portals.

The South Korean BitPax exchange will present a free listing on the exchange to one of the winners of the competition.

3. Shortex

A fast-growing crypto exchange, which aims to become a liquidity leader for new tokens and the first exchange that allows margin trading on altcoins.

Shortex will give a free listing to one of the winners and a 50% discount to all participants for making a contract within two weeks.

4. Dсоin

The world's first trading platform for digital financial assets. The platform is created by blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, consisting of the best experts in the world. Daily trading volume of the exchange is $121M.

Dcoin will give a free listing on their platform to one of the winners and a 50% discount to all participants.

5. Token Titan Capital

Token Titan Capital is the leading Chinese FA agency with wide investor network in Asia among angel investors, instutional funds, and rich individuals. Token Titan portfolio includes Telegram (100m USD), the biggest so far STO for a Chinese mining company Zhongda (800m USD), and more. Analyst team with former Goldmen Sachs professionals and top Chinese crypto infulencers alllows Token Titan to be the most efficient fundraising partner for credible blockchain projects.

Token Titan Capital will give some special conditions for making a contract to the TOP 3 finalists.

6. Kaspersky Lab

An international information security company since 1997. Kaspersky Lab's extensive portfolio includes innovative advanced protection products, as well as a range of specialized solutions and services to deal with complex and evolving cyber threats. Kaspersky Lab technologies protect more than 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients worldwide.

Kaspersky Lab will give a free audit of a smart contract to the winner.

By joining to the prizes of the partners, Neironix will give a premium listing on their own platform for one month to one of the participants.


The result of the contest was formulated on the basis of community votes, scoring and expert rate. The winners among 50 companies are:

  • Volentix. A Digital Asset Ecosystem (DAE) became the winner in the AI ​​category with the highest score and the biggest number of votes. Volentix receives a premium listing and promotion from Neironix as a reward.
  • Worldopo. A game with augmented reality won, leaving behind other competitors. For this, the company gets a free listing on the Shortex exchange.
  • Neuromachine. A decentralized asset management platform won bravely in its category. Neuromachine receives a premium listing and promotion from Neironix as a reward.
  • Eqwity. A blockchain platform for standardization ICO ranks took the first place in its category. The team gets a free listing on the BitPax exchange.
  • MinedBlock. A mining project for ordinary users. Having won in its category, the project receives a free listing on the Dcoin exchange.

Our partners are going to provide exclusive conditions for the rest of the participants in the competition. For contacting and details, please text us to info@neironix.io


To sum it up, we'd like to thank all the participants and the community that took part in the voting. This was our first event like this. Despite of the control difficulties and inappropriate actions of some partners, the contest was quite successful.

We got a great experience and, we'll use it in the future for even larger events to help good projects declare themselves to the whole world.

Neironix sincerely congratulates the winners and wishes them success!!

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