AB-CHAIN: advertising crypto for crypto

May 10, 2018 12:00 AM
AB-CHAIN: advertising crypto for crypto

This project is developed by the team members of QIWI Bonus, a highly successful russian cashback service, who teamed up with top experts in Blockchain, AI and marketing from around the world, and together successfully launched and completed the ICO. The team has gone through all stages of marketing a new project and now delivers its knowledge and experience further. 

AB-CHAIN offers a solution for attracting traffic for all kind of projects accepting cryptocurrency as payment or investment. AB-CHAIN advertising network can be found on net.ab-chain.com.

ICO advertising

The "year of ICO" is way behind us and the market itself is overcrowded. Furthermore detailed analytics is essential for any startup. AB-CHAIN advertisers cabinet was developed to make it simple for startups to analyse the traffic and calculate ROMI with the feature of built-in metrics.

Remarketing and look-alike audience

It is essential for new projects to start the marketing campaign in advance: build user database, reach community growth, maintain and manage the community. With AB-CHAIN it is easy to target and retarget customers and investors of a crypto projects with the remarketing pixel and the option to target look-alike audiences.

Banner builder

To create advertising campaigns in AB-CHAIN projects can use the built-in constructor. It is possible to create dynamic or static banners. 

Accepting cryptocurrency

AB-CHAIN accepts cryptocurrency as payment. The team of AB-CHAIN is about to begin accepting their token named RTB, which stands for Real-Time Bidding. 

How does banner advertising support marketing strategy?

First of all, banners are sturdy support for the marketing strategy of a crypto project: banners allow projects to make contact with their target audience and with new potential customers or investors on a daily basis. While listings and forums are great tools for presenting your project to the growing crypto community, sometimes they don’t do enough to convert the lead. Users often need more than one contact with your brand to make a decision. And that’s where banners are most effective.

Currently AB-CHAIN welcomes new projects to test their campaign with a promocode for the first launch. To receive the promocode, you can just contact the team in a support chat on https://net.ab-chain.com.