08:06 14.06.2019

AgrolifeCoin Launches IEO

The AgroliCoin project is launching its IEO that will last from May 29, 2019, until August 23, 2019 on the LaToken platform. The aim of the IEO is to introduce the AGLC token to a broader user base and ensure greater token dynamics to propel project traction and sustain platform development.

AgrolifeCoin is a social network of agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing, where everyone can have their own stores to sell or buy products. Both farmers and companies dedicated to the sale of agricultural products and tools can join the platform and introduce their offering on the international market without borders or boundaries formed by intermediaries and restrictive payment system requirements.

“The aim of our project is develop sustainable agricultural sector growth through the use of blockchain technologies. We are seeking to nurture human potential by expanding market offerings for base agricultural products. The IEO is an important step in the development of our product and we encourage everyone interested in sustainable development to join in and usher the way to a free and more civilized agricultural market,” 

Traian Borgovan
CEO of AgrolifeCoin

The starting date of the IEO is May 29, 2019, with the end scheduled for August 23, 2019. The cost of one token 1 AGLC is $0.111962 with 250 million tokens issued. The soft cap is set at $2 000 000  while the hard cap is set at $20 000 000. The amount collected thus far by the project is $101,786.28. The minimum purchase amount at the IEO has been set at 50 AGLC.

250 million pre-mined tokens have been issued with 100 million distributed at 1 million tokens for each of the 100 co-founders who have financed the project. The first 5000 users registered in the social network have received 1000 tokens. The first 5000 registered who buy at least 1000 tokens on the WAVES DEX will receive 1000 coins. The first 1000 people who purchase an PRO subscription in the social network will receive 10,000 tokens. The remaining tokens will be kept by the company to cover expenses and provide tokens in the credit swap of the social network.

AgrolifeCoin is built using Waves Platform technology and is not subject to the intermediation of third parties, it is based on point-to-point transactions between the one who transfers the money and the one who receives it. The project uses a classic blockchain string in which the transactions are public with SHA256 encryption for security. The embedded wallets have important security measures, such as 2-factor authentication or encryption by key pairs.

The AgrolifeCoin project strives to deliver value to investors while providing opportunities for growth and enrichment to its users and business partners on agriculture, while always ensuring honesty, fairness and integrity. AgrolifeCoin will assist in the development of villages, providing great benefits to producers and consumers of agricultural products. The use of blockchain technology will significantly reduce the commissions paid for the purchase of said products.

In the near future, AgrolifeCoin is aiming to create a decentralized application for mobile phones with a chat, wallets and a marketplace. Another introduction will be the ability to purchase farms to start plantations of organic products and the creation of a pilot plant for aquaponics.

The key objective of AgrolifeCoin is to create a global, transparent, efficient and safe ecosystem that allows agricultural and food companies to significantly reduce expenses related to production, sales and logistics. The project welcomes all crypto enthusiasts to participate in the IEO and help AgrolifeCoin build a better future for agriculture and the food we and our children will consume.

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