Altair VR is Creating the Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Encyclopedia

March 2, 2018 12:00 AM
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Altair VR is Creating the Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Encyclopedia

Altair VR is a company which takes the “I believe it when I see it” concept to a whole new level. The story of this company started eight years ago with the establishment of portable planetariums in Siberia. Today Altair VR is creating a spectacular world of global blockchain-based virtual reality encyclopedia.
The project is aimed at changing the way people explore the world. Virtual simulations are illustrative, demonstrative and even breathtaking. Altair VR believes that the VR content may change the attitude of children to education turning it into entertainment. Browsing virtual simulations can also become a nice way to spend spare time.
Altair VR’s usage of the blockchain technology is not just a fad. Even though the company has hired some professional studios to create the initiate content, the model of the project is more like Wikipedia.
Altair VR CEO and founder Konstantin Urvantsev said: “In creating a platform with community moderation, without central management, we are merely acting as system coordinators. The content will be chosen and created by the users themselves.”
The users are expected to become the driving force of Altair VR. The platform provides different opportunities to participate in creation of VR content. Being a virtual reality specialist is not the only way to take active part in enriching the platform with virtual simulations. Users can offer their ideas on the new content and the most popular ones will get to VR specialist – and be funded by Altair VR.
Even though the company is just beginning its way in the blockchain sphere, Altair VR managed to attract lots of followers. The company has not used any ad campaigns but over 3000 people already participate in its bounty program. The idea behind the project is inspiring – but Altair VR is ready to boost the popularity of its VR encyclopedia.
The 26th of February is going to be a big day for Altair VR as the company starts its pre-ITO. The hard cap is 10 000 ETH. The company is willing to reward the early comers with 25% bonus. That is a good deal as obtaining ALT token provides is a must for full-fledged work with the platform.
The ALT tokens provide users with an opportunity to access all the platform’s apps. They are also needed in case if a user wants his ideas to be turned into virtual simulation.
Altair VR is going to spend most of the funds raised on marketing, research and development. But the company is going to share with its active users. The ALT token is supposed to be actively used in the system and about 10% of all the commissions will come back to users in a form of reward for their participation in the life of the platform.
Altair VR is a great example of combining a good idea with the efficient technologies. All things considered, the concept of the company has not changed through years. Eight years ago they started with bringing amazing shows at arm’s length – and Altair VR keeps doing its thing. With one difference: today the whole is the audience.