18:04 09.04.2021
ikrom Ergashev (Neironix)

Best bitcoin wallets for beginners

Every person, without exception, who is at the beginning of his journey in the topic of cryptocurrency, asks the question: “What bitcoin wallet to choose? So it will easy to use, understandable, and at the same time reliable. ” And this is logical, all reasonable people want their money to be safe and sound.

The sphere of cryptocurrencies does not standstill. Storage platforms are evolving all the time, working on the level of protection of their clients' assets, ease of use, and many other things. One of these is https://bitmarket.network/ .

BitMarket Network Client is a modern developed project that is a cross-platform multi-currency wallet with which you can comfortably and safely store different cryptocurrencies, make transfers, and other operations through a special application. It currently only supports Bitcoin and Litecoin, but this is temporary. Many other currencies are coming soon.

So what bitcoin wallet should a beginner choose? Let's figure it out. Now we will look at the TOP 4 bitcoin wallets for beginners:

1. Paper wallets

One of the cheapest and most popular wallet options for storing cryptocurrency.

How does it work?

Some websites offer paper wallet services. You contact them and they create for you a personal, so-called, bitcoin address containing two QR codes. The first is the public address that is used to purchase and receive bitcoins. And the second is a private key, with which you can spend them and carry out other operations.

A significant advantage of this type of wallet is that your private keys are not stored in digital form at all, and therefore exclude the possibility of a fairly common problem - cyber attacks.

2. Desktop wallets

It is believed that this species offers the highest level of safety among others. It means special software that is installed on a computer.

Desktop wallets are divided into two types:

  • Thick
  • Thin

The use of a "thick" wallet requires powerful devices, as it downloads and stores the entire blockchain on the computer. Blockchain is a kind of journal that contains information about all transactions. It takes up a significant portion of the disk space.

When interacting with "thin" wallets, devices with high performance are no longer required, because transactions will be carried out by third-party services.

The main disadvantage of this species may be its immobility. It will not suit you if you need to carry out any operations outside the home.

3. Mobile wallets

Mobile cryptocurrency wallets are applications that you simply install on your smartphone. They give you instant access to their assets. With its help, you can transfer and receive money at any moment, check your balance, make purchases and carry out many other operations.

However, a mobile wallet may not be suitable for storing impressive amounts of money, since it is not famous for its increased reliability and security.

4. Hardware wallets

A hardware bitcoin wallet is an electronic device that does not require the Internet to use. It stores all information about your assets, providing a sufficiently high level of security and reliability.

But, as always, there are downsides. Software crashes are common problems when using a hardware wallet, so you need to be prepared for this. Also, there are known cases when, through negligence, people forgot their passwords from their wallets, in which case it will not be possible to get to their cryptocurrencies.

In the case of beginners, it will not be possible to single out any one type of wallet that can be advised. You need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons, understand what would be most convenient for you, and only then make a choice.

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I was very pleased with the BitMarket Network Client service! Available on all operating systems and browsers. I think the main advantages are convenient functionality and security!
I've been fascinated with this topic in general for about a year. I'm relatively new, but I always enjoy testing new platforms. The BitMarket Network Client application is no exception to this rule, the first impression is positive - the interface, good transfer speed!
BitMarket Network service was not a bad novelty on the market, I was pleasantly surprised. I expect a mobile version for IOS and Android.
Extensive functionality, security of my data and personal funds were the key factor in choosing BitMarket Network.
Recently I myself have become a user of multicurrency wallet BitMarket Network Client and I want to emphasize the speed of transactions, this figure is sure to please any user!
For those who are new to this area, BitMarket Network Client will be an ideal wallet option. This application combines simple interface, high speed and maximum reliability!
I have with great interest got acquainted with BitMarket Network project, it is not the first article I come across, what can I say about it, not bad! I wish you success and further development!
The BitMarket Network project allows any user to safely, conveniently store various cryptocurrencies in one application and make transfers. I was very satisfied!
BitMarket Network project attracted me with its advanced functionality, there is an opportunity to carry out profitable and most secure transactions
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