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Smith David
How UAS Will Help Africa Secure Long-Term Economic Growth and Prosperity

Despite Africa displaying significant economic growth in recent years, the continent is still facing numerous hurdles towards widespread economic growth. In 2019, the African Development Bank reported that Africa's economy experienced a 3.4% growth -the same economic growth rate experienced in 2018. Nonetheless, the economic growth was uneven across the continent's region with Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa, displaying the most considerable economic growth. The top economic performers were South Sudan (8.2%), Rwanda (8.1%), Côte d'Ivoire (7.3%), and Ethiopia (7.2%). 

Although Africa continues to display significant economic growth, it's still far behind in the world economy. Africa is home to 17% of the world population but only contributes 3% to the global GDP. The World Bank reported that Africa was the world's poorest inhabited continent with its total combined GDP barely a third of the United States GDP.  

Several long-standing challenges continue to hold back economic growth. Despite the enormous potential in terms of natural resources, Africa has experienced European colonization, slavery, and exploitation of its natural resources by western countries. Economic instability was also made worse by the subsequent challenges created by decolonization and worsened by poor leadership. 

Nonetheless, Africa can still secure substantial economic growth, thanks to the United Allied States (UAS). UAS seeks to establish a worldwide, sovereign nation of states that will offer its citizens an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. UAS will facilitate economic growth by utilizing values that foster wealth creation and promotes the importance of individual freedoms and free enterprise. In Africa, UAS will undoubtedly elevate the high poverty levels by improving living standards via an all-inclusive economic growth. Here is how Africa can secure its long-term economic growth using UAS. 

Factors Limiting Economic Growth in Africa 

Like many other continents, Africa has always been concerned with achieving high and sustainable economic development. However, the process of generating sustained economic growth in Africa is faced with numerous hurdles, including; 

Poor Infrastructure 

Poor infrastructure is a leading contributor to low economic growth in Africa. Researchers at the Overseas Development Institute agree that the lack of infrastructure in many developing countries represents one of the significant limitations to the Millennium Development Goals' economic growth and achievement (MDGs). The return on infrastructure investments is quite lucrative amounting to 80% for roads, 40% for electricity generation, and 30-40% for telecommunications. Infrastructure development in Africa from 1990 and 2005 was the major contributor to the continent's improved growth performance between 1990 and 2005. 


Whether the impact of colonization in Africa led to the African economy's stagnation or growth is still contentious. Some researchers consider Africa's colonization by Europeans a crucial step in opening up the continent for economic development. However, the European colonization may have had the upper hand in slowing down economic growth by exploiting natural resources at low cost to enrich their countries. 

In Walter Rodney's book "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa," European nations imposed detrimental colonial policies responsible for many of Africa's modern problems that hinder economic growth. Colonization may have made Africans adopt a lasting physiological sense of inferiority and subjugation, creating a barrier for growth and innovation. 

Economic Protectionism in Developed Countries 

Economists argue that economic protectionism in developed countries hinders Africa's growth. Africa majorly exports unprocessed agricultural products, which usually fetch low returns in the international market thanks to high import tariffs and subsidies in the developed world. Also, African exports are less competitive in global markets due to state over-regulation, usually through taxation. Low competition leads to decreased returns, which drives farmers out of the market, increasingly undermining economic performance. For African countries to develop, there is a need to create a favorable environment for exporters to enhance exports' competitiveness in the global market.   

Poor Governance 

Years and years of corruption in African states marked by run-away theft of country resources have led to low economic growth levels. Corruption in Africa is at extremely high levels and predominantly consists of charging economic rent and moving the resulting corruption proceeds overseas instead of investing in the home countries. African countries, notably Zimbabwe and Congo, faced economic collapse due to widespread corruption with their leaders stashing the stolen wealth abroad for fear of being confiscated by their predecessors. 

How will the United Allied States Lead to Massive Economic Growth in Africa?

The United Allied States seeks to establish sovereign states in partnering nations. These states will function as convenient economic zones that will spur economic development by providing the necessary resources for economic growth, economic opportunities, develop infrastructure, provide energy, and essential resources. 

UAS was developed with the intent of creating economic freedom across the globe by enabling a free-market economy, protecting and preserving individual rights, and minimizing excessive taxation and government regulation. 

UAS makes possible laissez-faire market conditions, notably low regulations, low taxes, and empowering businesses to innovate and grow economically. Under the free-economy, individuals and companies in UAS states will pay 0% personal income tax and 0% corporate tax, respectively. 

In Africa, UAS will facilitate unprecedented economic growth levels by offering favorable policies and environments to stimulate economic growth. UAS states in Africa will limit government interventions, reducing politics, and guaranteeing individual rights for its citizens to prosper. What's more, the UAS states will offer better job opportunities for the unemployed African population to improve their living standards. All the UAS states will be interconnected with blockchain technology enabling a high level of transparency eliminating corruption.

The Bottom-line 

Despite Africa's economy being among the fastest-growing economies in the world, the continent is still undeveloped. Poor infrastructure, colonization, and years of run-away corruption have greatly hindered economic growth. However, all is not lost in Africa thanks to the United Allied States- an independent entity that seeks to establish a sovereign nation of states, each offering its residents an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. 

In Africa, the sovereign states will facilitate economic growth by increasing local economy investments, offering employment opportunities, enhancing infrastructure, and opening up the continent for foreign investment. UAS will enable Africa to secure its long-term economic growth to become a developed continent in the long run.      





05:06 19.09.2020
Smith David
Top 4 Blockchain Projects - 2020 Edition

There has been a lot of commotion coming from the blockchain sector in 2020. This year saw some of the most advantageous projects enter the sector in quick succession. Each of these projects contributes to the growth of the entire blockchain market as a whole. Today, this sector encompasses thousands of different cryptocurrencies. 

While many of these cryptocurrencies are just duplicates of other more popular platforms, here are some that stand out like a lighthouse in the night. These platforms are the brightest and best in the industry at this moment. They incorporate the most advanced technology in their networks have the level of support needed to push projects through with success. 


Apollo is the most advanced blockchain to date. This revolutionary protocol provides developers with a new level of programmability that was previously unavailable. Apollo was built from the ground up to cater to the Dapp development community. 

The first thing Dapp developers notice when they arrive at Apollo is that it has a very easy to use backend. This interface is concise and makes it simple for developers to conduct all of their construction efforts. Consequently, Apollo continues to garner more attention from the Dapp community.

Apollo is also great for those of you who aren't blockchain programmers. The platform allows any firm to issue and launch a token with minimal effort. Users also utilize this blockchain to validate digital identities and conduct atomic swaps. Atomic swaps are cross-chain transactions.

This flexibility hasn’t gone unnoticed by the market. The Apollo network has a myriad of government and commercial pilot programs underway. In this way, Apollo’s community continues to expand. 

In addition to its convenience factor, Apollo integrates a variety of top-notch security protocols to keep your assets safe, For example, Apollo is the only Quantum resistant blockchain available to the public currently. With Quantum computers approaching public release, this is an issue worth considering.

Investing in Apollo is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Apollo is available on a variety of notable exchanges. One of the most popular exchanges to find this coin is at the BitMart exchange


GSX is another amazing project to keep your eyes on in 2020. GSX is the only stablecoin on this list and for good reason. It’s the only Quantum resistant stablecoin in the world. 

Unlike many of its competitors, GSX is pinned to Apollo Finances’ large gold mining operation. Considering the vast amount of fiat currency flooding the economy recently via stimulus packages, it’s safe to assume that widespread inflation is sure to follow. Gold is one of the best ways to avoid inflation. 

In fact, when inflation rises, gold prices rise sharply. Gold serves as a safe haven during times of uncertainty. GSX combines the best features of gold and cryptocurrencies to create a unique financial instrument that is able to store value and process daily transactions. Impressively, GSX has a transactions-per-second (tps) rate on par with national payment processors such as VISA.

Unlike other gold-backed tokens in the market, GSX investors hold true ownership over the entire mining operation, not just the gold bullion. This ownership extends to all mining equipment, land, and gold in the vault. As the value of the land and gold increases, so do your dividends. GSX is only available via pre-sale at GSXCDE.com. The firm has some aggressive discount of up to 50% on all investors. 


SUN coin is another project that has captured the attention of the market. This DeFi platform seeks to get in on the current yield farming craze. Yield farming is a decentralized lending strategy that enables regular users to lend out their crypto and earn sizable interests. In some cases, the interest equals 100% ROI.

The man behind the concept is none other than Justin Sun. He is best known as the founder of the TRON blockchain. As such, it shouldn't be a huge surprise to learn that SUN COIN utilizes the TRC-20 protocol. TRC-20 is the token standard for the TRON ecosystem. 

TRON entered the market with the goal to usher in the age of the decentralized internet. The company's CEO is constantly making headlines for his vocal support of the crypto community. Notably, Sun is the protégé of Alibaba's Jack Ma. Consequently, TRON has a strong following in the market.

Another interesting project related to the SUN coin project is the HyperSun blockchain. HyperSun is basically the test network for the SUN COIN project. The blockchain is set up to run with a faster metabolism in order to allow developers to quickly assess the effects of different governance protocols on the network. 

What’s really cool about this project is that SUN didn't launch the platform, a group of SUN supporters stepped up to create this testing chain protocol. Few coins have support to this extent. 


ATOM is unique in so many ways. For one, ATOM is the utility token for the COSMOS blockchain network. This network is more than just your traditional blockchain. Instead, COSMOS is like the internet of blockchains.

The developers behind this project seek to categorize and classify every blockchain in the market. Then, through the COSMOS ecosystem, allow users to easily search and utilize whatever blockchain best suits their needs. In this way, COSMOS plays a valuable role in the expansion of the entire market. 

Today there are more blockchains than ever. As such, developers have begun to focus a lot of effort into creating cross-chain protocols. These codes allow users to leverage multiple chains without having to convert over to the other ecosystem directly. 

Top 3 Blockchain Projects - 2020 Edition

Now that you know what projects really pushed the boundaries of innovation in 2020, you are ready to make a well-informed investment decision. Remember, always DYOR and stick to reputable companies and developers. All the projects in this list exemplify the spirit of the decentralized economy and are sure to see some healthy gains.

11:49 15.09.2020
Smith David
CoinStats - Ultimate Portfolio Manager Review

CoinStats is a real-time crypto tracker  that seeks to simplify the entire investment sector through the integration of advanced monitoring technologies and a friendly user interface. This unique app provides users with a one-stop-shop for all everything crypto. Specifically, users can manage and trade digital assets directly from the Dapps intuitive portal.

What Problems Does CoinStats Fix?

Let’s face it, investing in cryptocurrency is a time-consuming process that requires you to learn and apply new knowledge constantly. While some people possess the mental aptitude to handle these tasks off the rip, most people need a few go-arounds before even the terminology of the sector sets in. 

In this way, investing in cryptocurrencies can get to be a bit overwhelming for your average user. The entire process of monitoring different developments across different platforms is extremely tedious. Additionally, these issues only get worse when you begin to incorporate multiple platforms and exchanges. CoinStats simplifies these problems.

Trackability Issues

CoinStats integrates a proprietary cryptocurrency tracking tool that allows you to monitor your assets with ease. These advanced monitoring protocols allow users to receive real-time pricing for over 8,000 digital assets. Even more impressive, the platform can gather this information from 250 crypto exchanges.

From here, you can easily set up alerts for market movements that you want to be made aware of. The app possesses unmatched flexibility in this sector. For example, you can set alerts for price movements (pumps/dumps), news, project updates, and other relevant indicators. You’re never out of the loop with CoinStats. 

 Data overload

Another major issue facing investors in the blockchain sector is data overload. There is just so much going on. Whenever you have an emerging industry coupled with new technologies, the outpouring of developments is almost impossible to track.

Luckily, CoinStats streamlines this process for you in an interesting way. The Dapps interface is fully customizable and provides you with all the relevant details you need to make the most informed investment decisions possible. In this fast-paced market, these tools play an integral part in any investor’s strategy.


Along with so much data, there comes the problem of how to store and access all this new information. It does you no good when there exists a platform tailored to suit your needs, yet you are unaware of its existence or how to access it.

CoinStats allows you to keep your data organized. You can set what information you desire to see in the news tab. This customizable feature provides you with the ability to decide if you want items such as the latest news, bullish news, bearish news, or news on specific projects.

As with most tech-related industries, the news plays a major role in the direction of the market. Staying up-to-date on all the latest regulatory developments in the sector is a great way to guide your investments to success. For example, if the news reads that the EU or the US recognizes Bitcoin as a legal tender, you can expect prices to skyrocket. Don't miss the boat with CoinStats. 

How CoinStats Works

CoinStats integrates a variety of proprietary technologies to create a fully immersible cryptocurrency experience. Primarily, the platform simplifies the entire process via its easy-to use-interface. This portal allows investors to keep track of all crypto prices, project developments, and news at a glance. 

Signup is easy. You just go to your Google or Apple store and download the Dapp. Once it’s downloaded, you can complete registration in minutes. Linking your exchanges and wallets to CoinStats is easy also. However, you will need to create a view and trade-only API to take advantage of the most advanced features of this platform.


Integration is another powerful aspect of CoinStats. Yes, you can track your portfolio manually, but who wants to do that. Instead, link your crypto exchange accounts via API. CoinStats is incredibly flexible in this way. Specifically, the platform supports Binance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bitso, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitmax, CEX.io, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, Deribit, Gemini, IDEX, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, KuCoin, Liquid, OKEX, and Poloniex. 


CoinStats also provides users the ability to sync wallets on Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Chain, Litecoin, XRP, Siacoin, NEO, Dash, DeepOnion, Cardano, Tron, IOST, EOS, WAVES, and TEZOS. This feature is just one more way that COinStats empowers investors and frees up your time.

Where to Get CoinStats

CoinStats is available for download at both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.  The program has high ratings on both platforms. On Google, the Dapp has a 4.7 rating with 5000 reviews. The Apple Store shows a 5.0 rating with over 40,000 reviews.

Free vs. Paid Subscription

You have two options when you download CoinStats - Free and Pro version. Both versions of this software are filled with features that are sure to simplify your life. However, for the $40/per year price tag, the Pro version of the software delivers above and beyond what you would expect. The company also offers a lifetime membership for 0.02 BTC.

Premium features 

If you are the type of investor that wants access to the best tools in the market, then CoinStats Pro is the right choice for you. As a Pro member you get: 

Detailed Portfolio Analytics

CoinStats Score

Portfolio Export

Coin insights

Open Fill Notifications 

Customer Support

Auto on New Listings

Pump and Dump Alerts 

CoinStats Here to Save the Day

It’s good to see platforms like CoinStats take the time to focus on what investors really need. This Dapp integrates a combination of features that makes it one of the most helpful platforms in the market. You can expect CoinStats to continue to garner attention as more investors become aware of this revolutionary platform.


Hello I am the co-CEO of Joingrowth, we tried to launch back in 2018 after much headache and a theft where USI Tech decided they should have our seed money instead of the children we educate online at JoinGrowth. I was worried about some of the things I seen on the web about our last attempt at a launch, But to be honest our hearts got the best of us and even though it hurt our pockets to the tune of , well lets say more then it cost to do the best advertising and launch and the some, it cost triple with what I was going to pay the top ico to do a big deal for. We had a man come in wanting to partner up that supposedly had everything we need so we allow well I allowed him to talk me into invest approx  2 to 3 weeks later USI tech came with and excuse we couldn't take out funds out because of laws changing in the USA. I am in Mexico I said! they still got over on us and no luck  couple years later no word. Hopefully someday they catch them. 

11:24 14.09.2020
Smith David
MyCointainer: The Ultimate Staking & Masternode Platform for Maximized Staking Rewards

Trading and generating income from cryptocurrencies can be tedious and challenging. Crypto mining has been the main way to release new coins into the crypto world since the introduction of bitcoin in 2009. Unfortunately, mining comes with several significant problems. Among them are the high energy costs, vulnerability to cryptojacking, and centralization of the mining process. Attempts to streamline the processes have proven futile. 

Fortunately, there has been a rise in the use of the Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol in cryptocurrency income generation. PoS coins don't consume a lot of energy or require expensive hardware to generate, making them more profitable than other coins. This rise in interest in the protocol has also led to the rise of staking-as-a-service platforms like MyCointainer.

Mycointainer is making profit generation easier without users needing first hand experience. MyCointainer is the ultimate platform that provides automatic staking and masternode services to crypto traders. 

MyCointainer in a Nutshell

Mycointainer is an automated online staking and masternode platform that generates profit for its users in the form of stakes. The objective of the platform is to assist its users to trade coins and make a profit in the form of stakes. Staking involves collateralizing cryptocurrency, to get a chance in participating in transaction validation and block completion. The investors get staking rewards as a profit for holding their cryptocurrency.

This platform offers excellent products and services and educates people on how to get even more rewards. Currently, MyCointainer offers tens of digital assets, including Tezos, Kava, Cosmos, Tether, Neutrino dollar, bitcoinPos, Horizon, terracredit, Rapids, Energi, Waves.

The platform adds over 40 new assets every week and will soon cover all the crypto assets.

Regulatory Compliance

The company is registered in Estonia by FIU intelligence to crypto exchange and wallet management services. It's licensed under the number FRK000469 & FVR000557, and their address is Tornimae tn 5, 10145.

How Does It Work?

First, individuals need to select a useful asset, purchase, and send it to their MyCointainer staking wallet. MyCointainer uses proof of stake and masternodes to calculate and generate profits.

A masternode is a form of server in the blockchains that can complete unique functions and execute private transactions. Masternodes keep real-time copies of the blockchain. Masternodes focus on staking a given amount of cryptocurrency within the currency's blockchain. The stake acts as collateral to ensure that investors won't try to mislead the system by having a stake in the system.

MyCointainer automatically grants permissions of the shared masternode staking, to all the investors subject to the benefits. All rewards therein depend on the value of the stake. The higher the staking value, the higher the generated reward. What makes this platform unique from others is that every user, even those with limited coins, can benefit from their stakes.

MyCointainer automatically generates rewards with an average reward fee for 59 cryptocurrencies being 1.91%. Even if the value of the stake is low, all investors get a share of the reward. Every reward is subjected to compound interest, so the longer you stake the higher your rewards.

Completing a Deposit or Withdrawal from MyCointainer

Most stalking wallets have a minimum amount of currency to purchase. However, MyCointainer has neither a deposit nor a withdrawal limit. 

To deposit fiat on the platform, you need to choose the currency from the wallet then deposit. The process of withdrawing is akin to deposit; only you choose the withdrawal option. Completion of all withdrawals takes just 24 hours. 

Some of the fiats supported include Pound Sterling (GBP), Polish Zloty (PLN), Swiss franc (NOK –CHF), American Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and Norwegian Krone

MyCointainer Power Subscription Plan

MyCointainer platform offers different subscription plans through MyCointainer Power. The basic subscription plan is free. However, it gives partial benefits to the plan. MyCointainer also provides other plans that offer more service to users.

The platform gives the power plus option. This option has shared masternode access to all assets and completely covers the costs of running nodes. The monthly subscription to the power plus choice is 3.90 euros.

The power max option provides a 0% staking fee on all assets. Moreover, it offers VIP giveaways to its users. The average price for the power max option is 13.99 EUR. 

The power percent option comes with a vast range of services and benefits, including all those in power max. This option's price is 39.90 EUR per month.

Benefits of MyCointainer.com

Rewards aside, MyCointainer platform brings a wide range of services and advantages for users compared to other staking platforms.

Convenience- The application is accessible both from the google play store and the AppStore.

User friendly- Allows easy access to the dashboard  and the processes of depositing and withdrawing are straightforward.

Users have unrestricted access to MyCointainer; thus, they can easily invest.

The platform comes with added safety for users' assets. That's owing to the registration of the company to a regulating authority. Moreover, the platform uses multiple-factor authentication techniques to prove ownership.

Diversity- Users can choose from a wide range of crypto assets and stake all major PoS coins using the platform.

The support team is always online to assist anyone who encounters problems staking.

State of the art technologies and data encryptions bolster the privacy and security of all details. Moreover, the platform does not sell any private information to unwarranted persons.

The Future

MyCointainer's future power plan will foster faster crypto adoption globally. They plan to achieve that by giving everyone equal benefits from rewards that come from various digital assets. MyCointainer is working to better the service provision. The platform plans to introduce better services in the coming years and to feature even more crypto assets.

MyCointainer will offer great value to customers, product design education, and excellence. It's planning a future of partnering with new platforms, teams, exchanges, and entrepreneurs to complete its future projects.


Numerous crypto traders have held on to the idea that profit-making is merely through buying low and selling high. However, the platform has proved that there are innovative ways to make profits once you join the crypto market. MyCointainer provides users with an excellent network to maximize profits. It is by far the most reliable platform for crypto staking. 

Users with the least number of coins can still enjoy the benefits of convenience and diversity. Even better is the subscription plan, which gives one primary option and two power options. All this bolsters the service delivery to investors.

Even with low stakes, users can still share in the rewards. To increase their returns, however, investors are supposed to put an even higher stake. MyCointainer is working towards faster crypto adoption, all thanks to its rewards. It's by far the best staking platform for maximized rewards.

09:47 14.09.2020
Boyarov Maxim
Нет, квантовый компьютер не даст вам сразу 69 000 биткойнов ... пока

Новейший квантовый компьютер не всегда помогает разблокировать потерянный биткойн — по крайней мере, пока.

Биткойн-кошелек, в котором почти 700 миллионами долларов, можно забрать, но тот, кто решил стать «криптовором» и захватить его, придется сначала взломать пароль.

На момент написания этой статьи, пользователь Crypto Twitter Алон Гал обратился к своим 29 900 последователям, чтобы решить, как получить доступ к 69370,22 BTC, стоимостью примерно $695,4 млн. Согласно сообщению от Гала, 8 сентября, кошелек в течение последних двух лет безуспешно передавался хакерами при определении пароля.

08:44 14.09.2020
Smith David
New DeFi Project BurgerSwap Caught the Attention of Crypto Industry Leaders

Analysts from across the crypto-sphere were caught off-guard by the sudden 22% increase in Binance BNB tokens this week. At first, people thought this influx of capital was the start of a pump-and-dump scheme. However, after reviewing the data, it turns out that the increased demand was the direct result of the launch of the BurgerSwap platform.

Record Growth

The steep appreciation surprised many in the market. Especially once it was revealed that BurgerSwap only launched 24 hours prior. Since the launch of this revolutionary protocol, there has been a record number of transactions on the Binance Smart Chain. These stats continue to drive interest in BurgerSwap to new heights.

What is BurgerSwap?

BurgerSwap is an open-sourced democratized automated market maker. Developers launched the project with the purpose of decoupling the interest generation and productivity providers in the market. Notably, this platform resides on the Binance Smart Chain. As such it enjoys access to a variety of helpful features. 

Another Tasty Platform

Following along the lines of SushiSwap, in terms of names, developers choose to stick with another crowd favorite - burgers. Developers built BurgerSwap as a replacement for the SushiSwap project. Discussing their improvements, the team spoke on their approach to the market and how it differs from SushiSwap. Lastly, they spoke on their core goal to make DeFi accessible for everyone.

What Problems Does BurgerSwap Fix?

One of the main drawbacks of many DeFi projects currently in the market is the reward distribution mechanism. This mechanism resides inside a smart contract that automates the processes. However, the current market standard leaves investors guessing as to their exact rewards. BurgerSwap introduces a new implementation of the ERC-2917 token standard to alleviate these concerns. 

ERC-2917 improves the power of Uniswap. To accomplish this task, the protocol alters both the incentive model and community governance systems of the network. Additionally, the BurgerSwap protocol abstracts the interface for the interests generation process which further streamlines the entire process. Specifically, the update makes it much easier for wallet applications to collect vital DeFi metrics. 

Core Code

The BurgerSwap platform utilizes proprietary coding to provide users with a better UX compared to SushiSwap. This advanced coding was built from the ground up and is not a duplicate or copy of other platforms in the market currently. Additionally, the coding for BurgerSwap is open-sourced. Open-source projects are far more secure because they allow the community to test the merits of the code.

Binance Smart Chain

BurgerSwap is a democratized exchange that resides on the Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain enables fast, cheap, and secure payments globally. Additionally, the platform is EVM compatible. Today, there are multiple assets listed in its BEP-20 format, with more entering the market weekly.

One of the main advantages of the decision to launch on Binance is convenience. For example, all tokens have BNB pairs. In addition, each asset will also feature a direct BURGER pair. Importantly, this pair needs to account for at least 1% of the liquidity of the asset to be eligible for mining rewards from the platform.

Who is Behind this Amazing Project?

While the exact details of everyone on the BurgerSwap project are still shrouded in mystery, some details emerged recently. For one, the entire development is self-funded. As such, everyone that works on the project receives no salary for their efforts. Also, developers announced they have no intention of conducting any ICOs for the project as well. The only compensation the team receives is 10% of all the fees. 

Burgers for Everyone

The numbers don't lie. BurgerSwap hit the track in full gear. This unique platform provides much-needed liquidity. Additionally, it demonstrates some of the benefits found on the Binance Smart chain. You can expect to hear more about BurgerSwap as the market continues to show an appetite for something new.

04:03 10.09.2020
The researcher found out how Satoshi Nakamoto was able to get so many bitcoins without a supercomputer.

Researcher  Sergio  Demian Lerner said that his work on Satoshi  Nakamoto 's activities had  reached a logical conclusion. Even with the initial opinion in 2013, the community greeted him with hostility. Opponents of this study argued that by attributing about a million bitcoins to its creator, Lerner would harm the further spread of cryptocurrency across wallets around the globe and ruin Satoshi's image as a generous developer. According to these guys, it is better not to touch Satoshi coins, both in the blockchain and in research. Lerner refused to support the version that a million bitcoins were lost due to the negligence of the first miners. After 7 years, he finally became convinced of Satoshi's motives and is probably ready to give up further research on this topic.

Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have around $ 12.65 billion worth of bitcoins at the current exchange rate.

By the way, for myself, I consider the most reliable way to store the bitcoins in my "brain wallet".

1. For some small amounts, you can use the purse inside the crypt currency exchange by exchanging satoshi to usd or vice versa. We will buy bitcoin on the exchange. This is the most economical way, in my opinion. Buying in numerous exchangers and other services is not considered, because the price there is usually 5-10% higher, you can check the most favorable rate, for example, on my favorite aggregator www.bestchange.com.

2. We transfer dollars to the exchange

Currency translation   is probably the most important point in saving money. First, when transferring dollars you will be charged a commission by the sender bank - about 1%. Secondly, when transferring funds to the exchange, the recipient bank will write off a commission of $20-$50 from your deposit. And thirdly, the exchange itself when crediting funds may additionally write off 1-3%. In total, your losses will be about 5%.

However, if you choose the "right" partners and follow a number of special rules, you can make a currency transfer with 0% commission!

To start with, choose a reliable cryptographic exchange  with a free deposit.

In order not to be charged a fee by the beneficiary bank, you should NOT specify a correspondent bank when transferring. Even if there is a correspondent bank in the details of the exchange, you do not need to specify it, the money will come anyway. It is also necessary to attach the "Justifying Document" during the transfer, otherwise the bank will not execute the transfer.

3. Buy Bitcoin on the Exchange

A deposit sent early in the morning on a working day may be credited to an exchange account by the evening. Now you need to place a limit order to buy bitcoin. The commission fee for the transaction will be 0.16%.

02:36 10.09.2020
Smith David
Falcon: The Prime Project to Disrupt DeFi This September

The Falcon project has emerged as a dynamic and innovative DeFi platform that incorporates two interchangeable blockchains to form a robust network. 

The hybrid blockchain model allows users to choose the best blockchain regarding speed, convenience, anonymity, and privacy.   

An official tweet from the Falcon Project on Sep. 5 revealed that work in the Falcon blockchain would be fully completed in Q4, 2020. The exciting development means that users will soon behold the FNC privacy coin in their wallets. 

The Project is also preparing to offer liquidity pools soon on top DeFi platform Uniswap in a move that promises to disrupt  the DeFi sector's dynamics. 

Those who maintain the liquidity of the FNT / ETH pool on Uniswap will receive rewards in the FNT token, the so-called farming, which has already become a trend this year. We also have information on updating the falconofficial.com website to reflect these changes.

What Does the Falcon Project Offer?

The Falcon project, which launched on Feb. 2, 2020, brings a unique approach to decentralized finance with its ERC-20 token-based payment system and anonymous hybrid blockchain. 

The venture seeks to integrate FNT (ERC-20 token), which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, and Falcon Project's coin, FNC.

FNT serves as the Project's official digital asset and allows for speed, simplicity, and convenience while offering a comprehensive bonus system for holders. The token allows for unrestricted listing on exchanges and is thus tradable with other digital coins. 

On the other hand, the FNC coin is designed to uphold privacy and enhance security when making transactions on the blockchain. The coin offers holders features such as choice of anonymous and open transactions, passive pool staking, and convenient wallets

Due to its focus on anonymity, FNC coin cannot be listed on exchanges but can be swapped for FNT in the ratio of 1:1 if a holder wishes to trade on platforms such as Falcon's new partner OKEx

Falcon aims to fully integrate FNT and FNC into everyday life for transactions or receiving payments conveniently and privately. Users can easily swap FNC for FNT via the swap form found on the website or via the Falcon project's telegram bot.  

About Falcon’s Unique Reward System 

Falcon implements a different chain for its rewards system, the ERC-1155, token, referred to as a voucher. The system employs a Proof of Hold (PoH) mechanism where users swap ERC-20(FNT) tokens for ERC-1155 token to earn rewards.  

To participate and earn rewards, users must deposit a minimum of 500 thousand FNT tokens. They then need to swap their FNT for a voucher equal to the amount they wish to freeze and earn lucrative returns. 

With the FNT value going up in recent months, Falcon recently introduced 500,000 FNT vouchers to make the POH rewards more affordable to users. All voucher holders earn dividends of 10% every three months or 40% per year.

In a Sep. 8 tweet, the Falcon team announced that it had set a sales record on the Enjin marketplace by selling a 50M FNT voucher for about $10K. 

The Project now plans to release the first round of payment to voucher holders and start burning tokens from the frozen fund

02:28 09.09.2020
How to Use Math to Win in an Online Casino?

"Mathematics is the queen of all sciences", said eminent German scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss. Still, many people neglect its importance despite the fact that mathematics allows developing vital mental qualities. These are analytical, deductive, critical, and prognostic skills. And they will help you everywhere.

Gambling is also based on mathematical laws. All casino games follow the theory of probability. And until you reach the level of an expert, the casino will retain all the chances of winning. A naive player can spend endless hours at the table, winning and losing small bits. They don’t realize that as the playing time grows, the probability and size of the total loss also increases. Although the casino has an advantage in most cases, the understanding of math science can help minimize this advantage.

How to increase the chance of success?

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, to make the right choice of a casino, take advantage of expert advice. Just take a look at the BigWinGuide.com platform, the New online casino section contains the best games with cool bonuses and instant payments that you can play and pay with a cryptocurrency wallet, the site contains only the best sites with the best payouts, most sites have no deposit bonuses.

For example, the site has a review of 888 casinos, a part of a "powerful" holding that has existed on the market since 1997. However, the huge popularity of casinos is explained not only by this.

The casino website offers an incredible (especially in comparison with competitors) number of gaming products: more than 200 slots, 40 types of poker, 50 types of roulette and 100+ collections of table games.

There are games with a progressive (cumulative) jackpot - which, by the way, for 2018 is $ 3 million - and video slots of our own production. 888Casino cooperates with almost all popular software manufacturers: Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, GamesOS, Random Logic, Cryptologic, and also regularly replenishes stocks with new developments.

The site's color scheme is based on the contrast of dark gray and soft green tones, which creates a pleasant atmosphere without unnecessary annoyance. Players note the convenience and conciseness of the lobby, easy navigation, clear graphics and speed of loading pages (for this purpose, the instant playback mode was used). For connoisseurs of spectacular and realistic gambling, 3D animation and live games are provided. The popularity of the site is also explained by the availability of free content: everyone can try demo versions, the game in which is played with symbolic points.

Game settings provide 2 display options:

·         Expanded (virtual) screen

·         Traditional interface labeled Action.

You can also adjust the quality of the video broadcast.The site is translated into 13 languages ​​and supports several types of currencies, which makes players from different parts of the world feel comfortable.

According to statistics, 26% of people from all over the world play online casino games regularly. But before you plunge into gambling, learn how to increase the probability of winning:

     analyze in-game statistics;

     understand the essence of the gameplay — test it in the demo mode;

     study the features of the game.

Nowadays, there are many types of online gambling according to Big Win Guide . But all these games have one common characteristic — a win does not depend on the skills of the player, but on the luck. Despite this, gamblers can still forecast the probability of getting a particular combination, as well as predict their chances of winning. It is possible thanks to mathematical calculations.

A lot in the gambling industry depends on the accuracy of the mathematical approach. Operators of gambling houses and, of course, professional gamblers are well aware of this, unlike those who rely entirely on Lady Luck. Here are a few mathematical rules that will boost your chances to win.

Mathematics and probability of a win

To understand the game, it is vital to know a few defining factors, the main of which is the expected value. Investopedia explains it as follows: the expected value (EV) is an anticipated value for a given investment at some point in the future. It only sounds difficult. In other words, the expected value is the main characteristic of any game, and it shows the average player's chances of winning. All casino games are designed in such a way that the casino has an advantage over the player. Thus, on average, the player will win an amount slightly less than they will bet. If expressed mathematically, the expected result of the game will be always less than 100%.

The reciprocal value of EV is called the house edge and is the casino’s advantage. House edge of 1% means that from every $100 the player bets the casino will take $1. The main goal of the player is to minimize the advantage of the casino. That is why you need to choose the right games and play according to optimal strategies. In these calculations, the increase in the bet is not taken into account, however, the calculation of the risk must be determined.

This brings us to the next term — the element of risk. Actually, it is the ratio of the average win or loss to the amount of money that the gamer uses as a bet. So players can compare different games in money terms, and find out how profitable they are.

There is a reason why the house edge is calculated against the initial bet and not the average amount of money. Let’s say, the player knows that in a given game their edge is 0.1%, then they can determine that the average win for every $100 bet will be only 0.10 cents.

One more mathematical notion in gambling is the standard deviation. It shows how much and how frequently the result differs from the average. The concept was created to determine the possible boundaries of the initial result of a particular game session.

Do not forget also that the well-known law of large numbers works in favor of the casino. The more you gamble, the more predictable the total result is. This law explains all the profits of casinos and slot machine owners. At the beginning of a gambling day, due to random fluctuations, the owner may even be at a loss. But by the end of the week, when thousands of games are played, the law will take its toll and leave the necessary part of the wagered money in the pocket of the casino owner. Usually, casinos succeed even more than mathematics allows — many players are inexperienced and make stupid mistakes. The exception to the general rule is blackjack and poker (especially, live versions). Here, the player's skills sometimes allow them to get a slight advantage.

Chances to Win the Lottery

With the help of mathematics, you can calculate not only the probability of getting a certain card or defeat. You can also calculate the odds of winning in a gambling game. Let’s see how it works for the lottery.

This indicator depends on two values: the amount of numbers available in the game and the quantity of numbers to be guessed. You can check your chances using this formula:

x numbers from n = (n) / (x) = n × (n - 1) × (n - 2) × (n - 3) ... × [n - (x -1)] / 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × ... x

     n is the total amount of numbers;

     x is the quantity of numbers to guess.

Let's take a lottery where you need to guess 6 numbers out of 45 to get a win. What do we get?

45 × 44 × 43 × 42 × 41 × 40/1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × 5 × 6 = 8 145 060

The probability of winning the lottery is  only 1 in 8,145,060.

Math calculations allow players to increase their chances of winning some games. However, it is important to keep in mind that many casinos do not welcome such an approach to gambling. Some gambling establishments do not allow those who were exposed in the counting of cards, for example. Therefore, the use of mathematics in gambling should be wise and cautious.

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