Top 5 Features of Bitcoin-Friendly Online Casinos

Bitcoin casinos offer plenty of advantages compared to their non-BTC counterparts. These include better fees, greater limits, and many more. However, most platforms are now hybrid. They accept both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Are there crypto-specific casinos? Yes, but they are few. Tower.Bet is one such casino that accepts crypto-only deposits and withdrawals. 

If you’re interested in using BTC to test your luck, you’re on the right page. In this article, we’ll take a look at all the top five features that BTC casinos offer to cryptocurrency gamblers.

You Can Make Bigger Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the reasons why players prefer BTC over other payment methods is the deposit and withdrawal limits. You’re probably aware of the fact that you can send and receive as much BTC as you want using your Bitcoin wallet. You can even move your entire fortune if you want. That’s also possible with Bitcoin casinos, though we don’t advise gambling your entire Bitcoin wealth.

Even the casinos that do have some limits for BTC deposits are usually more generous in this regard compared to non-BTC venues. For example, the upper limit for credit cards is between $1,000 and $2,000. For BTC, that limit is often $10,000 or more.

Simply put, BTC runs on a decentralized platform, meaning there’s no intermediary that dictates transaction limits. Bitcoin is also not subject to many regulations that impose limits, so you have more freedom with your money.

Provably Fair Algorithms

When you gamble in a non-Bitcoin casino, you are given a promise that games are fair and use random number generators. The RNG is usually checked by independent auditors, but users don’t have access to their detailed reports.

That’s not the case with Bitcoin casinos. They feature the so-called provably-fair algorithms. It means you can check the code that’s used to make the games on the platform fair and random. You can determine whether they are really legitimate using online verifiers. Of course, to get a better insight you’ll need some knowledge in coding, but the sheer fact that you can do it is very important for building trust between the casino and its users.

Unique Games

Gambling games were surrounding Bitcoin from the very beginning, even when a single unit of BTC was worth less than a dollar. Nowadays, Bitcoin casinos feature a wide array of unique casino games that you can find only there and nowhere else. Almost all of these games are very simple and based on the element of chance. Most importantly, all of them feature provably fair algorithms, which is another reason why they became so popular among Bitcoin owners.

Lucrative Bitcoin Bonuses

Ever since the first online casino was launched, the widely accepted strategy for attracting new players has been to offer welcome bonuses. These bonuses require a player to register and make a deposit in order to receive a certain reward on top of their deposit amount. For instance, a 100% bonus up to $100 will award a player with the exact same amount they deposited. If you deposit $50, you’ll get an additional $50 in bonuses. The upper limit tells you what’s the most you can get, and that’s $100 in our case.

Bitcoin casinos are not different in this regard. New players can also receive great welcome bonuses in BTC and use that money to enjoy playing their favorite casino games.

Regular customers can also receive bonuses that will make them happy for a long time. For example, Bitcoin casinos offer cashback bonuses that will give some of the lost money back to you. Moreover, casinos feature a plethora of random bonuses that you can claim to improve your online gambling experience.

1-Click Deposits and Withdrawals

Finally, deposits and withdrawals are much easier when you use Bitcoin. Any other standard method will require you to connect it to the online casino and go through numerous steps of the verification process to complete the transaction. This is something that puts off many players. But that’s not part of Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.

To make a deposit using BTC, you need to go to the Cashier section, input the amount of money you’d like to deposit, and scan the QR code using your wallet. The transaction will be executed automatically. So, you’ll be able to start your online Bitcoin casino adventure in no time.

The process is similar for withdrawing your funds, though some casinos might take additional time to respond to your withdrawal request.

Are Online Bitcoin Casinos Safe? 

Now that we mentioned all the benefits of online Bitcoin casinos, you’re probably wondering this — are these casinos safe?

Answering this question requires understanding how safe and secure online gambling platforms are. The best way to determine whether a casino is safe is to read professional casino reviews and learn more about the platform’s licenses and certifications. Moreover, you can also research what Bitcoin gamblers say about their experience with various casinos on the web.

Ultimately, check out some security protocols on the site that make sure you are protected while gambling.

Final Thoughts: Bitcoin-Friendly Casinos Are the Future

Bitcoin and online casinos turned out to be a match made in heaven. Online casinos were looking for the ultimate payment method that can help them speed up deposit and withdrawal processes without any obstacles in between. BTC was just that. Users, on the other hand, find Bitcoin handy as they don’t have to deal with their banks in order to play real-money games on the Internet.

Either way, the combination of the two is still young. Nevertheless, the future definitely looks bright for them. Both online casinos and cryptocurrencies are being developed by some of the brightest minds in the world. Can you imagine what would happen a few years from now? What would the gambling industry look like in the future?

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