State Of The Art Decentralized Exchange Protocol

ADAX, a new DeFi protocol based on the Cardano network  to revolutionize transactions. The weaknesses of the current proof-of-work (PoW)  consensus design of the Ethereum main-net are no longer news, as it has stunted the  growth of Ethereum for a long time. Case in point, Ethereum’s 15 transactions per  second is too slow, which consequently increases transaction costs to a record high. It intends to develop a benchmark of a liquidity/ swapping solution that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem and can be re-used for future projects as well. ADAX eliminates the indulgement of all sorts of intermediaries, complexities and avoids complex procedures to offer a completely decentralized way of trading.

ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano  ecosystem in a completely decentralised and non-custodial way. Based on the desire to  shorten the network transactions and reduce costs of transactions, ADAX has been  designed without order books. The removal of intermediaries, complexities, and  cumbersome processes from the equation will provide users with unhindered freedom to  trade without censorship or loss of control of their assets. This is a complete departure  from what takes place in centralised exchanges, where users surrender all the controls of  their assets to the exchange. In this case, ADAX is projected to offer more transparent,  secure, and faster transactions.  

Smart investors have begun to recognise Cardano’s potential to challenge the status quo  of monopolistic and bureaucratic power structures within the world of crypto. Cardano  boasts unparalleled security, breakneck blockchain speed, and significantly lower  transaction fees, features that are seen to usher in a new DeFi era.

ADAX users will be allowed to make smart-contract-based trades securely within no time. More importantly, unlike the hefty cost charges charged by the Etherium network, ADAX users can seamlessly execute their trades successfully with just a fraction of Etherium's cost. ADAX is currently also offering an Airdrop programme where users can get a specific amount of Cardano coins when Airdrop goes live. ADAX focuses on the Cardano ecosystem since it is highly expected to be the all-new crypto standard-setter. Although the cryptocurrency has tremendous competition, Litecoin, for example, is a bitcoin offshoot, which is deliberately rising its value to satisfy the role of daily transactions.

ADAX offers a pretty satisfying fee model with a 0.3% swap fee distribution. It charges only 0.175% for the taker and 0.125% for the maker. Besides, there is no platform fee, and the entire amount goes straight to the liquidity.

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