MZK/ETH (Muzika) lived on Dcoin, strength to open the digital music ecosystem, invite you to join!

【MZK News】

Dcoin will be launched on Jan. 9 at MZK (Muzika)/ETH. The MZK/ETH transaction was officially opened at 15:00 on January 9.

Token symbol: MZK

Currency Introduction: https://cn.dcoin.com/currencyIntroduce/MZK

【Introduction to MZK】

Overview: Muzika has narrowed the gap between music artists and fans and changed the music world through block chain technology. Muzika will change the way participants in the industry create and acquire value. Through block-chain technology, Muzika will reward those who create value by recovering the lost share of profits from digital piracy.

Time of issue: 2018/11/19

Total circulation: 1,000,000,000

Crowd Price: 1ETH = 6,000 MZK

Official website: https://www.muzika.network/

White Paper: https://www.muzika.network/assets/mzk-whitepaper-en.pdf

【MZK market hit directly】

At 15:00 pm on Jan. 9, MZK officially launched Dcoin and opened its business. Selling accounts for the majority in a few minutes, followed by a narrow range of shocks, the current quotation is 0.00057094 ETH, follow-up performance, sustainable attention.

Muzika is a music block chain ecosystem, which is based on existing business. More than 150 countries around the world have 2 million users, together with 17,000 global music artists, which provides a solid background for the successful take-off of the Muzika block chain ecosystem — a unique function to distinguish Muzika from hundreds of average block chains. Project. Mzk, as the only payment method in all activities of Muzika ecosystem, stands out in the bear market, and lists on the Korean Pen Exchange as the only and only token.

Muzika’s official voice is that in the bear market, especially in the cold winter, it seems to be staying in an unpredictable period. The best strategy is to “act as one” and prove to the public that they can have a long-term interest in MZK.

Muzika invites like-minded partners and music artists from all over the world to join us in shaping the future of the music world and narrowing the gap between music artists and music enthusiasts, not only for the collective welfare of many people, but also for the benefit and well-being of individuals.

Special Statement: Digital currency is an innovative investment product, and its price fluctuates greatly. Investors are requested to buy it carefully. None of the above contents constitute investment proposals.

Dcoin trading platform is the world’s first financial industry-standard digital assets and derivatives trading platform that mainly provides cryptocurrency trading services for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin and etc. Dcoin is founded by blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts with core members from Google, Baidu, 360 and other world renowned IT companies.

Sign up:https://www.dcoin.com/register?iv=4LP8RF

Telegram: t.me/dcoinofficial

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dcoinexchange/

Twitter: twitter.com/dcoinexchange


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