Fashion Industry Game Changer using Blockchain - CURATE

Curate Style 

What is the CURATE Project?

CURATE is a style discovery decentralized app (DApp) i.e ‘blockchain smart contract enabled’ platform, which rewards you with digital tokens in the form of BTC, ETH and our own CUR8 tokens in return for users curating fashion styles. Fashion brands and retailers have partnered up with Curate to show off their latest styles, raise brand awareness and increase their online sales.

In return, Curate provides a trustless platform allowing users to feedback a curated collection of fashion styles for the community to discover. To put simply, Fashion brands partner up with Curate and we pass on the rewards to the curators and discoverers.

Some of our partners are: Amazon, Prada, Gucci, Zara, and Louis Vuitton.

We are Decentralised. Web 3.0. Open Source.

What solutions is the CURATE platform offering?

The CURATE decentralized fashion discovery platform offers a one-stop solution to people looking for fashion inspiration and ideas. CURATE platform provides a discovery platform for both men’s and women’s luxury fashion, and as time goes on we will boast of the best-decentralized crypto-asset based fashion platform the world has to offer.

Our platform will get rid of fake reviews and feedback easily with the blockchain technology implemented. The first way is through artificial intelligence(AI), which will monitor the comments made by a platform user before it is posted. A review that is filled with hate speech and derogatory words will be filtered out, while on the other hand, each registered platform user on the CURATE decentralized fashion discovery platform will have a unique I.D., which will be used to verify their account.

Some of the things our platform has to offer are:

– Retailers large and small can showcase the best of the best fashion pieces on a single discovery platform.

– Community curates the content in exchange for CURATE tokens and membership perks.

– Blockchain technology prevents fake reviews, upvotes and provides a trusted platform for inspiration.

How does it all work?

The first step to utilizing our services would be for an individual to sign up to the platform before being able to fully access all its features. The dashboard of our platform itself is going to be a Decentralized App (D’App) built on the blockchain, with smart contract transaction performance capacity, which also means that we will fully make use of the distributed ledger system as the backbone of the CURATE platform. Of course, this begs the question of why not use a regular database instead of the blockchain? First of all, the platform is going to be reward-based, and implementing crypto-asset as a means of payment is very easy to achieve mainly because we are the ones facilitating the crypto-asset transaction. The decentralized blockchain system really brings a lot of advantages to regular business models.

IEO Details

Our token is going to be based on the Ethereum Blockchain ERC-20 wallet system will be implemented for it. All ERC-20 compatible wallets have the ability to hold and store the CURATE tokens.

P2PB2B IEO dates

9.08–25.08 1st IEO session

16.09–15.10 2nd IEO session

25.10–24.11 3d IEO session

The prices:

1st session: 15 days

$0.10/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.075/CUR8 after)

2nd session: 30 days

$0.12/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.09/CUR8 after)

3rd session: 30 days

$0.15/CUR8 before 25% discount ($0.1125/CUR8 after)

Check the website for more details - https://curate.style 

IEO Link for P2PB2Bhttps://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/CUR8/1

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I love fashion and crypto. I'm glad that this project is finally starting to work. I can't wait for the platform to go live and get started. Of course a great opportunity for early investing as well. Thanks Curate.
Fashion is a very big industry and its huge part of our lives. CURATE has the potential to bring the fashion to Blockchain technology, and expand it with their project. With the kind of work CURATE is doing, they can gather around some of the biggest companies within the fashion industry.
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