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       Any cryptocurrency company, starting its work, tries to take one of the first steps in its development to create a large, powerful and loyal community. Any experienced CEO, head of marketing or PR department understands that without a strong community, the success of any company will be very difficult. Why is community building so important? If we draw an analogy, then the simplest and most correct comparison will be the comparison of the corporate community with the fans of the football club. How many successful football clubs do you know without fans? The community helps the company solve several very important tasks:

* Community members are the very first and most loyal users of a product or service that a company provides. The larger the community, the greater the number of users the company’s product / service will have at the first, most difficult stage, entering the market and gaining its place on it.
* Community members can be involved in beta testing a product / service that the company provides for free or for a small fee. Having a large, loyal community, a company can conduct a truly massive beta test of its product / service for relatively small investments. By identifying with it the weaknesses and strengths of your product / service. And in advance, before the release of the final version, eliminate the shortcomings and strengthen the strengths of his product / service.
* Most members of the community are fans of the company believing in its success and are long-term holders of company tokens. The larger the community, the more tokens will be withdrawn from circulation, reducing pressure on the price of the token and creating the prerequisites for its deficiency, thereby stimulating a price increase.
* The community can be a valuable source of skilled employees for the company. The larger the community, the greater the chances for the company to find helpful members of the community.
* Community members can provide significant assistance to the company in the event of any problems for the company, and the larger the community, the more significant this assistance will be. Of course, this is not all the benefits that the community provides for any company, of which I only listed the most important in my opinion.

        It should also be understood that the correct, well-built work with the community is a WIN-WIN situation for both parties, both the company and the community members. Actively participating in the life and development of the company, community members should receive appropriate remuneration and bonuses — such as free company tokens (coins), early, free access to company products, etc. Such an approach will encourage community members to participate more actively in the life and development of the company.

       Conventionally, all community members can be divided into several groups:

- "Silently interested in the project" — community members who are interested in the project and try to learn more about it, following the news about the project. Probably the largest group in the community of any company, in most cases they do not take an active part in the life of the community and companies remain outside interested observers.
- "True fans" — are community members who actively participate in the life of the community and company. They have a different level of professional skills. They are ready to help the company in solving some of its problems, such as marketing the company on social networks, participating in beta testing of the company's product / service, and long-term holders of the company's tokens. A much less numerous, but the most active community group contributes greatly to the promotion and development of the company.
- "Fans professionals" — members of the community with high professional qualities in various fields of activity. This is the smallest part of the community, but at the same time able to bring the greatest real benefit to the company, if the company can correctly attract them to mutually beneficial cooperation.

HARMONY as a role model for working with the community

     Harmony, a young cryptocurrency startup, recently appeared in the crypto world, but has already managed to make a lot of noise in this environment and conquer many loyal fans.

     The company, founded by upscale professionals who previously worked in companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, set a very ambitious goal to create a new open network to reach consensus for 10 billion people and create a new open and fair digital economy of the future.

      Interested in this project, I myself became a member of the community, silently, watching with interest the rapid development of the company. In the course of these observations, with astonishment and ever-increasing respect, I noticed the special attitude of Harmony to their community. As a multi-year crypto enthusiast and seeing the development of many cryptocurrency companies, their work and attitude towards their community, I can confidently say that Harmony should serve as a role model for most cryptocurrency companies in the field of building a community work. Why do I think so? I will try to explain my opinion.

       First of all, a company is characterized by its comprehensive, open and honest approach to all categories of community members that I mentioned above in this article.

       To stimulate the largest part of the “silent interested” community members, the company holds regular AMA sessions on various aspects of the company’s work and development with very good prizes for people who asked the most interesting questions (for example, the person who asked the best question during the last AMA session was awarded a prize of $250 in ONE token). These regularly held AMA sessions stimulate people to study the project in more depth in various aspects of its work, stimulate the gradual transformation of "silent interested" members into "true fans" or "fans professionals". In addition, the company also holds regular contests in which it raises valuable prizes (for example, cold wallets with ONE token on board). In the main and regional telegram channels of the company around the clock there are polite and professional administrators who are ready to help users in solving any of their issues related to the work of the company.

       For a more active category of the community — “true fans” who are ready, not in word but in business, to help the company achieve its goals and become more famous in the world, Harmony also made it possible to do this more productively. More recently, Harmony began working with a rising star in the cryptocurrency marketing market, DAO MAKER, the creators of the gradually becoming legendary Social Mining programs that drove the last fat nail into the coffin of obsolete and ineffective bounty campaigns (social mining is the most advanced resource for converting any tokenized ecosystem into a decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)). You can learn more about what social mining programs are in the following articles — this, this, and this.

         Collaboration with DAO MAKER allowed the “true fans” and other categories of the Harmony community to be given complete freedom in their efforts to help the company become more famous in the world and at the same time receive worthy rewards (after all, the monthly reward budget of this company is $10,000 in ONE token), and anyone can join and start participating in this program.

         For people who do not like social activity, but prefer to solve more technical problems, Harmony also has something to offer. In August, the company launched the unprecedented Pangaea initiative, in which almost anyone can create and launch their own Harmony node absolutely free, helping the company conduct a beta test of the interaction between hundreds of working nodes and eliminate any errors that occur in advance. Indeed, as I wrote earlier, Harmony is characterized by the desire to create a truly large-scale product that seeks to meet the needs of billions of people and create a new digital economy. For participation in this interesting and not simple test, participants are also given generous rewards.

         Summing up all above, we can see the company's integrated approach to building its work with the community, striving to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of user categories. It is this integrated approach that sets Harmony apart from many other cryptocurrency companies, as individually these activities in one form or another (possibly with the exception of the amazing Pangaea) are also carried out by other companies. But not one of them was able to combine all these disparate and quite different activities into one powerful impulse aimed at developing their community and achieving the company's goals.

With small steps to achieve the GREAT GOAL, this is how companies are created that can change the world.

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