5 Recommended Quality Cheap Monthly Pay Hosting

In general, hosting rent is paid annually but this is considered burdensome for some people. The price is too high when the extension is often a complaint for hosting users in Indonesia. But really lucky, there are still quality monthly paid hosting providers at cheap rates. So, you do not need to make payments in full yearly for hosting Indonesia.

But the quality is certainly not inferior to the annual hosting that is generally used, the only difference being the payment system. The packages provided are usually not too different from shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS. In addition, monthly hosting providers generally also sell domains that are no less important for a blogger. And among them also provide a free domain for one year for certain hosting packages.

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Cheap and Quality Monthly Pay Hosting Recommendations

Hosting is a storage medium, which stores various data related to the website that we have. Starting from writing, pictures, animations, video e-mails, and many others. If compared, Hosting is an apartment or rented house that we have to pay every month or every year.

Where can we rent cheap quality hosting and can pay every month? There are certainly many and each of course has advantages and disadvantages. Here are some lists and also reviews:

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1. IDCloudHost

Idcloudhost is one of the official legal entity web hosting companies in Indonesia and its servers are very reliable. The data center is not only in Indonesia, but also in other countries such as the United Kingdom and Singapore. The price offered is also very affordable, starting from 15,000 per month. Supported by an experienced team and ready to help you anytime quickly and professionally.

Hosting has been supported with the latest technology so as to provide the best experience and performance for those of you who use it. idcloudhost uses Intel E5 Processors which is the fastest processor for cloud hosting and SSDs to make the web more accessible.

2. Niagahoster

Niagahoster is one hosting with many users who also have a reliable server supported by an experienced team, using a renewable server that is Litespeed web server and http / 2 it also offers cheap and best Hosting starting from 20,000 per month, with these cheap prices already comparable to the quality provided by niagahoster.

Servers are handled by professionals, with uptime reaching 99%, so you don't need to worry about the security and quality of the network. You will get premium quality if you use cheap hosting from Niagahoster.

3. Domainesia

If you want to find cheap monthly hosting, you can try to buy at Domainesia. Hosting rental prices there are quite affordable starting from 8000 per month to 64 thousand per month. Each package has different features.

Lite package, can accommodate as much as 300 MB of storage memory. This hosting package is unlimited and has a feature called "instant deploy". With this feature, you can create a website with just one click.

Meanwhile for other packages, of course, have far more features. Oh yes, hosting in Domainesia already uses SSD so it's very fast to access. You only need to wait for 1 second to open a hosted web in Domainesia. Very extraordinary is not it?

4. Jagoan Hosting

Want to buy cheap and quality monthly paid hosting at rates starting at 2,300 per month? And you can try hosting from Jagoan Hosting. Various hosting packages are available ranging from personal to hosting that is used for large companies. You can choose according to your needs.

With the support of Tier 1 upstream network technology, making the server response becomes faster and web loading time is much shorter. Not only that, fast loading can open up opportunities for visitors to linger visit your website.

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5. Hostinger

Hostinger is one of the trusted web hosting providers that you must try. You can order hosting every month, of course the rates are still quite cheap and affordable. The price starts from 8000 per month, of course, very affordable and does not need to spend too deep.

Hosting at Hostinger has 99.9% uptime. So the web is rarely down so that it makes visitors feel comfortable. In fact, you can get a free domain if you buy one of the hosting packages at Hostinge

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