NEWSCRYPTO will now reward users for holding the NWC Cryptocurrency

NewsCrypto.io is pleased to announce the Holder Rewards Event in appreciation of NWC holders and the community, following the token’s new listing on HitBTC exchange.

Exchange listing of the NWC token began in the fourth quarter of 2019, and the token is now listed on its 6th exchange. This would not have been possible without the NWC token holders and the entire community. As such, Newscrypto is hosting the Holders Reward event and the airdrop campaign as a way of giving back to their loyal supporters.

To participate click here.

Holder Rewards Event Details

Newscrypto.io will run the event for ten months. During this time, NWC holders will receive some reward simply for holding an NWC token. To participate in the event, investors must hold a minimum of 5000 NWC tokens. Newscrypto.io will issue the rewards as follows:

Holder event will last for 10 months, during this time you can earn rewards in exchange for holding a NWC token.

5,000 NWC tokens= 400 free tokens

10,000 NWC tokens= 1,000 free tokens

20,000 NWC tokens= 2,300 free tokens

30,000 NWC tokens= 3,500 free tokens

50,000 NWC tokens = 7,000 free tokens

75,000 NWC tokens= 11,000 free tokens

100,000 NWC tokens= 20,000 free tokens

200,000 NWC tokens= 50,000 free tokens

After buying the number of tokens that they want, investors will need to hold these digital coins for at least three months. Investors can then officially join the Holder Even by applying through this link after securing their tokens. The event starts 08/03/2020 and token holders cannot join if they bought their NWC coins before the start of the Holders Event.

To join the NewsCrypto Holders event, click here.

You cannot join the event if you bought tokens before the event started. The Holders event starts on March 8th 2020 and it lasts 10 months.

Opportunity for the Holders

If you can calculate the real value of tokens once you stake them for a month it turns out to be a huge profit, let see how.

For example If you get 50.000 free tokens in 3 months which is equivalent to 1350usd which means you will be earning 450usd per month without doing anything !

About NewsCrypto.io

Newscrypto.io is the go-to platform for any crypto trader. Through the platform, traders get access to trading tools, advanced indicators, educational programs, and community predictions. These features allow traders to access any information they would need concerning cryptocurrencies in the market. Currently, there are 64,566 registered users.

All transactions on the NewsCrypto network are underpinned by the platform’s NWC token, which complies with the Stellar Lumen token. NWC token performs both utility and value-transfer functions on Newscrypto.io with wallet support from Solar, Ledger, and Trezor. There are currently 279,990,970 tokens in supply, and Newscrypto has a market cap of $2.6 million.

To participate in the holders’ event and community airdrop click here.

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