A month at the AVA Hub — it's not about money !!!

In my previous article, I already told you about AVA and the project’s initiative to create and develop a global community— the launch of the AVA Hub. And also about why this aspect is very important for any company. It has been a little over a month since I began to take part in this amazing initiative. An experiment that began to change my life. Therefore, I think I should share with you the steps of my journey.

After registration, the user enters to the Dashboard. There, the user gets access to the latest project and platform news, latest notifications, tasks, activity trends and the latest comments of other users. Also from the Dashboard, you can get to the community board to watch and evaluate the activities of other users, publish your activity, and much more.

The Dashboard also displays the current level of Influence in the Hub, the user’s Reputation and the number of Points earned. These indicators are very important, so I’ll talk about them in more detail.

User Influence represents how trustworthy and influential you are in the ecosystem. Users with high Influence usually produce better quality Activities which brings more value to the community.

Reputation is given for the high quality of work, and its increase leads to an increase in influence on the platform. The reputation system was designed to ensure that only quality work performed and not its total amount will be rewarded. This will protect the community from spammers and bot accounts. In addition, for users with a high level of reputation, new special tasks will be opened, by completing them qualitatively the user will be able to earn more points.

Points are a user’s reward for a job well done. Each time, performing an action contributing to the success of the project, the user will receive a certain amount of points. There is a section on the Dashboard — a Market in which the user can exchange points earned for valuable rewards, the list of which will be constantly expanded, and after the launch of the main network, the list will include also AVA tokens.

As I wrote earlier, the main goal of creating an AVA Hub is to create a large and most importantly — an ACTIVE community. The Hub rewards participants for any action that adds value to the ecosystem of the project. Each time a participant performs an action aimed at promoting and strengthen the company, he receives a reward in the form of points and reputation, commensurate with his contribution to the development and promotion of the company. For AVA, this is useful because it creates an ecosystem that allows the community to effectively use their mutual resources to improve the company’s work, as well as increase its visibility and image in the world.

Any action aimed at promoting the company for which the user wants to receive a reward must be submitted on the Hub, and other platform users, together with company representatives, will evaluate the degree of usefulness of this action. This solves the quality problem of the content that the community generates. If someone begins to create low-quality content, administrators or community members will immediately appreciate it, and the user will not receive a reward for such activity.

But for me, participating in the AVA Hub was not only for earning tokens or prizes. For me, he became valuable primarily due to the fact that thanks to him I met and made friends with a lot of new and interesting people from around the world. AVA Hub is open to all and thanks to this I have made new friends from Switzerland, USA, Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Vietnam, Russia, Belgium, Indonesia and many, many other countries. This provides an unforgettable and useful experience in communication and knowledge of the world and its customs. And for me, this experience is even more valuable than the prizes. Having become a member of the AVA community, I constantly feel my involvement in the development of the project and the benefits that I bring with my activity to the company, I’m and other members of the community.

Therefore, summing up, if you want to take part in one of the most promising projects in the blockchain industry over the past few years. If you want to get to know and start chatting with a lot of different interesting people from different countries and different cultures. That AVA Hub is for you, join us and become part of a large and friendly family !!!

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