Why KingCasino.io has the potential to revolutionize the casino industry?

We are currently experiencing a major economical shakeup with the Coronavirus crisis. A land-based casino is a virus of heaven with thousands of people touching chips, buttons and handling money. Millions of customers worldwide who predominantly chose live venues to play will turn to online alternatives in order to enjoy their pastime from the safety of their homes. KingCasino.io can replicate the live gaming experience perfectly, providing thousands of live table games. KingCasino.io has the potential to revolutionize the casino industry with a unique business model and advanced technology.

Introduction of KingCasino.io

KingCasino.io (Kings Gaming Group NV) is a registered company with $10 million in the capital and one of the leading online gaming platforms that allow players to use their cryptocurrencies for an unrivaled variety of live casino games, thousands of high-quality slots games, and sports betting. 

KingCasino.io strength is its unique model of participation via the KCT security token - the first-ever security tokens in the online gaming industry. This unique approach allows KingCasino.io to raise capital for necessary expansion. KCT security tokens also grant full adoption of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, promptness, and fairness for online gaming, shareholder voting, and profit-sharing.

The challenges of online casino industry and KingCasino.io’s solutions

The challenges of online casino industry

As with any industry, some problems and challenges that undermine the growth potential of online gaming. Some of these are listed as follows:

Lack of Transparency 

Many betting companies operate under a shade of confidentiality, not allowing customers to know how odds are created or how much money is poured in. This lack of transparency leads to skepticism and fear of fraud on the part of users.

No Guaranteed Payments

When the cash-out process requires submitting a request, waiting for approval, enduring frequent delays, and occasional refusals. This creates a dissatisfactory user experience that can lead gamers to play elsewhere.

Unpleasant Experiences

It is compulsory for players in many online casino platform jurisdictions to complete a verification process. This lengthy verification, registration, and payment process are a common cause of incomplete registration because of the dissatisfying user experience. 

Unfair Conditions

Even in its fairest implementation, traditional betting remains a highly centralized endeavor, taking power away from the players and placing it in the hands of bookmakers. Simply stated, in the long run, individuals will inevitably lose all their funds against “the House.”

Security Concerns 

Practically, all online resources are threatened by malicious attacks from hackers all around the world. The centralized nature of betting providers makes all bettors vulnerable to external and internal attacks, putting players’ funds and financial information at risk.

High Fees

Most betting operators charge fees for everything – even for depositing money – or hide fees within each transaction (e.g., adding a premium on exchange rates). 

Providers that solve these challenges inherent in the online gaming industry secure a decisive competitive advantage in the market and harness the enormous growth potential.

Kingcasino.io solutions

The transition to digital and online services brought new products, opportunities, and challenges to the online gaming industry. KingCasino.io plans to revolutionize this industry. KingCasino.io’s mission from the beginning was to create a single platform that: 

solves the challenges of the online gaming industryallows the crowd to participate in the industry and profit from the enormous growth potential gives partners the highest possible revenue share with the possibility of regional exclusivity

KingCasino.io achieve these goals by maximum utilization of blockchain technology. Blockchain is an ideal technology to build an innovative, decentralized, and transparent platform that combines modern technology with a superior social experience. The technology addresses the shortcomings of traditional betting, makes full transparency and reliability possible in the online gaming process. Plus, blockchain also makes games provably fair, transactions easier and faster at lower or no cost.  Moreover, the players’ information remains secured and private. 

 The following diagram shows the architecture of KingCasino.io platform.

Figure 1- The Architecture of KingCasino.IO Platform

The solution to the lack of transparency

KingCasino.io presents an entirely transparent system where all transactions are stored. Anyone can check and see the progress of all drawings on an independent Etherscan platform. 

The solution to no guaranteed payments

The cryptocurrency-based casino allows providing effortless and secured withdrawals as fast as lightning.

The solution to unpleasant experiences 

Becoming a player of KingCasino is simple: complete a short registration form, make your first deposit, and get access to a fantastic collection of games. 

The solution to unfair conditions

At KingCasino.io, all bets have a winner, so you are assured that the money stays with players. Add to that, KingCasino.io always welcome winners.

The solution to security concerns

All user information and cryptocurrencies in the system are safe from malicious attacks by using HSM technology and cryptography. Even if the website is compromised, the attacker cannot influence the games that are decentralized applications. 

The solution to high fees

With KCT security tokens, there is NO MORE need for intermediaries, so there is no transaction fee for deposits and withdrawals in KCT.

With the development of blockchain technology, significant changes are bound to happen in the world of online casinos. By using blockchain technology, KingCasino.io can reach out to market segments with untapped potential and acquire distinct advantages over competitors, enabling KingCasino.io to become a dominant player in the market.

If you would like to explore sharing this journey with KingCasino.io, below you will be able to find the link with more information on the company

Website: https://kct.kingcasino.io/

Live casino: https://www.kingcasino.io/

Telegram group: https://t.me/kingcasinogroup

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kingcasino8

Twitter : https://twitter.com/kingcasino888

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5229853

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