The Whole DEFI Space is Turning to CLEVER CLVA for Big Money Gains

In the world of business and finance, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are surely taking over. And for many of the companies, that means taking their profitability quotient to a whole another direction. Later, cryptocurrency allows them to branch out to worldwide trading options. And so, a lot of the companies stick to the DeFi or Decentralized Finance protocols.

Among all the different options, the Clever is one of the most effective examples with high profits. Their DeFi system is highly usable and allows people to earn big sums of money. Not to mention, the CLVA Tokens are just another of its best components, and that results in high financial gains altogether.

The importance of DeFi space

Indeed, Clever, like many others, have taken to the DeFi tools to revitalize their system. And for the most part, it has worked in their favor. In fact, the traditional banks do give interest rates, but they are not as good at the cryptocurrency options. Thanks to the growth of DeFi, though, investors can gain big money, and thus, it is an important trend in Blockchain.

The usability of Clever CLVA tokens

Many investors turned towards using such assets after understanding the importance and good quality of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it is not easy to get profits with it all the time. After all, the cryptocurrency market is not the most stable for all of its good qualities.

Most of the time, the market is very volatile; so, rate hikes and lows are very common and unpredictable. As a result, there is no expecting when Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency rates would reach a profitable level. Owing to this, investors cannot expect guaranteed returns while trading, despite the high functionality of DeFi.

Keeping this in mind, Clever issued their CLVA tokens and made them in a way that would challenge such problems. They are designed to give the users better opportunities to earn a profit. Plus, the CLVA tokens have other factors influencing them, like the Automatic Cycle Schedule and its DMM (Decentralized Distribution Mechanism). After that, these components help investors manage to gain high profits.

The 888 Cycle Schedule and how it is useful.

In the DeFi of Clever, the cycles that run are 888 in total. And they occur once each fortnight, and that is when the CLVA tokens generate. To complete the full combination of 888 cycles, it would take 34.15 years in total.

After the first year of completion, the Annual Interest Earnings after the first 5,000 CLVA investments might yield 14,353 CLVA. Or a total 307% compound interest rate. According to this calculation, the earning from CLVA tokens would be more than the Bitcoin investment over ten years or traditional investment interests.

Final say

It is important to note that while the Clever CLVA token profit is possible, the minting phases do not cross 30 days. So, one needs to buy the CLVA tokens at the earliest. After the minting period ends, you can buy new tokens from others or through holding the previous CLVA tokens as interest. Later, the interest rate would rise, and that would earn you financial gain in the future.



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