5 Of The Best Math Apps For Android

Math is a tough subject for many people, and this is absolutely understandable. There are plenty of things that numbers do. Moreover, there is a variety of different kinds of math, involving your basics such as arithmetic along with more intricate mathematics like calculus.

And people these days look for math apps for many reasons, but most of them are certainly educational. However, the large number of applications that are accessible today can make it a long process of experimentation to discover an application that is right for you.

Here are the best math apps for androids right now:


Brainly is a social networking app for students and it lets users ask any queries from homework assignments. And other users answer the questions with a proper explanation of how the problem is solved. Brainly works more than just a math problem solver.

However, we can come across a few problems because the supported education levels involve elementary school through some college level and it really depends on the the knowledge that users on the network have.


From basic math to calculus and trigonometry, Photomath is an incredible Android application to help clarify interesting mathematical sets.

It utilizes a Smartphone's camera pointed at a mathematical question, analyses the data, and offers a detailed step-by-step answer along with an explanation. It's a free app and has the fabulous usefulness of working offline when utilizing the basic central service.


Prodigy is another fun app to make learning exciting, and this is a free one, fantasy-based math game for kids to practice the basics of math problems.

And the best thing about this app is the reporting structure, making it easy for teachers & parents to find out and target the areas a student is having difficulty with. Prodigy is designed with elementary-aged users in mind, and there is a broad range of skill levels inside the curriculum-aligned app, making it easy to use for users from grades 1-8.


At number four, we have HiPER, an excellent scientific calculator app. This app should work fine for grade school and college-level mathematics problems. But, the free version of this app only features ten digits along with three exponential digits. And the premium version of HiPER increases digits to 100 regular digits and nine exponential digits. That’s excellent.

Furthermore, the other features include complex numbers, conversion among 200 units, support for fractions, and a lot of other stuff. HiPER is absolutely the best scientific calculator on Google Play Store.

Khan Academy

At number five, we have Khan Academy, one of the more traditional math apps on Smartphones. Khan Academy can let you review and re-learn math problems (and other subjects) in a course-like environment.

Furthermore, Khan Academy includes over 10K+ videos, 40K+ questions, and a lot of different types of math. All this includes basic, math, stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic, and much more. Also, you can take part in as many of the courses as you want to learn new subjects or as a refresher for stuff that you used to know. The best feature of this app is its price.

It is completely free to use forever and this makes it a must-have for math apps.

Tips For Selecting The Best Math App For Kids

The standards outlined below will help you to make sure that you select the best math apps for kids that will excite, challenge, and motivate your students and improve their overall math learning experience.

· Supports development

· Flexible learning

· Age suitability

· Price

· Engagement and user interaction

· Learning results

· Continual assessment and examination

· Supported by teachers and schools

· Rewards and positive reinforcement

· Improvement of creativity


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