07:24 03.03.2020
Samboh Ivy
This Bizarre Factor Suggests Ethereum is Getting Ready for a Big Upwards Movement

As Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market face dire selling pressure, major altcoins like Ethereum (ETH) have been caught within firm downtrends that have cut significantly into the recent gains they incurred throughout the course of their intense 2020 uptrends.

Analysts are now noting that ETH is positioned to see significantly further losses in the near-term, which could lead the crypto to plummet as low as $180 in the days ahead.

In spite of a weak technical situation, one interesting occurrence seen while looking towards the spread between DAI and USDC may suggest that now is a “decent re-entry level” for ETH.

Ethereum Sees Dire Technical Weakness as Market Continues Descending

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading down just over 2% at its current price of $219, which marks a slight decline from daily highs of just over $225.

The cryptocurrency’s downtrend first began exactly one week ago, when the crypto rallied up to highs of $275 before plummeting to lows of $210. In the time since this capitulatory selloff, the crypto has been trading sideways around its current price levels, struggling to garner any decisive trend.

09:38 24.02.2020
Smith David
World’s First Gold-Backed Blockchain Crowdsale Launching

Sudan Gold Coin with the token name SGC Token is among few Cryptocurrency which is backed by real physical resources. It is a unique blend of Real Gold Mining and Blockchain Technology. SGC Token aims to solve the uncertainty problem currently faced on the cryptocurrency market.

Gold has been one of the most valuable things in the world since ancient times: it was a standard for price determination, references to gold can be found all over the world in popular wisdom thoughts and quotations. This means that gold will always be one of the world economy's value benchmarks, and many physical currencies rely somewhat on gold.

But in the IT age, where people try to invent something different every day, new concept cryptocurrencies are introduced onto the market. They allowed people to buy, sell and trade with reduced risks through the internet but there is still one big problem that should be solved: stability and predictability of any cryptocurrency.

Sudan Gold Coin is the world's first blockchain alternative, where the coin's value is tied to the gold market price. The total amount of tokens that will be issued without further releases is 999,999,999 tokens. At the pre-sale stage, one token's price will be $0.1 USD, depending on that, the price at Main Sale will be 0.75–$1 USD. investor becomes the owner of a certain amount of gold after buying tokens, which they will be able to operate within a decentralized exchanger, based on a Blockchain Technology.

In the cryptocurrency marketplace, SGC is a pioneering coin whose value is backed by actual strength. This is a brand new age of e-commerce and the value of a fully virtual advantage is rigidly tied to Real Gold's burden.

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here - https://chainx.kr/.

Crowd sale

Crowd Sale will be having different stages of sales. The SGC project closed its Pre-Sale with a cap of US$ 250,000. For now, the project is in the stage of Private Sale, plans are under way for the main Sale.

Tokens are called Sudan Gold coins-SGC tokens, and are made specifically for this project's use. In total there are 999,999,999 SGC tokens in circulation. Price for one SGC token is expected to be 0.75 dollars.

Crowd sale is one way to earn tokens but there's so much more. Working on marketing campaigns like social media campaigns, different translations, and signature campaigns will earn you tokens.

If you are anxious to find out more about the project and what it is about, take a look at the following for details:

09:31 24.02.2020
Smith David
Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency and why should you invest in it

Conventional cryptocurrencies have had a fair share of criticism, such as Bitcoin. Their main drawbacks include lack of physical support and reliance on peer-to-peer device transfers. Since no one can see the money, the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies has long been in doubt by critics. The asset-backed cryptocurrencies idea originated as a solution.

If it's your first time learning about asset-backed cryptocurrencies, there are digital currencies that are linked to the value of physical assets like real estate, oil, energy, minerals and even precious metals like gold.

What are gold-backed cryptocurrencies?

Gold-backed cryptocurrencies are digital currencies tied to gold. It means that while the crypto coins are on a distributed ledger and therefore easy to exchange, they also have something intrinsic value that is missing in conventional cryptocurrencies.

How do gold-backed cryptocurrencies work?

The basic concept of the gold-backed cryptocurrencies is certainly convincing. A digital token that represents a certain value of gold is released. A token X coin, for example, represents the worth of one gram of gold.

A reliable third party stores the gold to which the token is hinged. Certain token-holders may exchange the gold.

The value of the gold-backed token shall be equal to the prevalent rate of gold at any given time. That means it will still be priced at the current gold price should the token fail to take off. When the token gains popularity, on the other hand, its value will grow above that of gold.

Difference between gold-backed cryptos and other cryptocurrencies

Besides intrinsic value, its entry-level costs are the other difference between gold-backed cryptos and mainstream cryptocurrencies. Most of the investors in their early days who were quick to buy mainstream cryptocurrencies had to spend only pennies. Nevertheless, for a cryptocurrency backed by gold, the minimum investment must be equal to the current gold price.

The difference between these two classes on cryptocurrencies is their price fluctuations. While the price of digital mainstream coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum will rise and fall to any point, cryptocurrencies backed by gold have a built-in stop loss.

As we have already stated, the value of a cryptocurrency backed by gold cannot fall below the value of gold. When such a coin achieves huge popularity, its price could well rise above that of gold. But if the gold-backed crypto isn't doing well, its value will stay at a gold pace.

Now let’s look at the best Gold backed cryptocurrency which is going to launch soon.

Sudan Gold Coin

Sudan Gold Coin with the token name SGC Token is among the few real Gold backed Cryptocurrency. It is a unique blend of Blockchain and Real Gold Mining Technology. SGC Token aims at addressing the confusion that the cryptocurrency market is currently facing.

The project will also indirectly invest in Sudanese gold mining operations to give users of the open platform the right to purchase the gold mined in Sudan. Furthermore, the Sudan Gold Coin (SGC) Project provides its crowdsale investors a unique opportunity to participate in a project in which both crypto and real-world assets are linked to digital tokens (Sudan Gold Coin), with the additional right to purchase a predefined amount of physical gold.

 Important News 

SGC is launching the IEO on coming 26th Feb 2020 on a reputed Korean Exchange ChainX, you can buy the tokens directly from the exchange here - https://chainx.kr/ and also from the official website -https://sudangoldcoin.com/


08:31 04.02.2020
Mazur Benjamin
Top 5 most hilarious ICOs ever

Besides the amount of rekt, scams and craziness that the ICO madness got us, there is one little bright light that will keep investors smiling during the hard times THE MEME COINS. This article will hopefully give you the “chills” in these intense times. We all know that the crypto community operates with some spicy individualist that are keen to do whatever it takes to makes us laugh.

*This article is for entertainment porpuses only, 98% of the text in this article should not be taken seriously.

08:06 15.01.2020
Smith David
Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch Out For In 2020 - By the experts of Coinipop

2019 saw a completely new cryptocurrency market and 2020 is going to be no different. The speed at which the popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing, you can expect the year 2020 to be more beneficial for the cryptocurrency than 2019. We saw some new groups and companies like Coinipop entering in the cryptocurrency industry and more mature and strong encryption technology. Overall, cryptocurrency was able to get more appreciation from the global bodies— not so far in the future we'll see them developing their own blockchain frameworks for promoting the use of cryptocurrency.

Let’s look into some new trends that are set to expand in the year 2020.

Decentralized finance

Considering the expansive set of advantages, decentralized finance is going to be a big concept that will enter in the cryptocurrency industry. As of now, decentralized finance projects are now well over the value of $650 million. This concept was unacceptable and ignored in the past, but given the circumstances that we had to face, it is now accepted and becoming a reality.

It offers traders to integrate many options that are not possible with a centralized financial system. It can help to integrate with digital assets lending, no credit checks, instant transactions, and much more.

Ethereum 2.0

Ethereum is a known blockchain platform for everyone interested in blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. Ethereum 2.0 has completed its phase 0, and we can see its launch in 2020. The development team is working hard on it and regularly updating the development process. We can say that Ethereum 2.0 could be a popular trend in 2020.

Crypto derivatives

Crypto derivates are one of those trends that are going to shape the crypto industry in 2020. Crypto derivatives exchanges like Coinipop, were previously very limited, but it is now an expanding concept. Which is not going to stop in 2020 also. We'll observe a more competitive crypto industry in 2020.

Lightning network

Lightning network is developed for a range of cryptocurrencies that you can pay using this layer-2 payment protocol. It has proved to be a very helpful platform for crypto traders like Coinipop and many others, as it enables them to perform instant transactions at low rates.

As expected in the future or year 2020, we’ll see more nodes and channels build on this infrastructure.

Privacy in transactions

Cryptocurrency traders are concerned about the anonymity and privacy of the transactions. The year 2020 will see a huge development in providing high-class privacy tools. Companies and traders will be able to perform their crypto transactions more privately and anonymously with the privacy tools by Ernst & Young.

The purpose is to help the traders to perform secure and anonymous transactions using the public net without worrying about their privacy. You can perform cryptocurrency transactions at Coinipop with complete privacy. As the need is increasing, we'll see better privacy tools as more companies will be coming forward in the competition to develop high-quality privacy tools around cryptocurrency transactions.

Crypto-friendly regulations

In America, a state has regulated the use of cryptocurrency by passing 13 laws related to digital currency. This is something we’ll experience even more in 2020 as the tech-giants are coming forward in support of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Eventually, the governments have to look into the matter and regulate the cryptocurrency. This would help everyone to get more benefits out of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Digital assets and digital currency are already developing into a force to reckon with. The year 2020 is going to be a breakthrough for the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

08:29 11.01.2020
Smith David

Every cryptocurrency enthusiast knows the importance of keeping  records of their transaction processes. It becomes even harder when the crypto trader has to deal with more than one digital assets. With tons of cryptocurrency trading platforms available in the market now, Coinipop provides a top notch crypto buying and selling process that makes crypto management seamless. Coinipop is a leading cryptocurrency trading network that offers both large and small scale crypto trading opportunities to traders.

The cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one with dwindling prices and values. This makes trading of digital asset technically driven with a lot analysis needed In making decisions. Even with the analysis sometimes, the market just takes on sporadic behaviour that have no know pattern or cause. Using Coinipop however makes it easier to navigate the storm and eventually come out a winning crypto trader. The company has adopted a system that allows traders buy digital assets at the best rates. Just when the prices are fluctuating, Coinipop does a remarkable job of floating the price long enough for about 3 hours which gives users enough time to make decisions on what amount they are ready to lock in for the asset, the quantity, choice of payment processes and uploading the required documents for the transaction to be executed. This feature is completely out of the crypto stage and users love it.

Using the Coinipop platform especially brings a systemic operating  method to the transaction process of every trader on the network. As a trader, it is easier to track and access your assets right withing an internet page. With the intuitive user interface, the Coinipop platform is easy to navigate and makes digital asset management seamless.

When looking to trade (buy or sell) Bitcoin or ethereum, Coinipop offers both coins with various payment options that suits every category of customer. Traders can use their credit or debit card to make purchase and wire transfer service is also available.

Perhaps, what makes Coinipop a even better digital asset portfolio management is the security it provides. To trade bitcoin or ethereum in Coinipop, users are stratified into various levels according to the amount of cryptocurrency they want buy it sell. This creates an environment of security to traders knowing that everyone trading in the platform has a level of KYC (Know Your Customer) information with the platform. This means that if things ever goes south, there is someone to answer. Without having your documents verified, conducting a transaction is impossible. If ever fraudsters try to perpetuate paying for crypto asset with a stolen card, the documentation process holds the bar high enough to make it unscalable.


As a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, Coinipop has continuously made crypto trading seamless with their vast connection of digital asset miners around the world. Trading in the platform is completely safe and traders can feel the reliability Coinipop provides.


11:24 20.12.2019
Blog Centerklik
The Best Mobile Smartphone for Gaming in 2020 - Centerklik

Centerklik.com - The Best Mobile Smartphone for Gaming in 2020 aka (Smartphone Terbaik untuk Gaming di 2010) When the new year comes, there will be many people who will buy a new smartphone and there will also be a lot of popping up the best smartphone will be present in 2020 aka (Smartphone terbaik 2020) with increasingly smart technology. And for those of you who are very fond of playing heavy games on a smartphone device, of course you will not miss to have a smartphone that is made specifically to run heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and supported with high performance.

12:16 15.11.2019
Blog Centerklik
Get Hosting and WordPress Themes Cheap in Black Friday

Centerklik.com - Are you looking for cheap quality hosting? This is the right time for those of you who are looking for hosting. Because it is approaching Blackk Friday and the hosting price is very cheap. Here is a list of cheap and quality hosting:

Why the market needs so many crypto exchanges

Anton Vasin, CBDO of the blockchain project Serenity, talked about his experience at Blockchain Life 2019, Europe’s largest cryptocurrency and blockchain forum, and explained why there can’t be too many crypto exchanges on the market.

07:34 24.07.2019
Codink Kang

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