12:11 06.04.2022
Clain Annie
Everything You Need To Know About Monopolon Factions

Inspired by the popular childhood game Monopoly, which was played with one game board with the help of a pair of dice and a paper money stack, Monopolon is a game based on blockchain consisting of some cool characters and exciting features.

It attempts to make you relive those fun childhood memories and make you earn real money as a reward!

Monopolon combines PVP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) game modes. PVP is a game mode where you are required to compete against other players to earn Monopoly over tiles (a certain piece of land). PVE is a game mode where you are required to compete for a high rank in the points table. This makes it feel like there are two games in one game, like Infinity, Rabada and Axie but even more fascinating!

What is unique about Monopolon?

Entry at a low cost: Unlike in other P2E games, Monopolon doesn’t ask you to pay any huge amounts of cost to enter and play. It is one of the rarest games that cut off unnecessary additional charges.Real life-like character: Unlike other P2E games, Monopolon is based on characters with real-life personalities. The characters here are actual world tycoons and have human-like qualities. This makes you connect with them even more and makes you more invested in the game. There is a lot more excitement along with earning money.

Faction Leaders of Monopolon:

CZI- The Conqueror of Crypto City: Being an entrepreneur and founder of the world’s highest volume of cryptocurrency exchange trading, CZI is here to face and conquer all the hurdles in the world of Monopolon through his crypto bulldozer.Eden- The Mayor of Space City: Starting out with a small e-commerce business on a small level, Eden has entered the world of the automobiles industry. He also is trying to use all those powerful and edgy missiles to blast his opponents on the battlefield.Marko- The Wizard of Meta City: He possesses the roles of being a tech genius, a social creator and a media magnet at once. Marko has developed a system to connect human beings to data on a common platform named Social Media. He is invincible and intends to purchase each piece of land in Monopoly.Mazaguji- The Magnate of Sakura City: He is an entrepreneur who has expertise in technology and investments. He has become a billionaire by inventing telephonic and financial systems used throughout the world of Monopolon.Zack- The Chief of Cultural City: A tycoon of the e-commerce and utility agency business, Zack is a hardworking character who has become successful completely on his own and built his empire.

NFTs in Monopolon:

Another unique factor about Monopolon is that it offers NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) used to create channels and make profits. These NFTs are exclusive and can be used in certain cases of the game bringing true value to the players’ assets. Due to this, the game ecosystem of Monopolon is a long term one fully sustainable.

Being a P2E and P2P game, there is a need for constant upgradation of the characters to compete with their allies and situations. This is the reason why NFTs were introduced in the game. There are a number of them available like- Mystic NFTs, Equipment NFTs etc. You can also get to know about more NFTs when you play the game.

Factions in Monopolon:

Monopolon is a battlefield game shaped as a pentagon. Here players get the chance of rolling a dice every six hours. Depending on what number comes on the dice, the player lands on a grid followed by mining, looting and other activities. The entire game consists of 125 tiles, and also some special features can be accessed in some special places. These places are termed as factions that give extra advantages to the player. This also benefits them over other players.

Amazonians: This faction gives you an extra item each time when you visit a shop. It also gives you items at a 5% cheaper rate than others.Bynans: This faction helps in making mining 5% more efficient.Jackknights: This faction gives you an extra dice roll in a day.Musketeers: This faction helps in making raiding 5% more efficient.Zuckarians: This faction provides extra hours to perform on the battlefield.

Faction helps in grabbing opportunities and making them extra efficient so that you are more competent in front of your opponent. Factions do not require any extra cost for accessing and taking advantage of them. Every feature of the game Monopolon is unique if compared to other P2P or P2E games. There is absolutely no reason for you to not try and play Monopolon! Go now!

Marketers Move Deeper Into Mobile Games

The inclusion of mobile games in this year's Super Bowl commercial lineup demonstrates that the sector is advancing, which provides a significant potential for advertisers.

Three mobile gaming companies spent a lot of money ($4.5 million for a 30-second spot) to air commercials during the big game: “Clash of Clans” hired Liam Neeson to star in its Super Bowl ad; “Game of War: Fire Age” released a Kate Upton-led commercial; and “Heroes Charge,” despite not having a celebrity endorsement, bought 15 seconds of air time featuring an animated fight scene.

It is a clear sign of things to come, as corporations will look into the growing popularity of mobile gaming to advertise. We are bound to see more adverts even as we play online pokies and other casino games.

“The fact that three Super Bowl advertisers were mobile gaming companies is a clear indicator that mobile is becoming the predominant platform for games, that there is a mass audience for mobile games, and that there is big money to be made from mobile games,” says Richard Guest, North America at Tribal Worldwide president. “Advertisers will pay more and more attention to the mobile gaming space because of the mass audience and because consumers’ appetite for new mobile games would indicate an opportunity to introduce branded content into the space.”

Guest's agency has created a smartphone game called "DXM Labworks" for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) to raise awareness about the dangers of dextromethorphan misuse (commonly known as DXM, a cough syrup component) among 14- to 19-year-olds.

“Because the ‘DXM Labworks’ campaign was intended to both change an existing behavior and educate teens about the social consequences associated with cough syrup abuse, mobile gaming was an intriguing tactic to explore. It’s also proving to be an extremely effective channel,” he explains.

However, mobile gaming is no longer limited to teens. According to Tuong Nguyen, lead analyst at Gartner's Consumer Technology and Markets Research division, it has expanded across all age and gender groups.

“[Mobile] gaming isn’t just limited only to a sub-segment of younger males anymore. It’s expanded to women, older demographics, parents – just about everyone,” Nguyen says.

However, when it comes to incorporating mobile gaming components into marketing campaigns, businesses must keep in mind that games are not advertisements, and they must ensure that their message flows smoothly into a gaming environment, according to industry experts.

“Integrating into the context of the game is key,” says Paul Marobella, head of Havas Worldwide Chicago Group, adding that a brand's value may be aligned with the game's outcomes.

“As gamers earn rewards through whatever game they are playing, a brand can reward them with brand-related swag – whether it’s Sour Patch Kids offering buy one get one free after an achievement is scored or a theoretical integration where a tire brand like Firestone could be earned as a driving gamer up-levels. Having this level of contextual, demographic, and cultural relevance will prove to be the best way for brands to see results from the world of mobile gaming,” Marobella notes.

When it comes to mobile games, Paul Munkholm, head of strategy at digital firm Kettle, says that companies must ensure that the idea and experience they aim to provide are ones that their customers would like.

“Creating a game that breaks through like ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Candy Crush’ takes a great amount of time and investment. And these games have raised the bar for users. So if a company were to release a subpar branded gaming experience, it may turn off users,” he says

11:00 09.06.2021
Clain Annie
State Of The Art Decentralized Exchange Protocol

ADAX, a new DeFi protocol based on the Cardano network  to revolutionize transactions. The weaknesses of the current proof-of-work (PoW)  consensus design of the Ethereum main-net are no longer news, as it has stunted the  growth of Ethereum for a long time. Case in point, Ethereum’s 15 transactions per  second is too slow, which consequently increases transaction costs to a record high. It intends to develop a benchmark of a liquidity/ swapping solution that facilitates trades within the Cardano ecosystem and can be re-used for future projects as well. ADAX eliminates the indulgement of all sorts of intermediaries, complexities and avoids complex procedures to offer a completely decentralized way of trading.

ADAX is an automated liquidity protocol that facilitates trades within the Cardano  ecosystem in a completely decentralised and non-custodial way. Based on the desire to  shorten the network transactions and reduce costs of transactions, ADAX has been  designed without order books. The removal of intermediaries, complexities, and  cumbersome processes from the equation will provide users with unhindered freedom to  trade without censorship or loss of control of their assets. This is a complete departure  from what takes place in centralised exchanges, where users surrender all the controls of  their assets to the exchange. In this case, ADAX is projected to offer more transparent,  secure, and faster transactions.  

Smart investors have begun to recognise Cardano’s potential to challenge the status quo  of monopolistic and bureaucratic power structures within the world of crypto. Cardano  boasts unparalleled security, breakneck blockchain speed, and significantly lower  transaction fees, features that are seen to usher in a new DeFi era.

ADAX users will be allowed to make smart-contract-based trades securely within no time. More importantly, unlike the hefty cost charges charged by the Etherium network, ADAX users can seamlessly execute their trades successfully with just a fraction of Etherium's cost. ADAX is currently also offering an Airdrop programme where users can get a specific amount of Cardano coins when Airdrop goes live. ADAX focuses on the Cardano ecosystem since it is highly expected to be the all-new crypto standard-setter. Although the cryptocurrency has tremendous competition, Litecoin, for example, is a bitcoin offshoot, which is deliberately rising its value to satisfy the role of daily transactions.

ADAX offers a pretty satisfying fee model with a 0.3% swap fee distribution. It charges only 0.175% for the taker and 0.125% for the maker. Besides, there is no platform fee, and the entire amount goes straight to the liquidity.

07:50 02.06.2021
Clain Annie
BTC/USDT: Price Analysis


Bitcoin continues to trade inside a symmetrical triangle pattern as the bulls and the bears battle it out to establish their supremacy. Although the symmetrical triangle generally acts as a continuation pattern, it is difficult to predict with certainty until the price breaks out of the triangle.

The downsloping moving averages and the relative strength index in the negative territory suggest that bears have the upper hand. If the BTC/USDT pair breaks below the triangle, the bearish momentum could pick up. There is a minor support at $28,000 but if that also cracks, the pair could retest the $20,000 level.

This negative view will invalidate if the bulls push and sustain the price above the resistance line of the triangle. If that happens, it will suggest that bulls have overpowered the bears. The pair could then attempt a rally to the 50-day simple moving average ($49,201).

This level may again act as a stiff resistance but if the bulls propel the price above it, the pair will signal that the downtrend could be over.

05:49 25.03.2021
Smith Jasmin
Get perfectly drafted university essays from indigenous experts of Canada at cheap rates

If you are pursuing your academic degree in Canada, you might have to prepare multiple assignments on distinct subjects every week with an aim to reflect upon your understanding of a concept or topic taught in the classroom. Hiring a professional Canadian expert to take charge of these crucial academic write-ups is indeed a smart option but still, students often hesitate to order their assignments from professional portals thinking about the exorbitant amount of money they might have to spend. However, with the university essay help in Canada service by the Myassignmenthelpau platform, this won't be the issue. 

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The portal has launched an affordable initiative in the form of the university essay help service that recruits a team of Ph.D. or Master’s qualified essay writers from Canada who are capable enough to provide premium quality essays to students from different universities at highly affordable prices. Keep in mind that lower costs do not mean that we are compromising on the quality of the content added to your scholarly essays. We understand that students often work on a tight budget and therefore we have designed our price structure according.

Save a huge percentage of your money by hiring the university essay help experts from the Myassignmenthelpau platform

Unlike the other writing portals available on the Internet, the highly affordable university best essay writing service by the Myassignmenthelpau platform does not recruit random freelancers in their writing panel. All the researchers, writers, editors, and proofreaders associated with the platform are highly qualified specialists from distinct areas of Canada. They have once been in your position and thus are well aware of every nitty-gritty of the Canadian education system. They carry years of experience working in the academic writing sector and therefore follow all the guidelines and instructions shared by the clients to prepare a flawless essay in the shortest possible turnaround.

Canadian universities are pretty strict about the referencing styles to be followed while adding citations to the essays. Our writers are well versed with the formatting styles associated with distinct referencing patterns such as MLA, Harward, APA, Vancouver, Chicago, Oxford, etc. Apart from this, our eminent writing panel also assists students with essay editing and proofreading requirements to ensure the submitted text piece shines brightly through the lot.

You can also get useful writing tips from our proficient experts on how to improve your writing skills and approach the essay writing tasks more confidently in the future.

Striving to provide premium quality essays under all circumstances

We at the Myassignmenthelpau platform take strict measures to make sure students receive high standard essays that can easily impress their professors or mentors in the first look. The write-ups prepared by our panel are passed through a multi-stage quality check procedure to ensure every detail is present at the right position. The ordered university essays are prepared from scratch to meet the specific requirements and preferences of every individual precisely. The final draft of the essay is carefully reviewed by a trustworthy quality check panel that determines if every parameter set by the student at the time of order placement is met or not. The editors and proofreaders refine the composed essays thoroughly to ensure the delivery of a flawless text-piece to you. Although we do offer unlimited revisions or amendments facility, we rarely get any such requests as we leave no stone unturned to provide highly satisfactory outcomes in the first go itself. 

The success rate of our university essay help facility can only be determined by the number of students reordering their academic essays from us time and again. 

Communicate with our customer support executives at a time that suits you the best

The university essay help service by the Myassignmenthelpau platform comes along with a 24/7 customer support facility that allows the students to resolve all their writing concerns or places an order for their academic essay at any time of the day. Through our live chat mode of communication, we allow the students to get connected with our customer support executives easily and get their essays completed on time.

If you desire to experience exceptional rewards associated with the exclusive university essay help facility, visit our official website instantly. 

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Pawar Sanket Dipak
5 Of The Best Math Apps For Android

Math is a tough subject for many people, and this is absolutely understandable. There are plenty of things that numbers do. Moreover, there is a variety of different kinds of math, involving your basics such as arithmetic along with more intricate mathematics like calculus.

And people these days look for math apps for many reasons, but most of them are certainly educational. However, the large number of applications that are accessible today can make it a long process of experimentation to discover an application that is right for you.

Here are the best math apps for androids right now:


Brainly is a social networking app for students and it lets users ask any queries from homework assignments. And other users answer the questions with a proper explanation of how the problem is solved. Brainly works more than just a math problem solver.

However, we can come across a few problems because the supported education levels involve elementary school through some college level and it really depends on the the knowledge that users on the network have.


From basic math to calculus and trigonometry, Photomath is an incredible Android application to help clarify interesting mathematical sets.

It utilizes a Smartphone's camera pointed at a mathematical question, analyses the data, and offers a detailed step-by-step answer along with an explanation. It's a free app and has the fabulous usefulness of working offline when utilizing the basic central service.


Prodigy is another fun app to make learning exciting, and this is a free one, fantasy-based math game for kids to practice the basics of math problems.

And the best thing about this app is the reporting structure, making it easy for teachers & parents to find out and target the areas a student is having difficulty with. Prodigy is designed with elementary-aged users in mind, and there is a broad range of skill levels inside the curriculum-aligned app, making it easy to use for users from grades 1-8.


At number four, we have HiPER, an excellent scientific calculator app. This app should work fine for grade school and college-level mathematics problems. But, the free version of this app only features ten digits along with three exponential digits. And the premium version of HiPER increases digits to 100 regular digits and nine exponential digits. That’s excellent.

Furthermore, the other features include complex numbers, conversion among 200 units, support for fractions, and a lot of other stuff. HiPER is absolutely the best scientific calculator on Google Play Store.

Khan Academy

At number five, we have Khan Academy, one of the more traditional math apps on Smartphones. Khan Academy can let you review and re-learn math problems (and other subjects) in a course-like environment.

Furthermore, Khan Academy includes over 10K+ videos, 40K+ questions, and a lot of different types of math. All this includes basic, math, stats, trigonometry, calculus, basic algebra, pre-algebra, arithmetic, and much more. Also, you can take part in as many of the courses as you want to learn new subjects or as a refresher for stuff that you used to know. The best feature of this app is its price.

It is completely free to use forever and this makes it a must-have for math apps.

Tips For Selecting The Best Math App For Kids

The standards outlined below will help you to make sure that you select the best math apps for kids that will excite, challenge, and motivate your students and improve their overall math learning experience.

· Supports development

· Flexible learning

· Age suitability

· Price

· Engagement and user interaction

· Learning results

· Continual assessment and examination

· Supported by teachers and schools

· Rewards and positive reinforcement

· Improvement of creativity


09:40 18.01.2021
Thmas James
Why Do Students Choose My Assignment Help?

The demand for online assignment help is increasing day by day as more and students are enrolling in colleges. When students struggle with their assignment topics, then they look for assignment helpThis is because they will get several benefits of taking the online assignment help. In addition to it, each scholar has different reasons behind taking My Assignment HelpHere is a list of some common reasons.

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Mathew Emille
What You Should Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

We all know that passing through a divorce is emotional to many, but at some points, the only decision you have is to hire a divorce lawyer who can assist you to navigate through this hard situation. However, if you're intending to hire a lawyer keep in mind that there are many of them, but choosing the right one to fit all your requirements can be of the best decision you will make to get successful results. Hence there are some tips you need to consider to be sure that your attorney has enough experience to relate to your case. Therefore the guide will assist you to understand the points worthy before hiring a Divorce Lawyer Suffolk.

12:40 03.06.2020
Mathew Emille
What You Should Know Before Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Facts to Know before a Hiring a Divorce lawyer

We all know that passing through a divorce is emotional to many, but at some points, the only decision you have is to hire a divorce lawyer who can assist you to navigate through this hard situation. However, if you're intending to hire a lawyer keep in mind that there are many of them, but choosing the right one to fit all your requirements can be of the best decision you will make to get successful results. Hence there are some tips you need to consider to be sure that your attorney has enough experience to relate to your case. Therefore the guide will assist you to understand the points worthy before hiring a Divorce Lawyer Suffolk.

03:32 22.04.2020
LaborX: An Open, Borderless Recruitment Platform for Everyone

LaborX: An Open, Borderless Recruitment Platform for Everyone

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency has grown from a little-known technological curiosity to a global phenomenon. While everyone has heard about the skyrocketing crypto market, there is one aspect of the industry that is often overlooked: crypto jobs.

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