【2.15 token focus】SNT/USDT,MCO/ETH

We are glad to recommend the 2 tokens to you today as follows,SNT/USDT has climbed by 8.01% today. It had a jump-up this morning.MCO/ETH has climbed by 26.4% until today afternoon and has got the highest price in the past 3 months.

【2.15 daily news】Ethhub Founder: Within 3–5 Years JP Morgan Will Be Hooking into the Public Chain

Ethhub Founder: Within 3–5 Years JP Morgan Will Be Hooking into the Public Chain

1️⃣Ethhub founder Eric Conner tweeted and said, “Absolutely amazing how short sighted people are about the JPM news. One of the largest banks in the world is piloting multiple Ethereum use cases. OF COURSE they will start on a private chain. Within 3–5 years they will be hooking into the public chain.”

2️⃣US SEC Officially Begins Reviewing VanEck’s Bitcoin ETF Proposal

According to an official document issued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Feb 13th, the SEC began to sort out the “public comments” on the VanEck Bitcoin ETF that the Chicago Board Options Exchange started collecting on January 30, and set about reviewing the Bitcoin ETF proposal.

3️⃣Sacramento Kings: Using 5G, VR, and Blockchain for the NBA Arena of the Future

After experimenting with using Verizon’s 5G and virtual reality to bring NBA closer to its fans, the Sacramento Kings basketball team says it is far from finished with technology projects.

From linking a smart arena to a smart city, to exploring the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Sacramento Kings CTO Ryan Montoya says the team is dabbling in whatever it takes to improve the fan experience.

Celebrating OSN’s Launch Trade to Share 30 Million OSN

To celebrate OSN (Official Signature)‘s launch, Dcoin and OSN officially organized a trading competition with 30 Million OSN rewards. All OSN traders are welcomed, trading OSN while wining OSN.

Details are as follows:

EVENT Period I: 2019.1.24 ~ 2019.1.30.

Campaign One: OSN Net Purchases Competition to get 10,000,000 OSN Rewards

During the campaign, trading OSN/ETH pair on Dcoin, trader will receive rewards base on the ranking of Net Purchases (= Buy — Sell) :

Net Purchase Ranking Rewards

1 5,000,000 OSN

2 3,000,000 OSN

3 2,000,000 OSN

4~15 5% of net purchase amount

Campaign Two: Trade OSN Win 10,000,000 OSN Airdrop Prize Pool

During the campaign, user who trade OSN/ETH pair on Dcoin and reaching 1,000,000 trading volume(= buy+sell), will receive airdrop prize rewards that equal to 1% of transaction volume, prize pool contains 10,000,000 OSN. First come First Serve !

Example: During the event, A user’s transaction volume reached 2 Million OSN, will receive 20,000 OSN airdrop rewards.

Bonus notes:

Traders’ trading volume calculated into both of the campaigns.During the event, if there is malicious brushing behavior, the qualifications will be cancelled.Rewards will be awarded within 3 working days after the end of the event.Dcoin has the right of final interpretation.

Token Information

Project name: Official Signature

Token Symbol: OSN

Introduction: OSN ensures that users, operators and third parties have secure data. As the identity becomes clear, developers and third parties can use their data by connecting to the application. This will replace many corporate/national certification methods.

Time of issue: 2018/10/6

Total circulation: 85,000,000,000

Official website: http://www.official-signature.com

White Paper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PityC8lxCN_iyncPLAvzYuM1Vkoibxhl/view

Dcoin Launches SLK/ETH on 24th January

Dcoin will list SLK/ETH on 24th January ,please pay attention to !

Dcoin will list GFUN/USDT on 24th January!

Dcoin will list GFUN/USDT on 14th January,please pay attention to !

Malaysia will begin to view ICO as a securities regulator on Tuesday

Beginning Tuesday, Malaysian securities regulators will have the power to regulate digital assets and to encrypt currency transactions.

According to the Circular of the State Securities Commission (SC), the Capital Markets and Services Act (Securities) (Digital Currency and Digital Token) of 2019 will come into force after the announcement made by the Minister of Finance on the morning of January 15.

The Act means that token products and exchanges need SC approval before they start operating and must comply with national securities laws.

“Anyone who provides ICO or operates a digital asset exchange without SC approval is convicted and sentenced to imprisonment of not more than 10 years and a fine of not more than 10 million Malaysian ringgit ($2.44 million),” Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said in a statement. The Star Online report.

The committee also said it would work with the central bank to issue a complete legal framework for digital assets by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

The Committee explained: “The guidelines will determine criteria and best practices for the appropriateness of issuers and exchange operators, price disclosure, trading rules and customer asset protection.”

The agency said that entities dealing with digital assets should comply with AML/CFT rules and “network security and business continuity measures”.

However, Lim adds, “We believe that digital assets can be used as alternative financing channels for entrepreneurs and new businesses, and provide alternative asset classes for investors.” The Star reports.

Last month, SC jointly explained with the National Bank of Malaysia, the central bank, that the purpose of the new regulation is to “place digital assets under the supervision of the securities law to promote fair and orderly transactions and to ensure that investors are protected.”

These statements are somewhat uncertain about the regulatory status of encrypted currencies, not ICO tokens.

“People ask me whether encrypted money and digital money are legal or illegal. At present, the answer is neither illegal nor illegal, because the situation is still unclear. Malaysia’s territorial minister Khalid Abdul Samad said in a report on Saturday.

【1.14 Dcoin daily news】Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Face New Support Levels Following Today’s Drop

Bitcoin and Crypto Markets Face New Support Levels Following Today’s Drop

Bitcoin has failed to stabilize above $3,600, which is leading the crypto markets to now face new levels of support. Today’s downwards move has led many altcoins to plunge 6% or more, and they are showing few signs of major buying support near their current price levels.

Analysts have mixed opinions regarding exactly where the markets will find support, but there is a general consensus that Bitcoin will find some buying pressure in the low-$3,000 region, which, if this level is to be touched, could result in a bounce.


ICO Funding Continues to Plummet Amidst Crypto Bear Market

The latest statistics regarding ICO funding in recent months shows that investors continue to turn away from investing in ICO projects amidst the persisting crypto bear market.

The statistics, which were reported in the latest issue of the Diar digital asset newsletter, show that ICO fundraising in November plummeted to the lowest level of 2018.

Dcoin will list CPT/ETH on 14th January!

Dcoin will list CPT/ETH on 14th January,please pay attention to !

MZK/ETH (Muzika) lived on Dcoin, strength to open the digital music ecosystem, invite you to join!

【MZK News】

Dcoin will be launched on Jan. 9 at MZK (Muzika)/ETH. The MZK/ETH transaction was officially opened at 15:00 on January 9.

Token symbol: MZK

Currency Introduction: https://cn.dcoin.com/currencyIntroduce/MZK

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