12:43 18.04.2019
Gautam Anurag
Bitcoin Key Metrics indicate Bull Run Might Be Around the Corner

After 15 months of dominant Berish trends, key Bitcoin metrics and technical analysis of the market suggest that the Bull Run is taking charge. After 442 days of crypto winter, the technical analysis of key metrics along with the recent price rally where the majority of the altcoins gained in double digits has brought certain confidence in the market.

The technical analysis called Ichimoku Cloud looks into a number of factors including support and resistance levels. The analysis report suggests that Bitcoin was finally able to break its key resistance level of $4,200 to break into $5k price bracket after 15 months.

Analysts say that the recent surge was triggered by a number of contracts worth $500 million being squeezed on exchanges like BitMEX. Another theory suggests that the prices were triggered after an anonymous whale pumped Bitcoin on the market and it triggered several trading bots to execute trades worth of $100 million.

The market is also bullish because the surge was really quick and there hasn’t been much of resistance after cryptocurrencies broke their key resistance going on for 15 months.

The Third Bubble Cycle May Arrive Before the Next Full-Fledged Bull Run

It’s quite common for the crypto market to experience a market pullback after a price surge especially if the gains are more than 10%. Now many analysts believe that the recent surge in prices can also initiate a bubble cycle which has been observed previously on two occasions, both right before a massive bull run.

One bubble was observed in 2011 and the next right before 2017 price peak. On both the previous occasions the bubble was followed by a massive price rally taking the prices up to 10 folds.

The Market Sentiments Are Changing

Another indicator of the Bull run being just around the corner is the next Bitcoin halving. Historically the Bitcoin prices have jumped significantly a year before the halving of the Block Rewards. With the next halving scheduled to take place in May 2020.

All these factors combined, analysts predict that the next bull run might arrive next month, and the next key resistance for Bitcoin stands at $6,000. If Bitcoin can get past that, analysts say its prices might peak in accordance with 2017 peak price.

12:43 18.04.2019
Gautam Anurag
Is Cryptocurrency Really Going Mainstream?

Bitcoin (BTC) might be amidst a nerve-racking downturn, yet blockchain still is extremely popular. As per an ongoing report/list from Forbes, a portion of the world’s biggest corporations, including a variety of prominent innovation firms, have forayed into this space, unobtrusively tossing human capital and money at this advancement to discover something that sticks. Cryptocurrency might be in “winter,” yet as Forbes journalist, Michael del Castillo, commented, “business applications using the underlying technology of bitcoin (blockchain) is in early spring.”

As indicated by the rundown, fittingly titled as “Blockchain’s Billion Dollar Babies,” a portion of Earth’s most prominent firms are clamoring for blockchain technology.

A Brief Overview on the Matter

For example, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corp (DTCC), a record-keeping stone monument that stores and deals with the information of 90 million transactions every day, will relocate a portion of its offerings to a digital ledger called AxCore. The information to be moved to AxCore purportedly relates to $10 trillion worth of credit subsidiaries – more than 50 times the present valuation of all digital currencies, including Bitcoin.

Widely acclaimed banks too are joining the brawl. Forbes’ Michael del Castillo claims that Fidelity, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Allianz are together playing this technology, particularly with significant business variants of Ethereum and other corporate-friendly records.

For example, Fidelity recently propelled its Bitcoin caretaker for a select group of institutional customers, giving such financial specialists more reasons to buy BTC. FinTech firms are likewise communicating their love for blockchain. Merely look to Ant Financial, which is Alibaba’s PayPal-esque service, and Mastercard, who are attempting to use this technology to their good fortune.

Also, Silicon Valley giants have started trying their hand at Blockchain technology. It is too soon to tell whether they have succeeded or not, yet HTC, Google, PayPal, Foxconn, and Overstock all have wandered into this space.

Outside of finance and technology, blockchain has collected footing as well. CVS Health, Bumble Bee Foods, Maersk, and Nestle are among the “Blockchain Babies” to have utilized this headway for an option that is other than finance, retail goods.

Cryptocurrency Adoption

This is just fine; at the same time, a large portion of the initiative previously mentioned are revolved around companies and institutions’ back offices. Nonetheless, it appears that retail adoption of this unique innovation, particularly digital assets themselves, are around the corner. What’s more, this adoption might be started from plays from social media giants, first and foremost.

Recently, a South Korean social media and technology heavyweight, Kakao, with a clientele of millions, was accounted for to be soon uncovering its 44 million clients to Bitcoin through an integrated ‘crypto wallet,’ and blockchain platform.

In a comparable strain of news, there’s a rumor that Facebook may launch its own ‘basket coin’ for its millions of users in the coming months, all while Russian social platform VK has just propelled its very own digital asset.

12:15 05.04.2019
Gautam Anurag
What License Do You Need To Create A Crypto Exchange?

A Local Finance License!

Well, that was pretty direct to answer the question. But, according to the survey conducted by Decoin and PA News, about 90% of investors think that the exchanges licensed under finance regulatory are more reliable.

Crypto market is gradually evolving. Mining competition held by exchanges has completely vanished a few months ago. The crypto exchange currently seems to have entered the intermission with the occasional rights period. Recently, a survey released by the European exchange Decoin and PA News resulted in something unexpected.

The survey was conducted in a blockchain community of about 40,000 users. The effective questionnaires gathered showed that 72.7% had used the exchanges. The rest of the participants who have never used exchanges were accounted for 27.93% of the overall sum.

Also, it showed that 70.77% of participants were quite satisfied with the current exchanges, and 17.17% were not satisfied with the exchanges they have used. However, 12.06% of them were neutral.

Licensing: The Major Concern of All

Yes, licensing is has been found as the most concerning reason for people’s trust.

Indeed, security comes first. Then, the convenience and the extents of exchanging volume. The survey shows about 76.87% of participants are worried about the security issues of the wallets provided by exchanges. And, that they hope to use a safer platform.

Also, the participants paid attention to transaction fees, the number of exchanging pairs and the customer service.

Financial Services Agency in Japan

One of the crucial indicators that help judging the security extents of the exchange is, whether the exchange received a local finance license or not.

The survey shows that up to 90.47% of the participants are more reassured about licensed exchanges, whereas 9.53% of the participants think that it doesn’t matter.

Shay Perry analyzed that the transaction security was the primary factory and convenience was the secondary. These two factors are the primary competition strength for digital currency exchanges.

About 60% of Major Coins Holders Own Exchange Tokens

Bitcoin is known for its market dominance yet not the wildest among the survey. According to the survey, 36.89% of participants have major altcoins (Alternative Crypto Coins) and accounted for the biggest proportion of their total assets, whereas 32.71% of them have Bitcoin accounted for the biggest proportion.

That is, 69.60% of individuals mostly hold bitcoin and the major altcoins. 15.31% of the participants hold exchange tokens as main, and 15.08% of them hold less-known altcoins.

Even, investors are more optimist about the exchange tokens. In the same survey, 59.86% of participants already have exchange tokens. 24.59% of potential investors are looking to invest in the right exchange tokens in the future. Thus, 84.45% of participants keep positive sentiment for the exchange tokens, and 15.55% never intend to hold.

At last, many users recommended the exchange to strengthen the knowledge about trading and to offer more derivatives. Generally, the market experienced great downtrend led by the falling price of Bitcoin. It has yet wiped out the investors’ positive sentiment.

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