06:08 09.05.2021
Smith David
ARTDECO Launching A Platform For Digital Creators To Mint & Sell NFT Tokens On Their BSC NFT Marketplace

ARTDECO is launching an NFT Minting platform where Digital Creators, Musicians & Artistes can mint and sell their NFT Works and also a marketplace where BSC NFT tokens can be sold.

10:05 22.01.2021
Smith David
CFX Quantum – Visionary Approach, Trusted and Vested

Why are Industries so Quick to Adopt and Use CFX Quantum

Cryptocurrencies aim to disrupt. In fact, much of the primary value proposition that cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications hold is that they are tied to some kind of evolution, innovation, or revolution within the application to which they pertain.

That's why it is so intriguing to see that CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE are anything but such a disruption. CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE present a rarity in the crypto world in that this is a unification; something that traders have been calling for, if not clamoring for, across a period of decades.

This is wildly apparent in some of the successes CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE have seen. In a period of one month, CFX Quantum’s CFXQ Token has been adopted by seven different platforms: DIGIFINEX, LATOKEN, P2P, WHITEBIT, XT, COINSBIT, and, of course, their own platform, CFX Quantum Zeroone Wallet. 

It is obvious that the industry is recognizing CFX Quantum as an emerging player in the DeFi industry, and favorable ZEROONE trials show that future growth is on the rise, including rumors of a banking project. 

This has very far-reaching implications for those established within financial markets and people who fancy themselves traders—and perhaps it would be appropriate to say that, in an even greater sense, CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE have even greater implications for anyone and everyone looking to invest and make money.

The root of this thinking is simple: parlaying the strengths of quantum-inspired computing, the Fujitsu chip powering CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE optimizes trade. ZEROONE is a stable coin pegged in Euros with assets backed in Crypto, specifically USDT. By staking ZEROONE, any owner can be rewarded with a premium of 1% per month.

Something with that kind of value has to have risk somewhere, right? Is the platform safe? Who has access? What kind of security protocols are used, and is the team behind this platform yet another group of anonymous engineers?

The reality of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is much more transparent, simple, and secure, but there are so many competitors and other platforms that it is worth saying again that CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is more of a unifier than a disruptor. Here’s why: 

Access to CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is simple. Buying and storing tokens is as simple as any other platform, and you can even use other major cryptos to execute trades that guarantee 1% monthly growth.

Guaranteed growth is sure to turn some heads, which is why the CFX team has opted for military-grade security. Fujitsu’s pre-quantum speeds are backed by the best security protocols out there, so you can have peace of mind. This is bolstered by the visionary team behind CFX, led by 30+ years of experience in Marco Mottana—whose creativity and unique partnerships have led to constant results, so they can guarantee the premium of 1% with no risk on capital. 

Plus, any and all private information you store using CFX will never be sold and can never be accessed by any unauthorized parties.

The long-term viability of CFX Quantum and its service ZEROONE is assured due to the powerful nature of its technology and security. If you thought that mitigating risk entirely and guaranteed growth were dreams in a far-off utopia—know that they’re here. CFX has delivered.

07:12 08.01.2021
Smith David
The Whole DEFI Space is Turning to CLEVER CLVA for Big Money Gains

In the world of business and finance, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are surely taking over. And for many of the companies, that means taking their profitability quotient to a whole another direction. Later, cryptocurrency allows them to branch out to worldwide trading options. And so, a lot of the companies stick to the DeFi or Decentralized Finance protocols.

Among all the different options, the Clever is one of the most effective examples with high profits. Their DeFi system is highly usable and allows people to earn big sums of money. Not to mention, the CLVA Tokens are just another of its best components, and that results in high financial gains altogether.

The importance of DeFi space

Indeed, Clever, like many others, have taken to the DeFi tools to revitalize their system. And for the most part, it has worked in their favor. In fact, the traditional banks do give interest rates, but they are not as good at the cryptocurrency options. Thanks to the growth of DeFi, though, investors can gain big money, and thus, it is an important trend in Blockchain.

The usability of Clever CLVA tokens

Many investors turned towards using such assets after understanding the importance and good quality of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, it is not easy to get profits with it all the time. After all, the cryptocurrency market is not the most stable for all of its good qualities.

Most of the time, the market is very volatile; so, rate hikes and lows are very common and unpredictable. As a result, there is no expecting when Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency rates would reach a profitable level. Owing to this, investors cannot expect guaranteed returns while trading, despite the high functionality of DeFi.

Keeping this in mind, Clever issued their CLVA tokens and made them in a way that would challenge such problems. They are designed to give the users better opportunities to earn a profit. Plus, the CLVA tokens have other factors influencing them, like the Automatic Cycle Schedule and its DMM (Decentralized Distribution Mechanism). After that, these components help investors manage to gain high profits.

The 888 Cycle Schedule and how it is useful.

In the DeFi of Clever, the cycles that run are 888 in total. And they occur once each fortnight, and that is when the CLVA tokens generate. To complete the full combination of 888 cycles, it would take 34.15 years in total.

After the first year of completion, the Annual Interest Earnings after the first 5,000 CLVA investments might yield 14,353 CLVA. Or a total 307% compound interest rate. According to this calculation, the earning from CLVA tokens would be more than the Bitcoin investment over ten years or traditional investment interests.

Final say

It is important to note that while the Clever CLVA token profit is possible, the minting phases do not cross 30 days. So, one needs to buy the CLVA tokens at the earliest. After the minting period ends, you can buy new tokens from others or through holding the previous CLVA tokens as interest. Later, the interest rate would rise, and that would earn you financial gain in the future.



12:32 24.12.2020
Smith David
Holder Finance (HFI) Private Token Sale is Now Live

Holder Finance (HFI) seeks to transform the way you think about DeFi investments by introducing the first HODL-centric project built atop the Ethereum blockchain. You don’t necessarily think of HODLing when you think of DeFi. The developers behind HFI want to change that. The platform utilizes a combination of proprietary technologies and new business strategies to create an ERC-20 token designed to retain value like no other - HFI.

HFI Private Sale is Now Live

The HFI private sale is open to early-bird investors. Keenly, this event will include four rounds. Each round will see the price of HFI tokens rise slightly. The HFi token price for this stage of the event is 4,000 USDC. Notably, the private sale officially began this week after the launch of HolderSwap v1. Join Holder Finance Telegram group for more details.

A Unique Multi Token Strategy

To create the world’s first DeFi store-of-value token, Holder Finance needed to do its homework. This research played a critical role in the development of HFI. The HFI token functions like digital gold within the HFI ecosystem. 

This unique financial instrument relies on both fundamental economic theories and advanced blockchain technologies to accomplish its goal. For example, there are only 1000 HFI tokens ever to be issued. In this way, the token has the highest level of scarcity in the market. In comparison, there will be 21 million BTC issued in total. 

The HFI network is flexible and relies on multiple tokens to fulfill different roles. The HFS utility token also plays a critical role in providing functionalities. Users can open pools, pay fees, and trade HFS on the Holder Finance DEX. All HFI holders receive rewards in HFS tokens. These tokens can then be converted over to any token on the DEX.

Blockchain Ecosystem

HFI utilizes a variety of systems to provide users access to a complete decentralized ecosystem. For example, the network features a full DEX (decentralized exchange). Many people prefer DEXs over centralized exchanges like Binance because they are non-custodial, meaning they don’t hold your assets. Instead, they facilitate a peer-to-peer transaction. In this way, they are less likely to be the target of hackers.

The Holder Finance DEX will introduce four new exclusive features in the coming weeks. The HolderSwap v1 update brings with it a decentralized OTC Desk. The next upgrade, HolderSwap v2, integrates a HolderLimit protocol. These updates are followed by a Dynamic trading fee adjustment mechanism and the start of liquidity pools.  

Genesis Mining to Start in January

Another exciting feature to look out for is the start of Genesis Mining on the network. Officially, this option is slated for release in Q1 2021 and ends in Q3 2021. Importantly, this protocol will mint 380 of the 1000 total HFi. This issuance breaks down to 38% of the total supply.

Early participants in the Genesis Mining campaign receive a special bonus payment for their contributions. These rewards, plus your mining rewards, can be claimed anytime. Notably, HFi tokens are mintable through a staking process as well. 

The HFI Genesis Mining campaign will include three distinct stages. The first stage is the Bronze Mining campaign. According to company documentation, this event will last 60 days total. Then, in Q2, the Silver Mining Campaign begins, followed by the Gold Mining campaign starting in Q3 2021.

HFI - When DeFi Meets HODL

A quick glimpse at the tokenomics and overall scarcity of this token, and it’s easy to imagine HFI tokens meeting their expectations and beyond. HFI introduces an excellent selection of functions that could make it a strong competitor to top DEXs such as Uniswap. 

As such, you can expect to hear more about this platform in the coming months as more of its unique features go live. For now, interested investors can find out more information about the project here

07:27 19.12.2020
Smith David
DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) Staking and Governance is Now Live

This week, DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP) announced the official launch of its staking and governance protocols. DYP is a next-gen DeFi platform that seeks to level the playing field between regular investors and whales. To this extent, the platform introduces some new strategies to push ROIs to the max while reducing investor’s exposure to risks. As such, the launch of the platform’s staking and governance Dapp is a critical step on its path to success. 

DYP Staking Pools

DYP staking pools allow anyone to provide liquidity to pools and earn rewards. DYP differs from the completion in that all rewards are paid out in Ethereum directly. This feature is an industry first that helps alleviate inflationary concerns while building additional value in the Ethereum network. 

Additionally, all DYP staking pools feature integrated anti-manipulation protocols and 2.5% slippage.  These systems reduce inflation and encourage token price stability in the market. Specifically, the protocol attempts to convert DYP rewards to ETH every day at 00:00 UTC. When the price of DYP is affected by more than -2.5%, the maximum DYP amount that does not affect the price will be swapped to ETH. 

The anti-manipulation system then takes the remaining amount and distributes it in the next day's rewards. In this way, the protocol ensures that all pool rewards are automatically converted from DYP to ETH daily. Best of all, the system automatically distributes the rewards to the liquidity provider’s wallet. DYP currently supports multiple staking pools. Specifically, DYP/ETH, DYP/USDC, DYP/USDT, and DYP/WBTC pools are available at this time.

Governance Dapp 

The launch of DYP's governance Dapp is another significant step for the platform. DYP features a decentralized governance mechanism that promotes transparency and fairness in the network. Anyone can vote on crucial issues and upgrades to the network. 

Notably, the more DYP tokens you hold, the more votes you get. This strategy ensures that those who are financially vested in the network get their opinions heard. It also removes the risk of nefarious actors infiltrating the network.  

Deflationary Options

DYP leverages various deflationary protocols to promote token stability. Notably, these systems work in tandem with the decentralized governance model to provide a unique community-driven approach to the market. For example, DeFi Yield protocol (DYP) users vote on whether undistributed DYP rewards get distributed to the token holders or burned. They also vote on new liquidity pools, fees, and other vital upgrades.

Smart Contracts

The entire DYP ecosystem features an autonomous design that relies on advanced smart contracts to eliminate the need for any human intervention. Keenly, the governance mechanism ensures that the DYP community writes the rules for the network. Smart contracts execute these rules, such as the payment of rewards to liquidity provides autonomously.

DYP is Just Getting Started

DYOP has an entire DeFi ecosystem in the works. The platform will support various other functionalities such as mining pools in the coming weeks. Impressively, DYP intends to reward miners monthly with a 10% bonus from the pool’s ETH monthly income.  

Yield Farming is another advanced DeFi functionality the DYP users will enjoy. Farmers can stake their crypto assets to earn DYP via automated yield farming pools. The platform supports various farming pools, including DYP/ETH, DYP/USDC, DYP/USDT, and DYP/WBTC. 

DYP - Stake DeFi Tokens and Get Paid in Ethereum

DYP raises the bar with its new strategy. Paying out DeFi token stakers in Ethereum is sure to spur some interest in the market. Now, anyone can earn some free Ethereum by staking their tokens on DYP.

09:30 13.12.2020
Smith David
The Flaming Farm Token Presale is Live: Here’s How You Can Participate!

Flaming Farm is the world's first deflationary yield farming platform. It plans to revolutionize Decentralized Finance (DeFi) through the roll-out of a unique deflationary protocol.

The project's dev team is working to eliminate all the technical barriers from DeFi investing by introducing an advanced user interface that makes staking crypto assets a breeze. Investors can use this intuitive portal to monitor all investments by viewing past, current, and projected earnings with just a glance.

Flaming Farm promises to be the most advanced yield farming protocol to enter the DeFi market yet. Users will gain access to a wide variety of staking pools currently supported by the platform, including ETH, USDT, and DAI pools. 

Join the Flaming Farm Token Sale Now!

The Flaming Farm platform has just unveiled its highly anticipated public token sale event. Investors can now join liquidity pools by purchasing FFARM tokens from the Presale. 

To participate in the token offering, crypto holders can deposit up to 20 ETH to the project’s official ETH address (0xbb3fd6d1d804c19eb9cb1f9f43a27c8690df1df2). All participants are advised to use the metamask wallet or any other trusted wallet with ERC 20 token support to send ETH to this address.

Flaming Farm plans to issue 4000 FFARM Tokens allocated to 600 ETH at a presale price of 0.16 ETH. The event is scheduled to go on for ten days or until the hard cap of 600 ETH is reached. There is no minimum investment to join. 

Following the token Presale, all investors can get their FFARM tokens at the same address from where they will send ETH. All unsold Presale tokens will be burned after the Presale ends, followed by listing the FFARM token on Uniswap and FlamingSwap.

This listing will allow investors to trade their tokens on the world's largest decentralized exchange (DEX). Holders of FFARM can use this ERC-20 compliant token to transfer value in seconds. What's more, they get more flexibility in wallets, DEXs, Dapps, and exchanges since the token is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. 

Following the Presale, FFARM holders can participate in yield farming, where they can stake their tokens and earn a lucrative annual percentage yield (APY) from 100-500%, depending on the pool.

There is no locking time for farming, so investors can unstake and claim their farming rewards whenever they wish. Users will get bonus APY rewards in the first 48 hours. 

Combating the Risk of Inflation Facing DeFi Users

The dedicated team behind Flaming Farm is aware of the menacing issue of inflation in the farming world and has designed a DeFi protocol to solve this problem. 

Existing yield farming protocols frequently issue liquidity pool tokens to investors with the intention that the tokens will increase in value as the size of the liquidity pool grows.

However, this principle hasn't played out in real-life applications. As each new token enters the protocol, supply circulation quickly exceeds the demand, reducing the token's overall value. 

Flaming Farm plans to solve this inflation risk by introducing the world's first deflationary Yield Farming platform. The platform’s algorithms automatically monitor liquidity pool levels. If the system detects a drop in available liquidity in the pools, the network eliminates around 2.5% FFARM tokens from the pool. 

This automated burning rate serves as the first line of defense against inflation. The reduction in supply is instant, and the effects are felt immediately. By reducing FFARM tokens in circulation, the protocol ensures that the tokens retain their value. 

This unique burning system is designed to increase the value of $FFARM after PreSale and give DeFi users the peace of mind they desire. 

For more information:

Telegram | Website | PreSale Contract

09:51 10.12.2020
Smith David
Stratus: The Long-Awaited Game-Changer in the Social Media World

Stratus, the brand new social network with platform interoperability and revolutionary features, is set to make a name for itself by raising social media services standards. 

The project has carved a niche for itself by providing social media users with functionalities to chat, share videos, and do business, all in one centralized website. It is essentially a mix of Facebook, Tik-Tok, Google, Twitter, and Youtube, along with finance-based platforms such as Paypal, Coinbase, and Robinhood, all in one broad ecosystem.

The Stratus network will be launched in four phases, with the first phase already launched. The CEO of Apollo, Stephen McCullah, recently tweeted about the launch and stirred up a frenzy among social media enthusiasts by basing Stratus's announcement on the hashtag' ending censorship'.

The expansive social media platform intends to rid users of data integrity breaches prevalent in existing social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, often leading to user data getting tracked, sold, or distributed and later used for targeted ad campaigns. Stratus does not allow any sales or tracking of info as they believe the only person who should share their details.

Moreover, the project is also developing a censorship-free environment to serve as an alternative to big-tech companies like Twitter and Youtube that continue to propagate the unnecessary censorship of ideas and opinions. 

Another key aspect that Status is focused on is indiscriminate user verification. Social media communities like Instagram and Twitter currently offer verified profiles to famous persons. Users with fewer followers or aren't well-known influencers, politicians, or celebrities are often denied blue tick verification status on most mainstream social platforms. 

Stratus gives users the ability to identify themselves as legitimate people via a blue tick verification module, even if they aren't necessarily famous. This pioneering feature will make Stratus the most secure social platform where every user can be sure that the people they transact, share content, or communicate with are authentic and not scammers. 

Stratus is the Next Step to A Secure World Offering Freedom and Equality

Stratus cares about protecting people's right to speak their minds while also keeping their personal info kept private as well.

 It is quite unfair for anyone's voice to get subjected to suppression for no valid reason. That is why McCullah and his team have gone to great lengths to create a system where everybody can express their ideas and opinions, share content, and interact with others without fear of reproof. 

Data privacy is imperative when it comes to social media. A single security breach on such platforms that carry many personal data can lead to several scenarios, such as credit card fraud and identity theft. 

Fortunately for Stratus users, the confinement of data secured by military-grade encryption on the security-focused platform safeguards every user's information from hacking and various data phishing strategies.

McCullah's team also saw the need to integrate various popular social media features offered by platforms like Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram into one accessible ecosystem. 

This functionality greatly reduces exposure of login data as users navigate between multiple platforms. It also saves time and makes the overall social experience a lot more fun and effortless. 

The Stratus-Knox Partnership

The McCullah-led social media platform integrates Knox Pay attributes, a leading bitcoin transfer platform with technologies supporting offline BTC transactions. 

Knox WorldPay has a global agent network in various parts of the world, including the most remote areas in marginalized countries. These agents assist people to trade cryptocurrency from multiple stations across the globe. 

The Stratus-Knox partnership will foster crypto adoption across the globe and help the unbanked population gain access to much-needed financial services. 

What's more, Stratus utilizes blockchain tech to ensure cryptocurrency trading and fiat remittances are fast and secure. 

03:48 10.12.2020
Smith David
Flaming Farm PreSale is Now Live

The deflationary yield farming platform, Flaming Farm, announced its public crowdsale this week. The event starts on December 10, 2020, at 10:00 AM UTC, following the release of their smart contract audit. The presale price for FFARM tokens, the network’s native governance token, is set at 0.15 ETH. You will need a minimum of 0.5 ETH to participate in the event. Interestingly, whale investors are capped at 20 ETH. The network has a presale hardcap of 600 ETH.

Why all the Hype?

Flaming Farm is unique because it is the first deflationary yield farming platform to hit the market. Yield Farming is the hottest feature in DeFi at this moment. These peer-to-peer lending protocols utilize large liquidity pools to provide users with the ability to stake their idle crypto and earn rewards.

Users and new projects can then take out short term loans from these pools. These loans are repaid directly back into the pool plus interest. This process adds more liquidity to the pool and increases the liquidity pool’s token value. Consequently, users gain interest and the added appreciation of the token. 

Yield farming is an attractive option for new users because it doesn’t require any prior cryptocurrency understanding. Compared to trading, yield farming produces more dependable rewards and requires all-around less work. You don’t need to spend hours researching projects and market conditions to stake your unused crypto in a liquidity pool.  

Transform the DeFi Sector Forever

Flaming Farm improves on the yield farming model with the introduction of a deflationary protocol. This network was designed to combat the biggest problem facing the DeFi sector today, inflation. Liquidity pools issue tokens to investors when they stake. The more they stake, the more tokens they receive. 

These tokens are especially susceptible to inflation as there is no predictable monetary supply. Instead, there is a flood of new tokens in collaboration with mostly speculative investors. Together, these two factors spell a recipe for disaster in the form of run-off sales. Flaming Farm users escape this fate thanks to the intuitive minds behind this next-gen DeFi ecosystem.

Deflationary Protocol

Flaming Farm relies on a Token Value Control mechanism that automatically burns a certain percentage of the FFARM tokens in circulation based on the pools’ available liquidity. The developers have set this protocol to begin at 2.5% and increase based on the network’s liquidity. In this way, the system preemptively removes inflationary risks for users. 

Self-Fulfilling ROIs

Notably, a percentage of all Flaming Farm's network fees go back into the liquidity pools. The network charges a small fee every time users make transactions, trade, and stake in pools. This strategy creates a liquidity cycle that bolsters the platform’s pools and the governance token's value.

Vote on Key Upgrades

Flaming Farm follows the inclusive governance models found in most second-generation DeFi platforms. Users gain the ability to vote on all vital changes to the network. These changes include updates, new pools, and fee changes. To participate in the governance model, you need to hold FFARM tokens. The more tokens you have, the more voting power you possess. This strategy ensures that the voting majority carries the most financial risk. 

Flaming Farm - A Unique Opportunity in a Sea of CopyCats

A flood of yield farming platforms entered the market this year. However, none possess the powerful deflationary technologies utilized by Flaming Farm. In this way, the platform provides the DeFi sector with a better alternative to the status quo. 

For more information:Telegram | Website | PreSale Contract

05:08 19.09.2020
Smith David
How UAS Will Help Africa Secure Long-Term Economic Growth and Prosperity

Despite Africa displaying significant economic growth in recent years, the continent is still facing numerous hurdles towards widespread economic growth. In 2019, the African Development Bank reported that Africa's economy experienced a 3.4% growth -the same economic growth rate experienced in 2018. Nonetheless, the economic growth was uneven across the continent's region with Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa, displaying the most considerable economic growth. The top economic performers were South Sudan (8.2%), Rwanda (8.1%), Côte d'Ivoire (7.3%), and Ethiopia (7.2%). 

Although Africa continues to display significant economic growth, it's still far behind in the world economy. Africa is home to 17% of the world population but only contributes 3% to the global GDP. The World Bank reported that Africa was the world's poorest inhabited continent with its total combined GDP barely a third of the United States GDP.  

Several long-standing challenges continue to hold back economic growth. Despite the enormous potential in terms of natural resources, Africa has experienced European colonization, slavery, and exploitation of its natural resources by western countries. Economic instability was also made worse by the subsequent challenges created by decolonization and worsened by poor leadership. 

Nonetheless, Africa can still secure substantial economic growth, thanks to the United Allied States (UAS). UAS seeks to establish a worldwide, sovereign nation of states that will offer its citizens an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. UAS will facilitate economic growth by utilizing values that foster wealth creation and promotes the importance of individual freedoms and free enterprise. In Africa, UAS will undoubtedly elevate the high poverty levels by improving living standards via an all-inclusive economic growth. Here is how Africa can secure its long-term economic growth using UAS. 

Factors Limiting Economic Growth in Africa 

Like many other continents, Africa has always been concerned with achieving high and sustainable economic development. However, the process of generating sustained economic growth in Africa is faced with numerous hurdles, including; 

Poor Infrastructure 

Poor infrastructure is a leading contributor to low economic growth in Africa. Researchers at the Overseas Development Institute agree that the lack of infrastructure in many developing countries represents one of the significant limitations to the Millennium Development Goals' economic growth and achievement (MDGs). The return on infrastructure investments is quite lucrative amounting to 80% for roads, 40% for electricity generation, and 30-40% for telecommunications. Infrastructure development in Africa from 1990 and 2005 was the major contributor to the continent's improved growth performance between 1990 and 2005. 


Whether the impact of colonization in Africa led to the African economy's stagnation or growth is still contentious. Some researchers consider Africa's colonization by Europeans a crucial step in opening up the continent for economic development. However, the European colonization may have had the upper hand in slowing down economic growth by exploiting natural resources at low cost to enrich their countries. 

In Walter Rodney's book "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa," European nations imposed detrimental colonial policies responsible for many of Africa's modern problems that hinder economic growth. Colonization may have made Africans adopt a lasting physiological sense of inferiority and subjugation, creating a barrier for growth and innovation. 

Economic Protectionism in Developed Countries 

Economists argue that economic protectionism in developed countries hinders Africa's growth. Africa majorly exports unprocessed agricultural products, which usually fetch low returns in the international market thanks to high import tariffs and subsidies in the developed world. Also, African exports are less competitive in global markets due to state over-regulation, usually through taxation. Low competition leads to decreased returns, which drives farmers out of the market, increasingly undermining economic performance. For African countries to develop, there is a need to create a favorable environment for exporters to enhance exports' competitiveness in the global market.   

Poor Governance 

Years and years of corruption in African states marked by run-away theft of country resources have led to low economic growth levels. Corruption in Africa is at extremely high levels and predominantly consists of charging economic rent and moving the resulting corruption proceeds overseas instead of investing in the home countries. African countries, notably Zimbabwe and Congo, faced economic collapse due to widespread corruption with their leaders stashing the stolen wealth abroad for fear of being confiscated by their predecessors. 

How will the United Allied States Lead to Massive Economic Growth in Africa?

The United Allied States seeks to establish sovereign states in partnering nations. These states will function as convenient economic zones that will spur economic development by providing the necessary resources for economic growth, economic opportunities, develop infrastructure, provide energy, and essential resources. 

UAS was developed with the intent of creating economic freedom across the globe by enabling a free-market economy, protecting and preserving individual rights, and minimizing excessive taxation and government regulation. 

UAS makes possible laissez-faire market conditions, notably low regulations, low taxes, and empowering businesses to innovate and grow economically. Under the free-economy, individuals and companies in UAS states will pay 0% personal income tax and 0% corporate tax, respectively. 

In Africa, UAS will facilitate unprecedented economic growth levels by offering favorable policies and environments to stimulate economic growth. UAS states in Africa will limit government interventions, reducing politics, and guaranteeing individual rights for its citizens to prosper. What's more, the UAS states will offer better job opportunities for the unemployed African population to improve their living standards. All the UAS states will be interconnected with blockchain technology enabling a high level of transparency eliminating corruption.

The Bottom-line 

Despite Africa's economy being among the fastest-growing economies in the world, the continent is still undeveloped. Poor infrastructure, colonization, and years of run-away corruption have greatly hindered economic growth. However, all is not lost in Africa thanks to the United Allied States- an independent entity that seeks to establish a sovereign nation of states, each offering its residents an unparalleled level of freedom and prosperity. 

In Africa, the sovereign states will facilitate economic growth by increasing local economy investments, offering employment opportunities, enhancing infrastructure, and opening up the continent for foreign investment. UAS will enable Africa to secure its long-term economic growth to become a developed continent in the long run.      





05:06 19.09.2020
Smith David
Top 4 Blockchain Projects - 2020 Edition

There has been a lot of commotion coming from the blockchain sector in 2020. This year saw some of the most advantageous projects enter the sector in quick succession. Each of these projects contributes to the growth of the entire blockchain market as a whole. Today, this sector encompasses thousands of different cryptocurrencies. 

While many of these cryptocurrencies are just duplicates of other more popular platforms, here are some that stand out like a lighthouse in the night. These platforms are the brightest and best in the industry at this moment. They incorporate the most advanced technology in their networks have the level of support needed to push projects through with success. 


Apollo is the most advanced blockchain to date. This revolutionary protocol provides developers with a new level of programmability that was previously unavailable. Apollo was built from the ground up to cater to the Dapp development community. 

The first thing Dapp developers notice when they arrive at Apollo is that it has a very easy to use backend. This interface is concise and makes it simple for developers to conduct all of their construction efforts. Consequently, Apollo continues to garner more attention from the Dapp community.

Apollo is also great for those of you who aren't blockchain programmers. The platform allows any firm to issue and launch a token with minimal effort. Users also utilize this blockchain to validate digital identities and conduct atomic swaps. Atomic swaps are cross-chain transactions.

This flexibility hasn’t gone unnoticed by the market. The Apollo network has a myriad of government and commercial pilot programs underway. In this way, Apollo’s community continues to expand. 

In addition to its convenience factor, Apollo integrates a variety of top-notch security protocols to keep your assets safe, For example, Apollo is the only Quantum resistant blockchain available to the public currently. With Quantum computers approaching public release, this is an issue worth considering.

Investing in Apollo is easy and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Apollo is available on a variety of notable exchanges. One of the most popular exchanges to find this coin is at the BitMart exchange


GSX is another amazing project to keep your eyes on in 2020. GSX is the only stablecoin on this list and for good reason. It’s the only Quantum resistant stablecoin in the world. 

Unlike many of its competitors, GSX is pinned to Apollo Finances’ large gold mining operation. Considering the vast amount of fiat currency flooding the economy recently via stimulus packages, it’s safe to assume that widespread inflation is sure to follow. Gold is one of the best ways to avoid inflation. 

In fact, when inflation rises, gold prices rise sharply. Gold serves as a safe haven during times of uncertainty. GSX combines the best features of gold and cryptocurrencies to create a unique financial instrument that is able to store value and process daily transactions. Impressively, GSX has a transactions-per-second (tps) rate on par with national payment processors such as VISA.

Unlike other gold-backed tokens in the market, GSX investors hold true ownership over the entire mining operation, not just the gold bullion. This ownership extends to all mining equipment, land, and gold in the vault. As the value of the land and gold increases, so do your dividends. GSX is only available via pre-sale at GSXCDE.com. The firm has some aggressive discount of up to 50% on all investors. 


SUN coin is another project that has captured the attention of the market. This DeFi platform seeks to get in on the current yield farming craze. Yield farming is a decentralized lending strategy that enables regular users to lend out their crypto and earn sizable interests. In some cases, the interest equals 100% ROI.

The man behind the concept is none other than Justin Sun. He is best known as the founder of the TRON blockchain. As such, it shouldn't be a huge surprise to learn that SUN COIN utilizes the TRC-20 protocol. TRC-20 is the token standard for the TRON ecosystem. 

TRON entered the market with the goal to usher in the age of the decentralized internet. The company's CEO is constantly making headlines for his vocal support of the crypto community. Notably, Sun is the protégé of Alibaba's Jack Ma. Consequently, TRON has a strong following in the market.

Another interesting project related to the SUN coin project is the HyperSun blockchain. HyperSun is basically the test network for the SUN COIN project. The blockchain is set up to run with a faster metabolism in order to allow developers to quickly assess the effects of different governance protocols on the network. 

What’s really cool about this project is that SUN didn't launch the platform, a group of SUN supporters stepped up to create this testing chain protocol. Few coins have support to this extent. 


ATOM is unique in so many ways. For one, ATOM is the utility token for the COSMOS blockchain network. This network is more than just your traditional blockchain. Instead, COSMOS is like the internet of blockchains.

The developers behind this project seek to categorize and classify every blockchain in the market. Then, through the COSMOS ecosystem, allow users to easily search and utilize whatever blockchain best suits their needs. In this way, COSMOS plays a valuable role in the expansion of the entire market. 

Today there are more blockchains than ever. As such, developers have begun to focus a lot of effort into creating cross-chain protocols. These codes allow users to leverage multiple chains without having to convert over to the other ecosystem directly. 

Top 3 Blockchain Projects - 2020 Edition

Now that you know what projects really pushed the boundaries of innovation in 2020, you are ready to make a well-informed investment decision. Remember, always DYOR and stick to reputable companies and developers. All the projects in this list exemplify the spirit of the decentralized economy and are sure to see some healthy gains.

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