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Multi-Currency Wallets: The Definitive Guide for 2020-21

To own cryptocurrency and safeguard it effectively, it is necessary to get a reliable crypto wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a device or application that stores the owner’s private keys and coins. Having one is completely necessary because keeping coins on the exchange is not safe. There are several kinds of wallets in existence, like wlxwallet, all of them are designed to suit the needs of different kinds of customers. This article explains everything cryptocurrency users need to know about wallets. 

Why You Need One

The best way to understand what is a cryptocurrency wallet is through an example of a regular wallet. One does not go around with a fist full of bills, nor does he walk around with a bunch of rolled-up bills in a jeans pocket. Men keep their cash and cards in wallets, and women keep theirs in purses. This is the safest way to carry money around on the go. 

Cryptocurrency wallets have similar functionality. They are used for holding onto coins and conducting transactions, similar to how someone keeps bills in a wallet or purse and takes them out when needed. Wallets also store the user’s address, which is similar to a bank account number, except it is used to deal with cryptocurrency. Wallets allow users to view the balances of an address and move funds to different addresses.  

Originally, there were coin-specific wallets, but having one wallet for each coin was cumbersome for people who owned multiple wallets. The more wallets someone owns, the easier it is to lose track of them or lose the private keys. The solution to this problem was to create wallets that could store multiple coins and fiat currencies. Such wallets simplified the process of storing currencies and conducting exchanges and purchases significantly.

It is tempting to leave coins on exchanges and not be bothered with buying a wallet. After all, why go to the trouble of getting another app, downloading more software, or getting another device? People who hold onto cryptocurrencies only to sell them at a later date may be tempted to do this. They do not want to buy anything with them, only sell them when a certain price is reached. But even people like these need wallets. 

Exchanges can be very vulnerable to hackers despite every security precaution the exchange tries to take. There have been several high profile hacks of exchanges that show they are very vulnerable. 

Hard and Cold Wallets: Which Should I Buy?

There is a wide variety of wallets available, and some are quite inexpensive. Hot wallets are most popular because they are cheap. They are available for smartphones and desktops. Examples are the various mobile apps that provide these services. Exchanges can also serve as de facto wallets. The advantage of using them is that they are relatively cheap and straightforward, which makes them ideal for novice traders and people on tight budgets. However, they are targeted by hackers frequently. Also, if the provider goes out of business, it could be difficult to recover the funds. 

Cold wallets are another option for currency owners. They are not connected to the web when not in use, making it hard for hackers to get into them. There are generally three kinds of these wallets: 

Hardware wallets look similar to thumb drives. They are good for people who do not plan on using their coins often or only to sell them when they reach a certain price. But they are expensive, and if lost, it can be difficult to recover the keys. 

Desktop wallets are kept on a personal computer, working the same as any other wallet. Unlike a hardware wallet, this product is not likely to get lost because it sits on a desktop; however, it can be vulnerable to malware. 

Paper wallets are hard copies of all the information needed to access the funds. The most obvious advantage of this wallet is that it cannot be hacked. But still, it can be stolen. If something happens to the paper, there is nothing to protect the sensitive information on it. Always keep it in a fire-resistant safe and do not take it out except to make a transaction.

What Kind of Wallet Should I Buy?

Different multi-currency wallets accommodate the needs of different crypto owners. The three factors most people take into consideration are cost, convenience, and security. People who want to conveniently use their funds without any hassle should buy a mobile wallet. Mobile wallets allow users to access their funds more quickly than is the case with cold wallets. Make sure the app uses two-factor authentication. Biometrics, like fingerprints, is a plus.

Cold wallets are most suitable for people who want an extra layer of security and are not bothered by the fact they are not always convenient. People who buy coins during a bear market and then wait to sell them during a bull market should buy cold wallets because they are ideal for long-term storage. However, not every cold wallet is a good option for people with a tight budget or those who practice day trading. Those who want to find a cold wallet for everyday usage should find a Bluetooth compatible hardware wallet. 

Closing Thoughts

The bottom line is that crypto users need wallets to keep their funds secure, and they need multi-currency wallets to make storing their coins more convenient. Leaving one’s funds on an exchange is asking for trouble, and having one wallet for every coin invites the possibility of losing track of the keys. It is also important to do a thorough evaluation of what makes a wallet worth having to choose the best kind available. 

10:12 28.09.2020
Ethereum Crashing to $200: is it a chance for other altcoins to rise?

Ethereum is once again crashing after experiencing a massive hype-induced price recovery. After closing at over 400$, the popular cryptocurrency is once again struggling to stay above the 300$ support level.

There are many reasons for this. Some claim that the DeFi bubble is close to bursting. Others say that community trust is lost due to the repeatedly postponed switch to a POS consensus system (ETH 2.0). The market sentiment is slowly starting to show that the majority of people prefer to purchase bitcoins instead of waiting for ETH to reclaim its spot.

For that reason, in this article, we take a look at the markets as a whole, where Ethereum stands, and what this shift means for less popular cryptocurrencies. 

Enter Ethereum in 2020

2020 has been an eventful year for the whole crypto market. While ethereum was trading in the low 200s during the early parts of the year, it dropped nearly to $100 in the pandemic-related market crash that occurred in March. Shortly after that, the cryptocurrency literally “rose from the ashes”, surpassing the $400 price points earlier this summer.

By all means, the popularity of DeFi has made Ethereum more important than the previous years. Most DeFi coins are currently built as ERC20 coins, which makes Ethereum their foundation. And with Uniswap recently airdropping thousands of dollars to each of its users, we could see the more such coins coming in the short term future.

However, there is one event we are still patiently waiting for. An event that could potentially make Ethereum reach its previous peak price - that is Ethereum 2.0.

As we previously mentioned, the event has been postponed many times, and the network’s developers are still trying to figure out the final details before taking it live. In fact, the POS switch has been in the plans for over 4 years now and is currently planned to be released before the end of this year.

However the year is coming to an end soon, and we have still not received a definite date for the update. As such, many die-hard Ethereum fans are slowly starting to lose their trust, and look into different opportunities of more promising alternatives, like DOT (Polkadot) for example.

The effect on the markets

Ethereum has been following the trend of the markets, similar to most cryptocurrencies. As the market consolidates to find a new local bottom, so does Ethereum, even though positive news seems to be coming from all over.

But don’t forget that we are currently cruising through a bull market, which started more than a year ago when Bitcoin finally hit its hard bottom of $3200 (Ethereum was worth nearly $50 at that point). Ever since then, we are experiencing a recovery, with many new promising projects entering the market.

By all means, we still expect Ethereum to slowly grow towards its old peak price and breaking through it at some point. But until that time can come, we will have to look at the new market players, and place out bets on new, upcoming profit opportunities.

Which coins could benefit from it?

So, which altcoins can rise as a result of the recent market drop, which took ETH close to $200? There are many options really, and some of them are directly linked to the progress of Ethereum over the past bear market. We will limit our choice to 4 coins and briefly talk about each one of them:

Opportunity #1 - Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot was created by ex-Ethereum co-founder Gavin Woods, aiming to do for blockchains what Ethereum did for applications. The network allows everyone, even those with little technical knowledge, to create their own blockchain.

Taking from Ethereum’s reputation, and by constantly (and consistently) building up their offer - the team released Substratum 2.0 just a few days ago - the team managed to climb into the top 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap.

We’re excited to see what the next year will look like for Polkadot.

Opportunity #2 - Chainlink (LINK)

If you haven’t heard of Chainlink by now you must be living under a rock. LINK is a peer to peer oracle network that aims to bridge smart contracts with data from the real world.

Currently also in the top 10, the cryptocurrency was heavily over-hyped in the summer of 2020, growing rather fast from $1 all the way to $20 per coin. Ever since then, LINK has dropped to the $9-$10 area where it seems to be stable.

Opportunity #3 - Binance Coin (BNB)

Binance boarded the hype train by creating its very own Binance Chain to host new DeFi products. After seeing the positive response of the community to such high-risk products, and the growth of Ethereum over the past few months, the team launched its chain, which already has three Unique projects. 

Users of the popular cryptocurrency exchange can trade the coins of these projects and “farm” them to earn a high amount of interest.

Opportunity #4 - Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Even though ETC suffered three 51% attacks within August, it has not lost community trust. In fact, the popular cryptocurrency and its parent company (ETC Labs) decided to partner up with Chainalysis to improve the project’s security and rebuild audience trust into the original version of Ethereum.

We believe that the coin will experience a growth in price as a result of that and are waiting to see how the market will act in the coming months.

Wrapping up

Ethereum is certainly not out of the woods yet but we tend to think that this crash won’t last long. After all, the market is slowly building up momentum and we are seeing more and more projects (Dapps) getting built on Ethereum’s network.

This brief price drop may be the best opportunity that you have to stock up your moon bags and get ready for the eventual price growth of the second most popular cryptocurrency.

04:03 10.09.2020
The researcher found out how Satoshi Nakamoto was able to get so many bitcoins without a supercomputer.

Researcher  Sergio  Demian Lerner said that his work on Satoshi  Nakamoto 's activities had  reached a logical conclusion. Even with the initial opinion in 2013, the community greeted him with hostility. Opponents of this study argued that by attributing about a million bitcoins to its creator, Lerner would harm the further spread of cryptocurrency across wallets around the globe and ruin Satoshi's image as a generous developer. According to these guys, it is better not to touch Satoshi coins, both in the blockchain and in research. Lerner refused to support the version that a million bitcoins were lost due to the negligence of the first miners. After 7 years, he finally became convinced of Satoshi's motives and is probably ready to give up further research on this topic.

Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to have around $ 12.65 billion worth of bitcoins at the current exchange rate.

By the way, for myself, I consider the most reliable way to store the bitcoins in my "brain wallet".

1. For some small amounts, you can use the purse inside the crypt currency exchange by exchanging satoshi to usd or vice versa. We will buy bitcoin on the exchange. This is the most economical way, in my opinion. Buying in numerous exchangers and other services is not considered, because the price there is usually 5-10% higher, you can check the most favorable rate, for example, on my favorite aggregator www.bestchange.com.

2. We transfer dollars to the exchange

Currency translation   is probably the most important point in saving money. First, when transferring dollars you will be charged a commission by the sender bank - about 1%. Secondly, when transferring funds to the exchange, the recipient bank will write off a commission of $20-$50 from your deposit. And thirdly, the exchange itself when crediting funds may additionally write off 1-3%. In total, your losses will be about 5%.

However, if you choose the "right" partners and follow a number of special rules, you can make a currency transfer with 0% commission!

To start with, choose a reliable cryptographic exchange  with a free deposit.

In order not to be charged a fee by the beneficiary bank, you should NOT specify a correspondent bank when transferring. Even if there is a correspondent bank in the details of the exchange, you do not need to specify it, the money will come anyway. It is also necessary to attach the "Justifying Document" during the transfer, otherwise the bank will not execute the transfer.

3. Buy Bitcoin on the Exchange

A deposit sent early in the morning on a working day may be credited to an exchange account by the evening. Now you need to place a limit order to buy bitcoin. The commission fee for the transaction will be 0.16%.

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How to Use Math to Win in an Online Casino?

"Mathematics is the queen of all sciences", said eminent German scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss. Still, many people neglect its importance despite the fact that mathematics allows developing vital mental qualities. These are analytical, deductive, critical, and prognostic skills. And they will help you everywhere.

Gambling is also based on mathematical laws. All casino games follow the theory of probability. And until you reach the level of an expert, the casino will retain all the chances of winning. A naive player can spend endless hours at the table, winning and losing small bits. They don’t realize that as the playing time grows, the probability and size of the total loss also increases. Although the casino has an advantage in most cases, the understanding of math science can help minimize this advantage.

How to increase the chance of success?

Online casinos are becoming more and more popular, to make the right choice of a casino, take advantage of expert advice. Just take a look at the BigWinGuide.com platform, the New online casino section contains the best games with cool bonuses and instant payments that you can play and pay with a cryptocurrency wallet, the site contains only the best sites with the best payouts, most sites have no deposit bonuses.

For example, the site has a review of 888 casinos, a part of a "powerful" holding that has existed on the market since 1997. However, the huge popularity of casinos is explained not only by this.

The casino website offers an incredible (especially in comparison with competitors) number of gaming products: more than 200 slots, 40 types of poker, 50 types of roulette and 100+ collections of table games.

There are games with a progressive (cumulative) jackpot - which, by the way, for 2018 is $ 3 million - and video slots of our own production. 888Casino cooperates with almost all popular software manufacturers: Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, IGT, GamesOS, Random Logic, Cryptologic, and also regularly replenishes stocks with new developments.

The site's color scheme is based on the contrast of dark gray and soft green tones, which creates a pleasant atmosphere without unnecessary annoyance. Players note the convenience and conciseness of the lobby, easy navigation, clear graphics and speed of loading pages (for this purpose, the instant playback mode was used). For connoisseurs of spectacular and realistic gambling, 3D animation and live games are provided. The popularity of the site is also explained by the availability of free content: everyone can try demo versions, the game in which is played with symbolic points.

Game settings provide 2 display options:

·         Expanded (virtual) screen

·         Traditional interface labeled Action.

You can also adjust the quality of the video broadcast.The site is translated into 13 languages ​​and supports several types of currencies, which makes players from different parts of the world feel comfortable.

According to statistics, 26% of people from all over the world play online casino games regularly. But before you plunge into gambling, learn how to increase the probability of winning:

     analyze in-game statistics;

     understand the essence of the gameplay — test it in the demo mode;

     study the features of the game.

Nowadays, there are many types of online gambling according to Big Win Guide . But all these games have one common characteristic — a win does not depend on the skills of the player, but on the luck. Despite this, gamblers can still forecast the probability of getting a particular combination, as well as predict their chances of winning. It is possible thanks to mathematical calculations.

A lot in the gambling industry depends on the accuracy of the mathematical approach. Operators of gambling houses and, of course, professional gamblers are well aware of this, unlike those who rely entirely on Lady Luck. Here are a few mathematical rules that will boost your chances to win.

Mathematics and probability of a win

To understand the game, it is vital to know a few defining factors, the main of which is the expected value. Investopedia explains it as follows: the expected value (EV) is an anticipated value for a given investment at some point in the future. It only sounds difficult. In other words, the expected value is the main characteristic of any game, and it shows the average player's chances of winning. All casino games are designed in such a way that the casino has an advantage over the player. Thus, on average, the player will win an amount slightly less than they will bet. If expressed mathematically, the expected result of the game will be always less than 100%.

The reciprocal value of EV is called the house edge and is the casino’s advantage. House edge of 1% means that from every $100 the player bets the casino will take $1. The main goal of the player is to minimize the advantage of the casino. That is why you need to choose the right games and play according to optimal strategies. In these calculations, the increase in the bet is not taken into account, however, the calculation of the risk must be determined.

This brings us to the next term — the element of risk. Actually, it is the ratio of the average win or loss to the amount of money that the gamer uses as a bet. So players can compare different games in money terms, and find out how profitable they are.

There is a reason why the house edge is calculated against the initial bet and not the average amount of money. Let’s say, the player knows that in a given game their edge is 0.1%, then they can determine that the average win for every $100 bet will be only 0.10 cents.

One more mathematical notion in gambling is the standard deviation. It shows how much and how frequently the result differs from the average. The concept was created to determine the possible boundaries of the initial result of a particular game session.

Do not forget also that the well-known law of large numbers works in favor of the casino. The more you gamble, the more predictable the total result is. This law explains all the profits of casinos and slot machine owners. At the beginning of a gambling day, due to random fluctuations, the owner may even be at a loss. But by the end of the week, when thousands of games are played, the law will take its toll and leave the necessary part of the wagered money in the pocket of the casino owner. Usually, casinos succeed even more than mathematics allows — many players are inexperienced and make stupid mistakes. The exception to the general rule is blackjack and poker (especially, live versions). Here, the player's skills sometimes allow them to get a slight advantage.

Chances to Win the Lottery

With the help of mathematics, you can calculate not only the probability of getting a certain card or defeat. You can also calculate the odds of winning in a gambling game. Let’s see how it works for the lottery.

This indicator depends on two values: the amount of numbers available in the game and the quantity of numbers to be guessed. You can check your chances using this formula:

x numbers from n = (n) / (x) = n × (n - 1) × (n - 2) × (n - 3) ... × [n - (x -1)] / 1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × ... x

     n is the total amount of numbers;

     x is the quantity of numbers to guess.

Let's take a lottery where you need to guess 6 numbers out of 45 to get a win. What do we get?

45 × 44 × 43 × 42 × 41 × 40/1 × 2 × 3 × 4 × 5 × 6 = 8 145 060

The probability of winning the lottery is  only 1 in 8,145,060.

Math calculations allow players to increase their chances of winning some games. However, it is important to keep in mind that many casinos do not welcome such an approach to gambling. Some gambling establishments do not allow those who were exposed in the counting of cards, for example. Therefore, the use of mathematics in gambling should be wise and cautious.

05:09 31.08.2020
Big Data challenges in Finance Software Development


The issue of using Big Data not only in the financial sector, but in general, has been a logical pattern of technical and scientific progress around the world for over 30 years. The paradigm shift has led to the fact that modern managers and economists have to work not only with large amounts of information, but also with new types of data. The new file format processing will enable executives to make more accurate financial decisions to avoid potential business problems. These solutions are vital for business, as they allow achieving the goals that modern organizations set for themselves: increasing the value of the enterprise, increasing the investment base, improving the quality of the product and predicting future development. This situation in a well-functioning world system has led to the emergence and development of new trends in education, moreover, in the field of training financial specialists. Focusing on Russian achievements and Western research in fundamental and applied disciplines, it should be noted that a modern financier is increasingly integrating into the Big Data technology environment, for the competent management of which he needs knowledge of how to formulate queries. For this, the skills of working with search programs, using search operators, working with search robots, and most importantly, managing the financial software companies of any category are important. At the theoretical level, the future financier should study strategic, statistical, mathematical, systems and other types of analysis.

The main range of applications of Big Data technologies

The main range of this issue is the application of Big Data technologies in the financial sector, namely, how much work with the use of these technologies will increase the company's productivity, avoid risks and a possible crisis, predict and expand the capabilities of companies and its development. In fact, the competent use of Big Data can and is already changing the global financial system as a whole. It must be recognized that big data has become an integral part of the life of the global financial society. In these conditions, the task of universities is to train specialists in the skills of working with data arrays, the ability to competently form a request and the possibilities of using technologies.

The main issue, in addition to understanding the analysis and processing of data, is the understanding of why the financier works with these data, what result he can achieve. A modern finance specialist needs to understand what the essence of technology work is when it comes to Big Data. For this it is necessary to refer to the history of the development and application of these technologies.

About the past of real computers

In the middle of the 20th century, supercomputers first appeared, as it was believed at that time - computers that have the highest power in comparison with other computers. Typically, a supercomputer consists of several server computers connected by a high-speed backbone. At the same time, vector processing solutions were launched for the first time, then - matrix solutions, vector-pipeline solutions, the capabilities of RAM were expanded and much more. The entire modernization process was aimed at solving the issue of distribution, coding and storage of information. Machines began to be used in the control of technological processes in production, and copters have become an integral part of the work of almost every institution in our time. Also, in connection with the significant expansion of the scope of application of computers, the development of software also increased to a greater extent, since it was this that helped to correctly coordinate and control the operation of the entire mechanism as a whole. At the same time, these powerful computers were first used to solve economic problems, control production processes, and transfer information. Computing machines during this period were used mainly for processing large amounts of information and solving problems that are associated with routine processes in production. They facilitated the monotonous work of employees and took on complex routine calculations. These still not quite computers worked on the principle of batch processing, which, in fact, was the automation of manual processing methods. For the first time, the profession of a programmer became widespread, about which every second student now dreams. There was an understanding that working with these machines requires coordinated efforts of narrow specialists: economists, mathematicians, programmers. The economist formulated the problem, the mathematician wrote the algorithm, and the programmer implemented the algorithm. Supercomputers have evolved rapidly every 10 years. Small integrated circuits appeared, which significantly improved the characteristics of the first computers, such as the amount of RAM, speed, reliability, while reducing the required power, weight and footprint. And these are the main factors in the operation of the computer itself.

Later, there was a rapid development of real-time computers, which we are used to seeing now. In production, they are responsible for managing subsystems and processing central data about an object. Computers are widely used in factories, banks, financial companies, schools, etc. They are increasingly used in commercial data processing to solve commercially important problems for large corporations. I must say that this allowed a specialist who used computer machines for work at that time to combine the work of an economist, mathematician and programmer. However, it is obvious that this sharply reduced the efficiency and quality of work, since the implementation of this process required certain professional knowledge that could not be obtained in a month, it required years of training. In the last decade of the 20th century, broadband Internet appeared. Its main advantage was that it allowed to increase the data transfer rate, as well as to provide simultaneous transmission of several types of data at the same time. Do not forget that it had significantly more power, which helped computers to work several times faster than before.

Obviously, under these conditions, the amount of information received and generated has grown dramatically in an incredible number of times. In production or in the management process, not one, but several computers were also used. This has further increased the complexity of data storage, secure storage, and how to access it. Not only local networks have appeared, but also new media. Questions began to be raised about the reliability of data storage and the active use of simultaneously large amounts of stored information. Thus, two main approaches to data storage were formed: on an external medium and in the system. The organization's use of this data can be divided into three stages:

1. devices and systems with random access for actively used data - they are characterized by a short access time and the highest values ​​of the frequency of access and an acceptable cost of storage;

2. devices and systems with random access for periodically used data - they occupy an intermediate position in terms of access speed, capacity and frequency of circulation, already better than before, but I want to develop this business further;

3. Devices and systems with sequential access for long-term data storage - they are rarely accessed, they are slower than storage systems of the first and second levels, they have the highest capacity and the lowest unit cost of storage.


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Wie kann man die besten Talente in der Glücksspielnische anstellen

Wenn Sie in der Glücksspielbranche tätig sind, wissen Sie möglicherweise über die harte Konkurrenz Bescheid. Dies gilt sowohl für Glücksspielunternehmen als auch für Spezialisten auf diesem Gebiet. Casinos haben jetzt eine große Auswahl an Talenten auf dem Markt, und die Auswahl der besten Fachleute kann zu echten Kopfschmerzen werden.

Um Sie bei diesem herausfordernden Unterfangen zu unterstützen, haben wir eine Liste von Jobs zusammengestellt, die von jedem Glücksspielunternehmen in Betracht gezogen werden sollten - sei es ein Online-Casino wie Luxury Casino oder ein landbasiertes Spielhaus. Außerdem haben wir einige Tipps gegeben, wo Sie die richtigen Experten finden und wie Sie sie fördern können.

Online Casinos: Welche Experten brauchen sie?

In unserem ersten Abschnitt werden wir zunächst die Karrieren im Online-Casino-Bereich erörtern. Derzeit ist dieser Sektor beliebter und erfordert, dass viele Spezialisten in das Geschäft einbezogen werden.

Im Wesentlichen sollten Web-Casinos in Betracht ziehen, Mitarbeiter einzustellen, die für die Entwicklung der Website (Webentwickler, Programmierer, Grafikdesigner usw.), die Werbung und die Erstellung von Inhalten (Marketing- und SEO-Spezialisten, Autoren von Inhalten) verantwortlich sind sowie Support-Mitarbeiter (Spezialisten für technische Unterstützung und Kundensupport), Sicherheitsspezialisten und natürlich Live-Händler, wenn die Website diese Form der Glücksspielaktivität unterstützt. Das ist ein Muss für ein Expertenteam.

Dennoch dreht sich in Online-Casinos alles um Spiele. Der Erfolg eines Spielclubs hängt von ihnen ab. Hier können Sie zwischen zwei Möglichkeiten wählen: Erstellen proprietärer Spiele oder Partnerschaften mit Casino-Softwareanbietern. Wenn Sie sich für die erste Option entscheiden, sollte Ihr Team mit Spielentwicklern, Testern, UX-Designern usw. verstärkt werden. Wenn Ihnen die zweite Option praktikabler erscheint, sollten Sie nur mit vertrauenswürdigen Anbietern zusammenarbeiten. Dies sind Microgaming mit über 1000 angebotenen Spielen, Playtech mit über 600 Spielen, Realistic Games mit über 600 Spielen und andere. Die vollständige Liste finden Sie im Echtgeld-Casino-Blog von Rhyker Hackarry.

Es würde auch nicht schaden, sich um die regulatorische Seite zu kümmern, wenn es darum geht, Lizenzen zu erhalten und die Gesetze der Regierung einzuhalten. Um mit all diesen rechtlichen Dingen fertig zu werden, werden die Casinos wahrscheinlich Experten wie Wirtschaftsprüfer, PR-Berater, Steuer- und Lizenzvertreter, Compliance-Beauftragte und Technologie- Kontrolleure einstellen. Diese Experten werden einem Web-Casino sicherlich helfen, ein sicherer und zuverlässiger Ort für Glücksspiele zu werden. Aber wo sollte man sie finden?

Da die meisten Unternehmen und Spezialisten online gegangen sind, sollte es keine große Sache sein, die richtige Person für Ihr Unternehmen zu finden. Es gibt viele freiberufliche Websites und spezielle Jobplattformen wie Upwork oder Indeed. Sie können sie verwenden, um die besten Talente für Ihr Online-Casino-Geschäft einzustellen. Sie müssen lediglich eine relevante Bewerbung erstellen oder bestimmte Wortkombinationen wie "Webentwickler", "SEO-Spezialist", "Spezialist für technischen Support" usw. in der Suchleiste verwenden.

Personal für landbasierte Casinos

Hier konzentrieren wir uns auf die für landbasierte Spielhäuser erforderlichen Jobs. Alle haben ihre Online-Alternativen.

Es ist schwer vorstellbar, dass ein Casino ohne Händler an den Tischen, Casino-Manager, Sicherheitsbeauftragte und Spielinspektoren die Fairness des Prozesses gewährleistet und sicherstellt, dass die Regeln eingehalten werden. Auch ein stationäres Glücksspielhaus kann nicht ohne Casino-Gastgeber auskommen. Sie kümmern sich um High Roller, wodurch sie länger bleiben und weiterhin Wetten platzieren.

Und natürlich bieten traditionelle Spielhäuser zahlreiche Gastfreundschaft-Dienstleistungen. Daher sollten Sie in Betracht ziehen, Empfangsmitarbeiter zu beschäftigen, die die Gäste treffen, Kellner und Kellnerinnen, die kostenlose Getränke und Erfrischungen verteilen, Barkeeper und sogar Köche. Diese Jobs sind jedoch optional. Es hängt alles von Ihren Plänen und Ansichten ab, wie Ihr Casino aussehen sollte.

Möglicherweise besteht auch ein Bedarf an Experten wie einem Schulungsspezialisten oder einem Suchtmentor. Der erste ist für die Schulung von Händlern, Kontrolleuren, Wartungspersonal und allen Mitarbeitern verantwortlich, die vor der Übernahme ihrer Aufgaben geschult werden müssen. Der zweite Spezialist kann Einzel- und Gruppensitzungen für Spielsüchtige durchführen. Natürlich ist es nicht unbedingt erforderlich, sie anzustellen, aber Sie könnten die Vorteile solcher Spezialisten in Ihrem Team nutzen.

Wenn Sie über die Beschäftigung selbst sprechen, fragen Sie sich vielleicht, wie Sie solche qualifizierten Experten finden können. Und hier sind einige Vorschläge dazu:

1. Sie können sich einfach an Personalagenturen wenden, die sich um die Suche nach qualifizierten und zuverlässigen Kandidaten kümmern.

2. Sie können Leute einstellen und vor Ort schulen. Der Vorteil eines solchen Ansatzes besteht darin, Mitarbeiter zu schulen, die mit Ihren individuellen Anforderungen vertraut sind und diese erfüllen können.

3. Eine weitere Möglichkeit besteht darin, Freelance- oder Job-Websites zu besuchen (genau wie im vorherigen Abschnitt erwähnt) und zu versuchen, Ihre zukünftigen Kandidaten dort zu finden.


In diesem Artikel haben wir über die Jobs berichtet, die normalerweise vom Glücksspielmarkt verlangt werden. Außerdem haben wir versucht, Ihnen einige Tipps zu geben, wie Sie das erforderliche Personal einstellen können. Wir hoffen, dass es für Sie informativ und hilfreich war und Sie die Antworten auf Ihre aktuellen Fragen erhalten haben.

03:32 22.04.2020
LaborX: An Open, Borderless Recruitment Platform for Everyone

LaborX: An Open, Borderless Recruitment Platform for Everyone

Over the past several years, cryptocurrency has grown from a little-known technological curiosity to a global phenomenon. While everyone has heard about the skyrocketing crypto market, there is one aspect of the industry that is often overlooked: crypto jobs.

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