08:05 15.01.2021
Abrar Myrah
5 Ways Blockchain Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives and changed the whole definition of banking and investing for businesses. There are new and different types of techniques changing the world day, and Blockchain is one of the immensely popular strategies right now. It is a specific type of database that stores information in blocks that are further chained together.

It might seem like a complex technique to you, but it's meant to store large amounts of data that is accessible to several users at the same time. Blockchain Marketing helps change the stigma attached to advertising and online transactions. As it collects information to be accessed by every user, every customer's journey is more personalized and transparent, as it guarantees that a real customer saw an ad.

Blockchain Marketing is done by giving users the option to sell their data to different advertisers with the help of media contracts and distributes the data to different platforms safely. Here's how it can help small businesses; 

1. Improved Security and Privacy

With every online platform changing its privacy policies and personal data being exchanged all over, users are wary of using online services now. People have become aware of all the risks that come with shopping from an online store and demand high-level confidentiality before sharing information.

With blockchain marketing, user data and financial information is never compromised because there's an increased level of security and privacy. Small businesses can profit from this by providing safety to every user and keeping all their data safe.

Blockchain networks have been designed in a way that they can't be hacked. Once the information is stored, it cannot be removed or edited in any way. There have been a lot of scandals where huge businesses have been exposed to tampering with customer's data so small businesses can gain more popularity with the help of customer loyalty.

2. Better Advertisement Campaigns

No business can survive if there's no awareness regarding the products and services they are offering. People spend a lot of money on different marketing campaigns to make sure they can reach out to every corner of the world. If you're not reaching out to the right audience, you can't survive in the highly competitive marketing domain.

Small businesses can get a kick-start and use blockchain marketing to create better campaigns that target specific audiences. Its technology can identify spam and bots and monitor every move of their users to improve advertisement.

Blockchain marketing only focuses on providing actual results and better use of the customer's data. It helps you figure out where most of your online traffic is coming from and how to utilize the stored information to increase profitability for your brand.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Nothing helps a business grow more than giving your users several options to choose from. Most of the time, people will go online shopping and won't have access to conventional payment methods everywhere. You never know who's sitting behind a computer screen trying to pay for Carpet cleaning London

With the help of blockchain marketing, there are multiple ways to make transactions instead of only credit cards. It helps customers have trust in a small business and doesn't restrict them to only one payment option. Blockchain transactions are quicker and way more secure than most online payment options.

Small businesses can gain customers from different parts of the world because they offer any kind of payment option that is suitable for different types of audiences. Hence, this not only promotes a business but expands the horizon as well.

4. Anonymous Shopping

 Due to the increase in data leaks and privacy breaches, people have become paranoid about sharing any kind of information online. Customers don't feel safe sharing personal and payment details when they're online shopping because they're constantly at risk. A lot of them have complained that they fear being watched when they log on to different web browsers and avoid making any purchase.

Small businesses can offer the option of anonymous shopping with the help of blockchain technology. It helps online retailers and users to stay completely transparent in the middle of any transaction and keeps their data secure. Businesses only have access to data with the user's consent and can't exchange it between third-parties.

5. No Middlemen Involved 

As mentioned above that blockchain technology helps both the marketers and buyers stay anonymous; there is no need for any middlemen to be involved. When you're running a small business, it can be very hard to promote your brand because every promoting campaign costs a lot of money.

With the help of blockchain marketing, the stored user information is used to create personalized ads only for specific audiences. It's a great tactic if you have a low budget and you don't have to involve any other party to promote your brand for you.

Customers have often complained that they got cheated on because of online ads, and when there are outside elements involved in your business handlings, customers lose their trust. Therefore, because of blockchain marketing, businesses don't feel the need to hire anyone else to do the job for them, and every information stays safe.

Takeaway – Blockchain Marketing is the Future

Incorporating blockchain marketing into your small businesses can help them grow on an insane level as it has everything to offer. A customer needs reliable and trustworthy sources and payment options that they are comfortable to choose from; all this can be achieved with the help of new and improved technology.

Every purchase and transaction are proved to be safe and secure, and information stays where it's meant to be. The core concept might seem complicated to you, but with the ever-increasing number of competitors, it's a good investment to rely on blockchain marketing and secure your business's future as well.

As the tech industry grows day by day, there are more techniques that are affordable and convenient for use. Small businesses can transform their entire domain with the help of this technology.

07:16 30.12.2020
Abrar Myrah
Covid-19: Employees May Hate Their Jobs-But They're Not Going to Quit

Since the outbreak of covid-19 and the enforcement of lockdowns, many people are facing an on-pour of challenges in many aspects of their lives. One big change in everyone's life is work from home.

Whether you work for a newspaper or a software company, in 2020, everyone is working from home. Maintaining jobs from homes while managing families is a challenge for men and women alike.

 Some hate it, others barely tolerate it, but despite not liking it, they still have to do it—especially those who are the only breadwinner in their households.

Here are reasons as to why most people hate their jobs but don't leave them:

1.    Job Security

Most employees want to feel valued by their company and know that their positions in their jobs are secure. This encourages them to work better as they don't have to worry about the future of their jobs. When the pandemic hit, several companies had to suspend business and, sadly, say goodbye to a large chunk of their staff. If you're one of those people who still have a paying job during the global crisis, then you're one of the lucky ones.

But maybe you had plans for a career change? Maybe you wanted to quit and start your own business? Maybe you wanted a break? All those plans are now down the drain since the pandemic hit. Now the main reason you're still cooperating with your employers is that it offers a level of security that many others aren't privy to at this time.

Job security serves as a motivational factor, especially during the novel Coronavirus, because people have a steady flow of income to keep their households running. People are settling for the fact that their bank accounts aren't drying up, so they're fine living as unhappy professionals for a little longer.

2.  Job Hunting With A Back-Up Plan

One of the biggest issues during the pandemic for people is their need for financial stability. With so many small businesses shutting down, people have little to no options for jobs. People don't quit their jobs because they have no other back-up plans, and losing this kind of security may lead to consequences.

Because of your job, you're able to keep on earning and saving money, which could be desperately needed in-case of emergencies. If you're planning on starting your own business, this job's paycheck can go into a bank account specifically for your starting funds. That's why it's important to make sure that you're still earning from your first job before you start something new.

It makes sense as well; most people don't quit their jobs until they have another opportunity lined up.

3.  It Keeps Them Busy

During the lockdown, when employees are locked in the four walls of their homes, their jobs are the only thing that helps them stay occupied and gives them something to do. Because of this, they can stay productive, creative, and motivated.

This can also help them keep their thinking process active and prevent them from getting depression or anxiety. It's a way of reminding yourself that you're moving forward and not letting the circumstances get the best of you. It helps you keep your thoughts in control as you're not feeding negativity into your mind and letting them ruin your sense of confidence.

4.  Accumulate Experience

Your job helps you to increase your experience in that specific field. This can help you become proficient and gain sufficient skills to get closer to your career path. You can choose more projects that require you to work more independently; this will increase your chances of getting promoted or getting a raise.

Having years of experience under your sleeve is also great when you're job hunting for better opportunities in the same industry or field. Employers will consider you as top talent when you've got valuable experience under your belt, and some may even approach you on your own.

You might be sulking at the moment, but the experience counts in the long-term, and it can even help you escape some horrible bosses in the future.

5.  Fear of Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone

Most employees don't quit their jobs out of fear that they'll have difficulty learning something new if they do end up getting hired. Mainly because starting someplace new always feels daunting, and given the current circumstances with us being confined to our homes, it might be challenging to get familiar with the new work culture.

Whether you're a man or a woman, starting work at a new job can feel incredibly overwhelming. Maybe you're worried that you won't be able to fit into a new team, or perhaps you think you're under-qualified for the job. Not being good enough for a position is another reason people don't quit their jobs, as they fear that if the new employer isn't happy with their work, they might terminate them.

Similarly, the minimum wage is another contributing factor to why people settle with their current jobs, even when they're unsatisfied. When the pandemic was at its peak, many employers reduced salaries by 25% or more, which was quite a hit for the employees. Even the companies that were hiring during COVID-19 were offering lowered wages.

Therefore, those who were contemplating leaving their jobs had to suck it up and stay put in their current jobs. 

Takeaway – Employees are After Job Security in 2020

This year has become a trying time for people all around the globe. Earning a livelihood is a necessity that no person can neglect. Even though the pandemic has affected the lifestyle of many around the globe, we should still try to adapt to it with enough dedication and hard work.

If your issue with your job is your needy colleagues, then maybe try to implement some boundaries, so people don't take your efforts for granted and burn you out. Naturally, there will be some whining and a lot of questions, but if it makes you feel better about your job, then so be it.







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