Biconomy Exchange Token BIT Launch - $50,000 Airdrop, Roadmap and Listing on PancakeSwap

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving and new crypto assets are continually entering the market. However, the very own tokens of cryptocurrency exchanges on the market are rare and they have high potential and growth prospects due to the development of the exchanges themselves.

“Biconomy.com is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2019 with headquarter in Canada and representative offices in the UK, Russia, and the CIS, South Korea, Japan. The exchange provides a professional and secure trading experience to 300K+ registered crypto traders spread around the world through its quality and comprehensive cryptocurrency products and services. ”

So now, a new official token from the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange Biсonomy.com with the BIT symbol is entering the public market. The BIT token has a very large list of its use cases and benefits, which makes it a very promising asset for investment.

With the goal of forming a strong global community, Biconomy exchange organized a massive $50,000 prize airdrop on the leading crypto asset tracking platform Coinmarketcap.

To receive the BIT token for free, crypto investors need to complete simple tasks specified in the airdrop conditions. The airdrop will last for 20 days - there is enough time to take part and the award of $50,000 will be shared by 10,000 winners.

Marketers Move Deeper Into Mobile Games

The inclusion of mobile games in this year's Super Bowl commercial lineup demonstrates that the sector is advancing, which provides a significant potential for advertisers.

Three mobile gaming companies spent a lot of money ($4.5 million for a 30-second spot) to air commercials during the big game: “Clash of Clans” hired Liam Neeson to star in its Super Bowl ad; “Game of War: Fire Age” released a Kate Upton-led commercial; and “Heroes Charge,” despite not having a celebrity endorsement, bought 15 seconds of air time featuring an animated fight scene.

It is a clear sign of things to come, as corporations will look into the growing popularity of mobile gaming to advertise. We are bound to see more adverts even as we play online pokies and other casino games.

“The fact that three Super Bowl advertisers were mobile gaming companies is a clear indicator that mobile is becoming the predominant platform for games, that there is a mass audience for mobile games, and that there is big money to be made from mobile games,” says Richard Guest, North America at Tribal Worldwide president. “Advertisers will pay more and more attention to the mobile gaming space because of the mass audience and because consumers’ appetite for new mobile games would indicate an opportunity to introduce branded content into the space.”

Guest's agency has created a smartphone game called "DXM Labworks" for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) to raise awareness about the dangers of dextromethorphan misuse (commonly known as DXM, a cough syrup component) among 14- to 19-year-olds.

“Because the ‘DXM Labworks’ campaign was intended to both change an existing behavior and educate teens about the social consequences associated with cough syrup abuse, mobile gaming was an intriguing tactic to explore. It’s also proving to be an extremely effective channel,” he explains.

However, mobile gaming is no longer limited to teens. According to Tuong Nguyen, lead analyst at Gartner's Consumer Technology and Markets Research division, it has expanded across all age and gender groups.

“[Mobile] gaming isn’t just limited only to a sub-segment of younger males anymore. It’s expanded to women, older demographics, parents – just about everyone,” Nguyen says.

However, when it comes to incorporating mobile gaming components into marketing campaigns, businesses must keep in mind that games are not advertisements, and they must ensure that their message flows smoothly into a gaming environment, according to industry experts.

“Integrating into the context of the game is key,” says Paul Marobella, head of Havas Worldwide Chicago Group, adding that a brand's value may be aligned with the game's outcomes.

“As gamers earn rewards through whatever game they are playing, a brand can reward them with brand-related swag – whether it’s Sour Patch Kids offering buy one get one free after an achievement is scored or a theoretical integration where a tire brand like Firestone could be earned as a driving gamer up-levels. Having this level of contextual, demographic, and cultural relevance will prove to be the best way for brands to see results from the world of mobile gaming,” Marobella notes.

When it comes to mobile games, Paul Munkholm, head of strategy at digital firm Kettle, says that companies must ensure that the idea and experience they aim to provide are ones that their customers would like.

“Creating a game that breaks through like ‘Clash of Clans’ and ‘Candy Crush’ takes a great amount of time and investment. And these games have raised the bar for users. So if a company were to release a subpar branded gaming experience, it may turn off users,” he says

Gekkoin structured deposits. Invest in Bitcoin and make three-four times more money than on bank deposits - with capital protection

In 2020 Gekkoin company has launched a new product - structured crypto deposits. With this product users can now make safe investments in Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) with a predetermined level of risk and get higher returns than offered by traditional bank deposits.

In 2020 Gekkoin cryptocurrency and investment platform entered the market with a new product - structured crypto deposits - that took the best out of two worlds, crypt and traditional investing. It is a ready-made solution that provides users with a possibility to earn many times more than on bank deposits but not risk the same as when buying cryptocurrency on their own.

Gekkoin’s clients open a deposit in a stable currency which is called Gekkoin Europe and is pegged to euro (1 EURG = 1 euro). At the same time deposits are pegged to the rates of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH or XMR). It means that the final income depends on behaviour of the chosen cryptocurrency on the market. In addition, users manage the risk/returns parameters themselves and are able to choose the most appropriate strategy.

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