01:45 31.01.2022
York Alberte
The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiring IDO Development Services

The IDO development services bestow numerous chances for new investors and entrepreneurs to generate revenue. The IDO platform (initial DEX offering) is a novel fundraising approach based on blockchain technology. IDOs are obtained through decentralized exchanges and are supported by distributed ledger technology to protect digital assets. On the IDO platform, consumers have complete sovereignty over their digital assets.

Talking About the Do’s 

Seek Counsel from the Industry Professionals

You want to find out what other people are saying about the person, product, or the Initial DEX Offering development you're contemplating, similar to checking references on a potential job or reading reviews on a new piece of technology you're considering acquiring for the office.

Understand The Specialties of Team

There are a lot of wonderful development companies and a lot of competent developers out there. Every company or team has something that distinguishes them from the competition and contributes to the achievement of specific customer objectives. Find out what makes the firm you're considering unique or distinct, and how it may or may not help your company.

Talking About the Don’ts 

Don’t just Go for Development Services!

Initial Dex offering is an all-inclusive process, comprising marketing, strategizing, and other processes (as well). It’s always ideal and cost-effective to hire everything in a package rather than independently. 

You never want to talk to just one IDO development company when getting quotes for developing an IDO token launchpad. Take your time, conduct in-depth conversations, compare different organizations, and make the best selection for your company overall.

Don’t Forget That IDO Development is much more than just Development!!

One of the most common mistakes companies wanting to engage in custom software development services make is focusing solely on the engineering side of the process. There's a lot more to great software development than meets the eye. To acquire a comprehensive tailored solution, find a team that is talented in design, product, and process.


We hope that some of these pointers may be useful as you embark on your custom software adventure. Entrepreneurs seeking capital for their projects can leverage the Initial DEX Offering development services instantly!

10:26 20.01.2022
York Alberte
IDO Marketing 101: A no-frills Guide for Beginners

It’s an exciting time. You’ve just listed your IDO project; unfortunately, you haven’t received the intended traction. You may have questions: how do you attract the investors to your project? How do you persuade them to invest?

The best part about this blog is,  you’ll learn how to persuade people, not just the investors. Let’s get into it.

Why Should You Market Your IDO Project?

Marketing is done to let people know that such a product/service exists. With regards to your IDO project, you can convey its objectives, communicate its features & benefits, vocalize your token/coin’s benefits, and much more.

Remember that if you don’t market your IDO project, not even your neighbor knows such a project exists. A diligently put-together IDO marketing puts your IDO-based project in front of ideal investors.

Never Underestimate The Investors

I don’t think non-crypto people would be investing in IDO projects. So, those who invest know a lot about crypto (at least, a few).  

Maneuver your marketing plan (in a way) that fits according to the crypto moguls. While structuring the whitepaper (of your project), ensure that you refrain from communicating the basic things. Instead, focus on the project’s details and the value it brings to the investor’s table.

How to Reach them?

The intention of every marketing campaign is to persuade the investor to take action, which is to invest. But then, before that, how do you reach them?

First and foremost, have a well-structured project-specific/brand-specific website (in place). Make every detail clear and have your whitepaper integrated (with it). Also, leverage your social media channels to reach the target investors. 


I can’t and won’t tell you which marketing strategy you should use. I wish to refrain from being too promotional!!

We don’t know what your project is, who are your target investors, and the needs of your business. But we know one thing - without hiring a proficient IDO marketing company, enriching your IDO project is complex.

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