09:53 26.09.2020
Udinesi Valente
Snapped Up! WaykiChain ROG Genesis Yield Farming Round 1 Subscription Completed

Round 1 Subscription of WaykiChain’s ROG Genesis Yield Farming scheduled to start at 20:00 HKT on September 25 has completed. It took 9 minutes 46 seconds to pledge 5,000,000 WICC and 62 minutes to pledge 25,000,000 WGRT completely. Those who missed it as well as today’s successful participants can join next rounds (the nearest starts at 20:00 HKT on September 26). Stay tuned for updates!

Genesis supply of ROG is 21 million. (Note: 21 million is not the total supply because Wayki-X uses ROG in the Rewards by Inflation mechanism. These rewards release after one-year lock-up). Of the 21 million, 60% is generated through Phoenix Yield Farming and 40% is generated through ecosystem staking. There is no pre-mining, no ICO, no reserve for the founding team.

Along with ROG Genesis Yield Farming, WaykiChain has also launched its decentralized synthetic asset protocol Wayki-X. 

What is Wayki-X?

Wayki-X is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol based on WaykiChain. “Synths” are on-chain images of off-chain, external assets. In Wayki-X, issuance of synths is possible for cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), HK and US stocks, Forex, precious metals, etc. Investors in these assets can get real profit.

In Wayki-X, pledgers just need to lock ROG in a smart contract to be able to synthesize xUSD. When a user has xUSD, it can synthesize any available asset. It can also give xUSD to synth traders to get ROG rewards by inflation and share a part of Wayki-X trading fees.

Trading of various synths is open now. As of now, Wayki-X has 26 synths of three types. Addition of more synths (gold, Forex, commodities, etc.) is down the road.

Cryptocurrency: xBTC, xETH, xEOS, xBCH, xLINK, xETC, xLTCStock indices: S&P 50, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, HSI, HSCEI, HSCCIStocks: Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Tesla, Netflix, Boeing, Sony, Baidu, Bilibili, Pinduoduo

WaykiChain decentralized synthetic asset system Wayki-X removes various entrance barriers of the financial market. It allows any person or institution to trade various global financial products, meets the users’ demand for open finance, and follows the current development trend of finance. It seamlessly connects cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets and provides a feasible mechanism for trading real-world assets on blockchain. It can expand DeFi to increase the market value of the entire cryptocurrency market and empower its development strongly. Synth trading is significant for the industry transformation and will be the next inevitable trend in financial transactions.

WaykiChain’s ROG is the basic asset and necessary tool of the decentralized synthetic asset system Wayki-X. Without ROG, the synthesis of various assets and the experience of investment in global assets would be impossible in Wayki-X. ROG has entered the traditional finance and gained the value momentum of Wayki-X.

What is ROG?

ROG (Rods of God) is the native token of Wayki-X. ROG is the vital support and value endorsement for all synths. ROG generates through WICC and WGRT staking. There is no pre-mining, no ICO, no reserve for the founding team.

Generation of first ROG will happen in Yield Farming on September 26. With ROG collateral, users can mint xUSD stablecoins and earn rewards by inflation and a part of Wayki-X transaction fees. xUSD is also the tool to trade the above synths and invest in various quality assets around the world with no barriers.

In Wayki-X, pledgers just need to lock ROG in a smart contract to be able to synthesize xUSD. When a user has xUSD, it can synthesize any available asset. It can also give xUSD to synth traders to get ROG rewards by inflation and share a part of Wayki-X trading fees.

Ecosystem Staking

40% of the tokens for staking will be used for ecosystem cooperation and marketing, e.g. staking on exchanges, staking by partners, or staking by the WaykiChain ecosystem operations. There is no reserve for the team. The release speed and amount will not exceed those of the WGRT staking pool.

How to Join?

If you hold WICC or WGRT, transfer it to your wallet in the WaykiTimes app and start staking.

If you have no WICC or WGRT, you can buy it on centralized exchanges or Wayki-DEX, transfer to WaykiTimes, and start staking.

Exchanges that listed WICC: Huobi, Bithumb, Bittrex, Gate.io, AEX, CoinTiger, Coinw, BKEX.

Exchanges that listed WGRT: OKEx, Gate.io, AEX, MXC, CoinTiger.

01:42 19.08.2020
Udinesi Valente
2local is selling limited shares of 2local, starting at $5,000

This world can be sustainable and prosperous for everyone. To achieve this goal, we must solve the root causes of most of our problems. Henry Ford already knew what this cause was and that it isn’t known by the majority of the people.

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. - Henry Ford -

Satoshi Nakamoto created the bitcoin with just the purpose to solve this problem. Only bitcoin isn’t supporting sustainability and can only be profited from if you have money to buy these bitcoins.

Banks must be trusted to hold our money and transfer it electronically, but they lend it out in waves of credit bubbles with barely a fraction in reserve. - Satoshi Nakamoto –

2local is the first to build a loyalty platform including a built-in marketplace with connected sustainable and local companies. We will be the first to build a new ultra-fast Blockchain with an integrated cashback functionality as well. Third, we will be the first to create and share value with the people who use 2local coins for payments. And the first to have a pre-determined coinflow and a smart trading algorithm to maintain a steady rising exchange rate.

Freedom by innovative banking, of the people, by the people, for the people. - 2local -

12:50 28.07.2020
Udinesi Valente

The recent Twitter bitcoin scam is the visible part of the iceberg. More dangerous than emails, social networks give the feeling you can trust your interlocutors because you can consult their profile and check if you have joint contacts. This story explains how SafePost (https://safepost.com) can help you to foil email and social network scams.

I received a couple of days ago an invitation on LinkedIn from a guy claiming to work for CoinTelegraph. I saw we had some joint contacts and I accepted his invitation.

He said he was impressed with the effort of my team and offered “to market and promote SafePost”. He proposed to write and publish a promotional article about my project. He asked $2,500 for this job.

Some joint contacts, an interesting proposal and good prospects: all the ingredients were there to conclude a deal. Not so sure!

The guy made a mistake: he registered on SafePost and invited me to join his contact list. I accepted his invitation and asked him to pass the KYC process to be sure about his identity. He never went further for a good reason: the LinkedIn profile he gave me was a fake!

SafePost may help you in your daily and business life to stop spam, phishing emails, spyware ransomware and avoid scams.

To make it possible, SafePost doesn’t use the old traditional email technology. SafePost uses an end-to-end encrypted message and document exchange system based on opensource technology. So, no more entry point for spam, phishing emails, spyware, ransomware and no possibility for hackers to decrypt your messages.

SafePost proposes a KYC GDPR compliant service powered by IDCheck to ward off fraudsters. This solution is notably used by European banks.

In other words, it won't be possible for a scammer to contact you with a false identity!

Your security will be increased if you enable the Double Factor Authentication Process (2FA) offered by SafePost.

You can test now SafePost for free by registering at https://safepost.com. Download for free the App for Smartphones and Tablets on Google Play (Android) and iOS (Apple).

A Windows and macOS version will be available in September 2020 with enhanced functions.

SafePost is monetized with “STAMP”-tokens you can buy on the P2Pb2B crypto exchange at https://p2pb2b.io/trade/STAMP_ETH. STAMP tokens will be also listed on the BELDEX crypto exchange on August 1st.

You can download the white paper document of SafePost at https://www.safepost.com/IEO/SAFEPOST-whitepaper.pdf.

12:25 28.07.2020
Udinesi Valente
Would you use your crypto currencies to pay anything in daily life if it was possible?

In 2009, Bitcoin was born, thus beginning a new era of payments. Using blockchain technology, the "crypto" user owns his own resources without the need for intermediaries, financial institutions or government services. Users can perform P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions directly between the parties, without interference from anyone. The only cost of the transactions, the small taxes, or "GAS", are used to finance the operation of the chain itself, contrary to the high costs applied by governments and private institutions in traditional models.

The Blockchain resolves the issue of authenticity of information by distributed consent, introduces anonymity of transactions, but provides a record of transactions made public, also ensures transparency of resource flow and at the same time prevents governments from controlling the same flow between users. The ordinary citizen thus acquires total control of his or her finances without the need for intermediaries.

The only drawback, for now, arises from the doubt of the practical use of crypto-coins, their exchange between them and the exchange between crypto-coins and Fiat Coins. In fact, to date, for the owners of virtual "wallets" (Wallets) with crypto-coins, it is not really easy and cheap to make transactions.

If a user wants to use the crypto coins to pay his utilities or rent, he will first of all have to find a way to change the necessary amount in Fiat currency of the country where he lives, passing through "Exchanges" (Coinbase, Blockchain.com, etc. ...) that give this service with quite high costs, and then having to reclaim the Fiat sum received in his bank account absorbing again the cost of the transaction. Everything is resolved in 2 or 3 days. Not very practical!

Here we have to go back to our first question:

06:14 10.07.2020
Udinesi Valente
Heralding the Dow Jones of Crypto World - The Crypto Price Index Token Platform.

St. Julians, Malta/July 10, 2020/ The CPI DEV TEAM along with the full support of royal family of U.A.E,   are   launching what we feel is the most revolutionary crypto platform to date. The CPI Platform will be a more balanced robust system for many financial aspects, the Crypto Price Index coin. The CPI base, an ERC20 token is currently in private sale and is scheduled for more listings on a large scale. To power the very first token ecosystem of its kind, the Crypto Price Index in partnership with HotBit exchange is in the process of releasing the CPI tokens to the public. The CPI Token Sale Commences on July 15, 2020 and ends July 31, 2020. The starting  price listing $5. The CPI token will be allowed to free trade subject to supply and demand. The CPI coin is built on ETH Blockchain and is an ERC20 token.  If anyone wants to gain unparalleled insight and awareness of the crypto market and hone their market analyzing skills, then this sale is where they must sign up. 

07:40 07.07.2020
Udinesi Valente
UCACoin- A cryptocurrency with high stability.

Cryptocurrencies have become common everywhere in the world but still, there are some places where people do not have access to the traditional banking system as well as payments for all kinds of services required for everyday work. In such a scenario, all latest cryptocurrencies should meet requirements that will facilitate the unbanked population to get a very reliable and safe service for protecting all their assets as well as various holdings.

UCA or United Crypto Alliance is one of the beneficial cryptocurrency projects that focus on being a decentralized payment coin with easy access to anyone and a coin with high stability in the long run. The philosophy of the UCA has also been integrated into UCACoin design and its logo. The atom and stars present depicts how the UCA coin is a vital part of the small scale and large scale daily life without any sorts of limitations.

UCACoin is an authentic payment coin. After it is launched it was tradable instantly on 3 exchanges and the goal was to list the UCA coin on at least one important exchange. It has been listed in a payment gateway that is utilized by more than 2 million shops. More the number of alliance partner more the rate of awareness as well as acceptance of the UCACoin.

02:14 15.06.2020
Udinesi Valente
WaykiChain WGRT Launched IEO on OKEx on June 17

On June 3rd, 2020, WaykiChain officially announced the IEO listing date of its governance coin WGRT on OKEx - June 17th.  OKEx IEO of WaykiChain Governance Coin WGRT in WaykiChain DeFi ecosystem to deploy and boost global market.

WaykiChain, since 2017, is committed to build a global decentralized financial ecosystem to empower the users all around world from various social status and classes with transparent, safe , risks preventing decentralized financial management. WaykiChain DeFi lending platform has already achieved 38 M asset collateral..With the cutting-edge technology, professional leading team , advanced, broad userbase and great reputation, WaykiChain aims to provide the DeFi solutions to outbreak the privileged investment circle allowing broader liquidity of the industry ins and outs.

WGRT, standing for WaykiChain, Governance, Right, Treausre, is the governance and equity token of WaykiChain’s decentralized collateral lending platform. The platform can provide decentralized collateral lending services to users worldwide.The stable fee and penalty fee received by the system will be used to recycle WGRT on the market and destroy. WGRT holders will enjoy the benefit of the eco-system and at the same time, be responsible for governing the system through adjusting parameters like interest and penalty rate.

In the operating process of the stablecoin system, the interest generated by collateralizing WICC and penalty generated when the bad CDP is liquidated will be converted into WGRT and then automatically destroyed by the system. As a result, WGRT has a diminishing supply. This will ensure the coin’s continued appreciation in value, which translates to unending profits for the holders. Also, The total supply of WGRT is 21 billion and the circulating supply remains lower than 10% this year. As all the token distribution and lockup duration clearly stated in the WGRT whitepaper, one of the characteristics of the governance coin is that it is a highly controlled token, which in turns make it a deflationary token.

The listing of WGRT further proved that the advance of WaykiChian’s cutting-edge technology, innovative product, and world’s leading team. Getting listed on another premier exchange, not only can enhance WaykiChain’s visibility and credibility to its global community, but also giving token holders the opportunity to realize the value of their investment.

02:57 11.04.2020
Udinesi Valente
Wolfs Group Investments OÜ

About Wolfs Group:

Wolfs Group OU comprises of a bunch of talented people who aims at exploring new possibilities. This entity has a strong connection with different strategic industries. Estonian law has made it possible for the Wolfs Group to expand even outside the borderlines of the EU. The entity works towards new methods of capital acquisition and utilizes Blockchain technology. The expansion projects will involve financial security as well as Estonian guarantees. We know that Estonia is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Hence, cryptocurrency trading is official and legal here. The best part is that cryptocurrency trading here has low operational costs and business-friendly tax policies.

Wolfs group projects:

As mentioned earlier, all its projects are based on Blockchains. Blockchain functionalities help in the initial stage of the project. The capital collected during the first stage will help in the growth of the IEO. While capital collected during the second stage will help in construction and renting parties.

Initial Exchange Offering or IEO helps investors in purchasing tokens. Let us clear the meaning of token here. It means the act of investment from the company. The holders will get access to the tokens on the form of returns on investments. Tokens are issued by Wolfs Group Company in order to raise the value of the companies as well as to finance the beginning stages of the projects. This also helps increase the value of the WLF token on cryptocurrency exchange values.

Wolfs group is the main structure of the project. It invests in two major areas – fintech and real estate. Wolfs Group OU is also interested in making investments in modern technology markets. It invests in the form of both financial and capital investments. These three areas act as the main pillars of the Wolfs Group. These holdings are absolutely secured by diversification. This advisory firm has venture capital and private equity. Wolfs Group is highly interested in investing in modern technology areas. It is capable of representing multiple industries.

The purpose of venture capital is to invest in fledging companies. Several start-ups are there which share these common innovative ideas. These ideas can get lucrative and fruitful in the future.

Different phases of Wolfs Group:

Phase 1: Assessment of a company

Wolfs Group projects are based on international expansions. Knowledge of the competitors and good market research is highly essential.

Phase 2: Zeroing out a market

This phase involves discovering the right kind of market that caters to your needs. It also involves the identification of market advantage later on. Wolfs Group makes investments in typical businesses, which in turn offer them the much-needed capital for growth.Phase 3: Contract and Negotiation

This involves respecting business partners. Also, it involves setting up some realistic expectations. Also, the responsibility of the project should be shared in a fair manner.

Phase 4: Making investments and providing support

Even an individual employee has a great role to play in contributing his part towards the success of the company. Wise management, global mindset, and technical competence help in further growth and development.

Phase 5: Return on Investment

Making investments in an entity is sort of a challenge. This usually takes place between 3 to 5 years. Wolfs Group OU helps in searching for a developer company for an already existing business. The Wolfs Group also tries to make it stock friendly as per the need.

Wolfs group has evolved in good shape and in the right proportions over the last few years. It has even been featured on the Forbes magazine. They work with very simple investment strategies. They analyze market trends and then invest in entities or start-ups. In the case of start-ups, investment of Blockchain technology is made. The modern technology markets require flexibility as well as time. 

The latest development in Wolfs Group:

Wolfs Group has received full documentation and licenses for accepting payments and exchanging virtual currency for FIAT.

Because of this registered license, a number of avenues have opened up for us. Wolfs Group investment has now begun activities related to cryptocurrency exchange creation, and license-based trading will be taking place. You can also check about some of the most successful projects on that Wolfs Group has handled in recent times, on their social media pages. Tokens are being improvised and modernized by the Wolfs Group team all the time. It is indeed beneficial to be a part of the Wolfs Group Company.

08:06 09.04.2020
Udinesi Valente
Why KingCasino.io has the potential to revolutionize the casino industry?

We are currently experiencing a major economical shakeup with the Coronavirus crisis. A land-based casino is a virus of heaven with thousands of people touching chips, buttons and handling money. Millions of customers worldwide who predominantly chose live venues to play will turn to online alternatives in order to enjoy their pastime from the safety of their homes. KingCasino.io can replicate the live gaming experience perfectly, providing thousands of live table games. KingCasino.io has the potential to revolutionize the casino industry with a unique business model and advanced technology.

Introduction of KingCasino.io

KingCasino.io (Kings Gaming Group NV) is a registered company with $10 million in the capital and one of the leading online gaming platforms that allow players to use their cryptocurrencies for an unrivaled variety of live casino games, thousands of high-quality slots games, and sports betting. 

KingCasino.io strength is its unique model of participation via the KCT security token - the first-ever security tokens in the online gaming industry. This unique approach allows KingCasino.io to raise capital for necessary expansion. KCT security tokens also grant full adoption of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, promptness, and fairness for online gaming, shareholder voting, and profit-sharing.

06:54 20.03.2020
Udinesi Valente
Mercuriex Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches New Utility Token, SURF

MercuriEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, originally developed in 2017, came under new ownership in December 2019. Since taking over the exchange, the new owners, London-based SurfTheWeb Ltd, have started to take steps towards expanding operations to a global userbase, as outlined in their Whitepaper and Roadmap.

As part of their plans for expansion, they have developed a new Exchange Utility Token (an E.U.T.) called SurfExUtilityToken (SURF) and have employed the services of LATOKEN to host their initial exchange offering for SURF token. The IEO officially opens on 23rd March 2020. LATOKEN are one of the world´s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and arguably one of the most successful launchpads for company IEOs and token sales.

As above, the Surf Token IEO officially opens to the public on Monday 23rd March. As a special offer, SurfTheWeb Ltd have arrange with LATOKEN to give a massive 50% discount to LATOKEN users who purchase SURF in the first week of the IEO. The IEO is due to end on 24th April 2020 (or before if all SURF tokens are purchased before the closing date).

As stated on the LATOKEN landing page for the SURF IEO, all funds raised from the upcoming sale will be used directly for expanding operations of the exchange, including hiring and training new support staff globally, obtaining global licenses, improving and expanding the exchange infrastructure, providing market liquidity support services and more.

According to the SurfExUtilityToken Whitepaper, SURF will be integrated into all levels of the exchange, allowing exchange users to pay trade-fees with SURF as well as earn SURF through referral commissions, giveaways and competitions hosted by the exchange owners in the future. 

SurfTheWeb Ltd have also stated that they will be accepting SURF as a form of payment for services on the exchange, such as listing new coins and hosting IEOs for other companies and crypto developers.

Exchange Utility Tokens are not a new idea. In fact, we have seen several exchanges create their own unique exchange tokens in the last few years. Some of these exchange utility tokens have been extremely successful in terms of monetary gains, with some increasing in price as much as 40,000% between launching and all-time highs (ATH). However, for the exchanges themselves, these tokens represent much more than monetary gains, these tokens can help to foster loyalty with the exchanges users directly, who will opt to stay and trade on an exchange when the token offers them an edge over another exchange where they perhaps not have the ability to get discounted trade fees.

Mercuriex Exchange users who opt to pay their trade-fees with SURF can receive very generous discounts on their trade-fees, on market-orders this will be 50% discounts on trade-fees, but users will also have the ability to gain 0% (Zero percent) trade-fees for limit orders (limit orders are orders placed onto the order books, as buy orders of sell orders), if the user maintains a specified amount of SURF tokens in their Exchange Account.

As outlined in the SURF Whitepaper, the allocation of SURF token is as follows, further details can be found below;

Max Supply; 250,000,000 (100%)

Exchange Reserve; 100,000,000 (40%)

Public Distribution; 75,000,000 (30%)

Exchange Staff Wages; 25,000,000 (10%)

IEO Sales; 50,000,000 (20%)

The Exchange Reserve is an emergency fund. SurfTheWeb Ltd have said there are no plans to access this reserve unless in an emergency situation. In December 2020 they will start to verifiably burn 10 million SURF tokens per month until all 100 million reserve tokens are destroyed, this will effectively reduce the total supply to just 150,000,000 SURF Tokens.

Public Distribution of 75 Million tokens will likely take 3-4 years to be fully distributed to exchange users. Distribution will take the form of sign-up bonuses, referral commissions to users who invite others to trade at the exchange, giveaways and competitions.

Exchange Staff Wages 25 Million tokens. This fund has been allocated to pay the wages to exchange staff members until such time that the exchange is fungible, after which time this fund will be used as incentives and bonuses to staff members.

IEO Sale of 50 Million tokens. 5 Million Tokens are being sold in Pre-Sale and 45 Million tokens will be sold in the public IEO hosted by LATOKEN starting Monday 23rd March 2020.

As stated on the LATOKEN IEO landing page, the Mercuriex exchange is built from the ground up, meaning there is massive scope and versatility for expansion and growth, this is not a turn-key or white label exchange. The exchange supports high-volume / high-frequency trading and employs a clutter-free simplified user interface.

Sign up to join the SURF token IEO at LATOKEN

You can also stay up to date with the latest news by joining the official exchange Telegram channel and checking the Surfex website where there is a News & Updates section, and of course sign up to the Mercuriex Exchange where you can currently access 0% (Zero percent)  trading until the end of March 2020.

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