11:15 18.11.2021
Udinesi Valente
Out of Space Brings the Best of Defi and NFT Under One Roof

Today the crypto market is at its peak with three trillion valuation and the whole market making a new ATH one day after the other. However, with the growing popularity the use cases of crypto market has also surged drastically with several new ecosystems thriving within the cryptoverse. Two of the most prominents use cases in the current market includes Defi which has grown to become a multi-billion dollar ecosystem on its own and the NFTs which have become the breakout use case of the crypto world. The NFT craze has engulfed the whole of mainstream with every mainstream brand and celebrity getting involved with some form of the NFT project. With so many use cases and ecosystems, it's increasingly becoming complex for users to get everything in one place and this is where Out of Space comes to the rescue.

Out Of Space is constructing a full ecosystem that includes a trading terminal, CEX (centralised exchanges), and decentralised exchanges. ed trading in a single location and offers all DEX and CEX opportunities It takes advantage of all the benefits of existing DEX and CEX technologies and offers a variety of trading tools. The platform plans to launch its seed round soon. A user account that includes statistics and a listing of all transactions. The ability to change the size and location of any block in the terminal's working space is provided in an interactive workspace.

The Out of Space project began recently and already has a beta product on offering. The creators released a fully functional product prototype which is constantly improving based on user feedback and market trends. The Out of Space community has been expanding by the hour and expects to become one of the most notable decentralized communities very soon.

What Makes Out of Space So Special

The Out of Space ecosystem is as different as the name suggests, it combines the best of Defi, P2P, P2E and NFT together, becoming a gateway to the crypto ecosystem for new entrants. What makes it even more special is the fact that it is building the whole ecosystem from scratch starting with developing its own blockchain, rather than depending on any other platform. This ensures safety, privacy and more decentralization as they won’t have to depend on a third party. Smart contracts will be supported by the multi-layered blockchain, allowing developers to deploy independent dApps that can interact with one another. Payments between different dApps on the blockchain are possible, as are the use of common ecosystem tools making for a seamless ecosystem.

The company has also  created an internal P2P cryptocurrency exchange service for ecosystem participants. Any platform user can discuss the best conditions for exchanging digital assets. Furthermore, the escrow service will ensure transaction security and user trust.

The NFT marketplace would be centred on artists, where their creativity and potential would be assessed first, and then the best conditions for the creation of NFT would be offered. Only the lowest commissions and a detailed description of all NFTs are available. But that is not all we have to offer. Some people are always in need of something, while others are always willing to provide it. The marketplace has been developed for traders, investors, developers, job seekers, and IT/blockchain professionals, meaning created keeping every profession in mind.

There are hundreds of new NFT projects claiming to launch some ultra rare digital collectibles, however, there are very few selected and trusted number of marketplaces in the crypto market today due to lack of quality projects and review process. And a few which are great to use have a very high cost of transactions. Out of Space aims to end that with its platform that will host, list and trade only selected and rare NFTs with minimal trading and minting fees.

Out of Space is Building a Multi-Purpose Blockchain Ecosystem

Imagine a crypto platform where you can buy, sell and trade along with NFT auctions and trading and also a staking service for passive income. Out of Space has all these and its building even more functionality into its ecosystem. The platform offers the best of CEX and DEX functionalities as well which are integrated into the system, thus one can choose between the two as per their convenience.  The seamless functionality is something that makes Out of Space so attractive.

Building a multi-utility crypto ecosystem could be a tough task, but Out of Space is taking each step with utmost care and aims to deliver a finished benchmark kind of platform. Investing in an ecosystem with such multiple uses and services would only multiply once the network becomes more mature overtime. The platform would also develop a decentralized NFT social network with a personal NFT page for each participant, and a messenger inside the ecosystem, that would allow traders to interact as well as earn from the social network platform.

To learn more about Out of Space visit Outspace.io

07:30 30.09.2021
Udinesi Valente

Phaeton, a blockchain-cantered service company that offers sustainable investment options, launched its IEO on September 18. Within 24-hours of the IEO, the project raised $1.5 million US dollars indicating a considerable demand in such a new blockchain technology service firm.

Phase 1 of Phaeton’s IEO is currently live on two Crypto Exchanges, namely P2PB2B and LAToken. Here, users can buy the native token PHAE that plays a critical role in the Phaeton ecosystem.

After Phaeton's IEO campaign ends, PHAE Coins will be available for open market trading (buy & sell).

The second phase lists several other major exchanges, namely OKEx, FTX, Bitfinex, Gemini, and Kucoin. Team Phaeton are currently engaged and working with the latter exchanges. 

Phaeton Technology has created a Positive Social Impact Platform that incubates, develops, and collaborates with new and established business enterprises that address social and environmental challenges in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The project aims to resolve long-running social issues using blockchain technology and collaborate with all business levels, government agencies, not-for-profit organizations, impact investors, philanthropists, and technologists who want to make a social change. The sectors that Phaeton is looking at include: 

·       Affordable housing and community development

·       Renewable energy and conservation

·       Carbon credits and climate change

·       Health and Wellness

·       Education and social infrastructure

·       Small business and microfinance

·       Sustainable products and agriculture

·       Supply Chain management

Phaton Ecosystem and Core Technologies

The Phaeton platform has an ecosystem offering users access to a decentralized global market. Its side chains allow independent dApps, facilitating customization, scalability, and a departure from high network fees providing multiple benefits for the users. In addition, the protocol has been designed to make it convenient, secure, and seamless for all stakeholders. Phaeton ecosystem comprises the following core technologies that power the platform and make it infinitely scalable and highly usable.

·       Phaeton Blockchain: Phaeton Blockchain has created its decentralized ledger system with a 250kb block size (potential of one million transactions) and five-second creation time. Phaeton Blockchain is based upon the Delegated Proof of Stake plus Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (DPoS+dBFT) consensus algorithm, significantly improving energy efficiency. Phaeton remains an independent blockchain that provides its native platform for enterprises to use, whether for monetary, transaction, data, or smart contracts. The ability for individuals to host a node is critical for the speed, infinite scalability, and security of Phaeton's Blockchain.

·       Phaeton Core: Phaeton Core is a single-sign-on platform with multi-factor authentication and biometric identity validation for smart contracts, KYC, and cosignatory transaction authorization. Phaeton Core was developed to address the lack of trust in the crypto-currency industry by authenticating all those interacting with the Phaeton Blockchain.

·       Phaeton Smart Card: Resembling a typical debit/credit card, Phaeton Smart Card is a biometrically secure device serving multiple functions. It includes ID authentication, multi-currency banking, and hard-wallet storage for cryptocurrencies. As a result, it has considerable scope in retail banking and Industry 4.0 applications.

·       Phaeton Coins: The Phaeton Coin transaction model is like the Ethereum ETH Coin, which is applied when any of its ERC- 20 tokens are used within its ecosystem, but in no way connected to the Ethereum or any other platform. Phaeton Coins are also used for staking and as a reward for each delegate hosting a Phaeton Blockchain node within Phaeton's ecosystem. Phaeton has pre-mined 500 million coins with approximately 250 million Phaeton Coins in circulation and around 250 million Phaeton Coins in reserve.

·       Phaeton Sidechains: The Phaeton Blockchain platform is built on the consensus of a dPoS model (delegate proof of stake). This Phaeton feature is unlike PoW (proof of work) models used by Ethereum and others. In addition, Phaeton's Sidechain model is designed to allow an infinite number of projects or subsidiaries to create a sidechain on the Phaeton Blockchain. A Sidechain is a type of Blockchain that exists alongside its parent chain (Phaeton Blockchain). Thus, the Sidechain can be defined as the "child chain."

Phaeton Blockchain empowers new Projects

New startups are created every minute, which is an excellent opportunity for Phaeton to tap into this ever-increasing market and make the Phaeton business model grow exponentially. Phaeton helps existing businesses incubate ideas and develop an ecosystem around current products, making the market tilt towards Phaeton incubated technology products. Phaeton also offers mentorship, guidance, and seed capital to entrepreneurs and takes an equity position, improving Phaeton's holdings and increasing Phaeton coin value. By attracting startups with new ideas, there is the potential to find a "unicorn" idea that will disrupt the market.

New startups and projects will select Phaeton over other incubation projects because the ecosystem offers a range of infinitely scalable and secure solutions that ensure greater market exposure and user base.

New startups are attracted towards the following offering from the Phaeton,

·       A network powered by interoperability to improve accessibility

·       The opportunity of creating a public or isolated blockchain network

·       A secured ( military grade) and infinitely scalable environment with the delegated proof of stake

·       A truly decentralized governance model creating an unbiased network

·       Faster hashing algorithm ( 1M+/tps) than popular alternatives like MD5, SHA-3, secure against length extension attacks, parallelizable on multi-core architecture.

The vision and realization of Phaeton Blockchain as a true market disrupter is through the leadership of Chai Shepherd. 

As Co-Founder and Head of Technology, Chai is driven to ensure Phaeton Blockchain platform is robust and designed to adapt to technology changes now and into the future. Through his experience and leadership, Chai leads a highly talented and credentialed team of technology experts and developers to provide a future-ready Blockchain solution that combats the shortcomings of current Blockchain platforms, such as high/unaffordable costs, scalability and interoperability.

The first round of IEO is still running! Grab some PHAE now

P2pb2b: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/302/

Latoken: https://latoken.com/ieo/PHAE

To learn more about Phaeton, visit Phaeton.io.

01:20 03.09.2021
Udinesi Valente
The Future of Finance- Akon, Crypto, and Games, Oh My!

A brief look into Play-to-Earn Project: Polker.Game and their biggest supporter

Origins: 2008-2009

The World Series of Poker is at the Rio All Suite Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Justin Phillips pulls a royal flush, Erick Lindgren wins player of the year, and Peter Eastgate takes the tournament. The same month, IndyMac bank fails, Fannie and Freddie is nationalized by the U.S Government, and the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy triggers global panic just a month later. Rounding up, Akon releases his third studio album “Freedom” in December. A fitting notion for the freedom of decentralization coming around the corner.

January ’09, Satoshi Nakamoto releases the whitepaper of bitcoin, garnering interest from financiers and cryptographers alike. Meant as a supposed response to the global recession caused by fraudulent investments and dark pool money. Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker have $50 million dollars in payments seized as the U.S attorneys office out of Southern New York indicted the payment processors.

The Present

Fast forward to 2021; Cryptocurrency is flourishing as a new wave of investors join the scene. Hundreds of tokens and coins hit the market, some being flashes in the pan before bottoming out and others bringing utility to the people to fix problems both in the real and virtual worlds. Online Poker gains mainstay in peoples minds as the Covid-19 Pandemic has kept so many people indoors, people turned to i-gaming for entertainment, regulated or otherwise.

Akon: Philanthropist, Singer, Producer, Songwriter

Recently, through a seemingly innocent listen of Akon’s “Smack-That” Featuring Eminem, it came to my attention that the Konvict Singer was building his own city, aptly named “Akon-City” inside of The Republic of Senegal. Using the idea of a “Smart-City” Akon plans for many quality of life improvements for surrounding residents and future migrants to the city. With project successes like his African Solar Power, and his cryptocurrency launch, Akoin, the city is a bold, but important goal.

One of the primary districts Akon Citys development is an entertainment district, focused on turning a profit through tourism, similar to Dubai, whose GDP and total employment in industry accounts for~ 5%. In stark contrast however, gambling and casinos will be allowed and is talked about primarily being funded by cryptocurrency, with a particular focus on Akoin. However, recent mentions of a Play-to-Earn game Polker.game, a crypto-startup, it could be vastly different than initially expected.

“…This game is revolutionary…” -Akon  "Watch Akon's Video Here"

Who is Polker.game?

Polker.game is a Play-to-Earn Poker-style game (surprisingly not sponsored by Doug Polk) created in the Unreal Engine, which focuses on the rewarding of NFTs to drive forward their economy. Revolutionary in their practice, being not only the first poker Play-to-Earn game, but their presentation as well. Most online poker games look modest in appearance, they have solid function, a good randomizer, and if you’re lucky, a good payout system. Rarely do they have graphics which are interesting enough to spend money on improving, but Polker.game does just that. With an interesting, video-game stylized take on the graphics, the game looks surprisingly fresh. From what technical and gameplay demos have been shown on their streams and teasers, it boasts a full customizable interface and playmat. Dealers, tables, backgrounds, card backs, and even chips on the table can be customized with skins. The monetization model is similar to average free to play games, selling these cosmetics at a premium. The interesting part however, is how they have structured themselves as Play-to-Earn.

07:02 27.08.2021
Udinesi Valente
KRYPTOX if the future of file sharing and cloud storaging

Founded in 2021, KRYPTOX attempted to penetrate the ripe enterprise cloud storage industry. Led by Leon Tiger, KRYPTOX was up against cloud storage behemoths like Amazon S3 (Amazon), Google Cloud Storage (Google), Microsoft Azure (Microsoft), Dropbox for business (Dropbox).

But KRYPTOX Network had a value proposition that both storage seekers and providers simply could not resist. KRYPTOX founders proposed cloud storage set up that supported:


          Trustless peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing

          Highly secure data

          Reducing cost


What is wrong with AWS, Azure, and Google cloud?

If you recall in March 2016, internet-based companies like Slack, Trello, Medium, and others suffered a 4-hour long cloud outage. However, the event that resulted in losses worth millions was triggered by an accidental mistyping of command by an AWS engineer. What? Yeah, you understand it right.

Due to this minuscule human error, Amazon S3’s largest data center cluster, located in Northern Virginia, melted down. And it wreaked havoc all across the internet.

It doesn’t end at AWS. As a matter of fact, equally competitive giants with highly sophisticated centralized databases have also failed invariably to keep the hacks, data privacy issues, and data mismanagement crises at bay.

Such incidents create the need for KRYPTOX that is essentially Now, a network that allows users to store their data in the cloud without losing control.

06:56 21.07.2021
Udinesi Valente
Mind Music: A crypto defi project dedicated to mental health

Mind Music Coin has been set up to use music to raise awareness for mental health. Millions of people around the world suffer every day with poor mental health. Mind music hopes to break the stigma and bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation. The project was created by independent artist Mark Hamilton who highlighted how the 2020 pandemic left him without a job and had a serious impact on his mental health.

The project has already begun the work. The first project has a total of 12 tracks that have already been recorded. It aims to record a further 9-13 tracks to complete the first release. 100% of the profits from the album sales will be donated to suicide prevention and mental health charities. The creators hope this project sustains for the long term and aim to form collaborative partnerships with many musicians around the world!

The project hopes to help people get over their mental health issues and make it a point of discussion among the common public. While there are several crypto projects out there in the market promising high returns on investment, only very few succeed in materializing their promises. On the other hand Mind Music token built on top of the BEP-20 token standard has been developed with a limited supply and burn functionality to help it become deflationary over time. The project also focuses on making it secure and prevent any Rugpull attacks that have become quite common in today's crypto world.

How Mind Music Came into Existence?

The project was born out of the need to focus on the critical issue of mental health. Hamilton mentioned that the pandemic infected mental health issue made him quit organizing music festivals and return to making music himself. The musician wanted to create a music project that focused on raising awareness and breaking the stigma of mental illness and at the same time celebrate the genius of great musicians who had themselves suffered from mental health problems.

He wants this project to reach as many people as possible because this music is not about a career. It is a way to call attention to the silent epidemic of mental illness that has taken the lives of countless artists and individuals. Hamilton covers songs by musicians who were lost too soon to suicide and drug abuse and hopes to show people who are suffering from mental illness that they are not alone, that there is a huge community of people reaching out their hands.

The Mind Music project aims to raise $40,000 needed for recording and promoting all the songs in the album. Any additional funds raised into the Mind Music fund will then be used to benefit the holders and supporters of the coin. After the project has paid all the necessary costs, additional funds will then be used to Buy & Burn Mind Music Coin and increase its value for holders.

Additionally, if the project is a success (and covid permitting), a series of fund-raising Live music events will be planned in various locations around Europe in 2022. All wallets that hold a minimum of 100b Mind Music Coin will be airdropped a FREE ticket to attend any of the events they choose. 

The project is well on course as per its roadmap and aims to complete the recording by November this year. The project would start producing CDs and Vinyl by the end of 2021 that might extend up to January 2022. If covid restrictions are removed the project would start live shows across Europe. The success of the Mind Music project could also lead to the creation of Mind Music 2.0. The 12 tracks that have already been recorded have been released on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Spotify.


Mind Music token is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with a rug-proof approach. At a time when rug proof scams have been dominant in the crypto market with millions lost to such scams, Mind Music has created a sustainable and rug proof project to ensure people's investment doesn't go in vain.

Mind Music has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000, out of which 8% has been presented for a transaction tax. The remaining breakthrough of the token is listed below 

      3% Mind Music Fund

      2% Marketing

      1% Auto Liquidity

      1% Reflection

      1% Burn

At a time when the crypto market is flooded with several crypto projects, most of which fails to reach their potential promised and often exits due to a scam, Mind Music is here to spread the word about a critical health problem and while raising awareness also ensures a working crypto defi model that can help its holders make a profit while supporting a great cause.

To learn more about Mind Music visit mindmusic.finance

08:20 16.06.2021
Udinesi Valente
CPI and dVest Announce the Launch of dDEXX - An Automated Market Maker based DEX on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network

Traders and token holders of all kinds can now earn massive rewards on the dDEXX liquidity pools and yield farms.

June 16th, 2021 — Fresh off the recent acquisition of the dVest Project portfolio and launch of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, CPI Dev Team, Ltd. — the parent company of the Crypto Price Index project — has announced the launch of the dDEXX Automated Market Maker (AMM) based Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the Binance Smart Chain.

In addition to the traditional exchange and swap functionality, users can now earn high APRs in the dDEXX yield farms and liquidity pools by providing liquidity to various trading pairs in the dVest ecosystem, in addition to the transaction fees they earn by providing liquidity in the first place.

“Our goal is to create a completely decentralized economic system that is self- sustainable, self-balancing, and can reward token holders and participants well, while remaining economically sound over the long term," said Herbert Law, CEO of dVest and CPI Dev Team, Ltd. “We will be introducing additional features and expanding the platform fairly rapidly over the next several weeks and months,” he added.

The dVest team is currently developing the Ethereum network version of the DEX and plans to roll that out in the next month, and they are also looking into expanding the platform to other networks as well.

Check out dDEXX at www.ddexx.io

For more information about the dVest project, visit www.dvest.org


The dVest ecosystem consists of the DeFiVest liquidity protocol, the dDEXX decentralized exchange, and the Crypto Price Index project.

dVest tokens power the dVest ecosystem and earn rewards for token holders from dVest exchange revenues, liquidity mining, staking, and more.

Media Contact :

Contact Name: Herbert Law

Contact Email: herbert@cpiindex.io

12:52 09.06.2021
Udinesi Valente
Dirham (DAH) Project : A Different Regulated Take on Traditional Stablecoin Market

Antalya, Turkey / June 9, 2021 / Dirham (DAH) ecosystem announced the launch of the world's first regulated stablecoin pegged against the dirham (AED) governed by smart contracts that ensures transparency of funds along with minimal fluctuation. Building a viable stablecoin is as much of a trust problem as it is a computer science one. While Bitcoin created a system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust, a fiat-pegged stablecoin requires both due to its reliance on a centralized issuer.

For example, in February 2019, JPMorgan became the first bank in the United States to create and test a digital coin that represents 1 USD. As the cryptocurrency industry grows, other banks, financial services companies, and even governments will create stable digital currencies (e.g., Central Bank Digital Currencies), as will large organizations outside of the finance sector.

DIRHAM Token (DAH) is a stablecoin like USDT and others. Acts as a clipboard for exchange and trading on the exchange. Determined by the value of the fiat currency dirham (AED) / dollar (USD) and protects against the instability of cryptocurrencies. The value of a digital asset is 20% secured by AED / USD and 80% secured by the issuance or burning of a token within the framework of the blockchain protocol. Full 100% provision of a digital asset by an external traditional real asset will be completed by the specified path. Dirham is now used as a reduced volatility clipboard. Has a wallet, an exchanger, as well as the Dirham Trade exchange (dirham.trade), trading on which will be open after the ICO on 06/19/2021.

The team behind the project has implemented the dirham as a stable currency, the terms of the DAH protocol are spelled out in the Etherscan smart contract. The next stage of implementation - a simple One-Tap application (onetap.link) - is an instant one-touch transfer of cryptocurrency, regardless of the state of the network. Habicoin (HAB) (Habicoin.app) is a cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain, ideal for mining and “simple” on the network. DIPAY (dipay.org) is a technology that collects and transmits payment information for online payments from customers to acquirers around the world. All this will make it possible to implement a large-scalable project that has not yet been implemented by anyone. These four components will work in tandem to provide a single mechanism for Dirham.

The Habicoin, an Integral Part of DAH Ecosystem

Habicoin (HAB) is a smart cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain, perfect for mining, guarantees fair confidentiality and decentralization, "easy" on the network with minimal fees.

Built-in hardware and cold storage wallet and an individual unique Staking admin panel for each client. HAB ++, open source, easy-to-use GUI based on ultra-fast configurable C ++ node and wallet backend. Supports sending / receiving via file, http(s), and grinbox. Supports Windows, macOS, and Linux. To transfer coins on the HLS blockchain, the sender and recipient must exchange verification information. In this regard, still need Person 1 and Person 2 to communicate, but they do not have to be online at the same time for the transaction to take place.

Among other things, the HLS blockchain will use a function called cut-through, which reduces the amount of data in the block by removing unnecessary information about transactions. So instead of recording each input and output, only one data pair will be recorded in the block.

On the technical side, HLS supports the network and extends the concept of transaction confidentiality (CT). In simple terms, CT is a privacy tool that hides the number of transfers in the blockchain.

Tokenomics, ICO and Roadmap

The total initial supply of 11,000,000,000 DAH would be distributed in the following manner.

      83 % - IPO primary listing for use as a stable digital asset "stablecoin"

      5 % - ICO to republican investors, accredited and physical investors for crowdfunding, (receiving a low price of $ 0.2025 per coin) and subsequent sale on trading platforms with a profit of 25% (no more than 550000000 million). coins priced at 0.2025$/ 111375000 $)

      3 % - Rewards, grants, and funding.

      3 % - Dirham Foundation, for engineering, community building, and marketing promotions

      6 % - Creators, team, and development


The session duration is 14 days, the sale is available on Finexbox, Coinsbit, and P2PB2B after the end of the IPO session.

      ICO: start on 05/26/2021. Deadline: 05/26/2021 - 06/19/2021 (24 days).

      Cost of 1 DAH in ICO 1 DAH - $ 0.2025

      (The price is reduced by 25% when buying a DAH token during the ICO, for $ 0.2025 user can buy - on the exchange user can sell for $ 0.27).

ICO Stake: 06/20/2021 - 08/29/2021 (100 days). User will receive 0.8% per day of the volume of coins for 100 days. (Withdrawal of profit is available). Further, this program will continue, but the price for the token will already be on the exchange. A fifteen-level affiliate program with favorable interest rates - up to 38%. User also have other rewards from the network - these are rewards and monthly accruals. 

After the development of the One-Tap application (this is a one-touch system for sending any cryptocurrency, regardless of the state of the network, it provides an instant transfer of the payment, the received volume can be used within three seconds), User will not have to pay the commission set by the application.

12:35 20.05.2021
Udinesi Valente
Apollo Space Token Launches NFT like Star Naming Registry on BSC, Becomes an Instant hit Within a Week of Launch

The NFT mania this bull season is not just limited to crypto enthusiasts and has gained mainstream momentum with the likes of top athletes and celebrity artists auctioning their rare memorabilia and art using blockchain. NFTs have turned into the biggest success story to emerge out of crypto space this bull season and Apollo Space Token (AST) is bringing a unique iteration of the same in the form of decentralized star naming registry. The emerging crypto project aims to revitalize the star registry industry with GenZ.

The AST project promises to offer an intergalactic service to people fascinated by space, solar systems, and stars. The project was officially launched just a couple of weeks ago and has grabbed the attention of many celebrities with its market cap reaching $1.5 million within a week of launch.

What is Apollo Space Token Project?

As the plausibility of human life outside of earth is sounding increasingly possible due to companies like SpaceX founded by Elon Musk, AST promises to etch the name of the interested ones on one of the millions of stars in our galaxy. While SpaceX would be focused on space tourism and taking the selected few to Mars, AST offers the opportunity to be among the stars today itself with your name secured on a decentralized ledger.

The developers at AST are providing their users the first opportunity to write their names in the stars. Apollo Space Token is the latest token launched on the Binance smart chain and unlike many crypto projects, all three developers at AST have revealed their identities and seem to have multiple connections to current professional athletes through their years of experience in various sporting arenas per their community.

The developers of Apollo Space Token have capitalized on this opportunity to become the leading star naming registry on the Binance smart chain, Apollo Space Token is in the process of developing a decentralized star naming registry that will allow its users to purchase and transfer ownership of any of the stars named in their registry. This unique quality, which has not been seen before in other registries gives each star an underlying value. Each of the stars named in their registry will increase in value as demand increases, similar to that of a Non-Fungible Token or NFT; another emerging sector that allows users to buy, sell, and trade authenticated digital assets.

Star Registry Data Base (SRDB1) will be the first iteration of AST’s database for the cosmos. This blockchain database will be created and maintained through the AST foundation. The AST foundation will be solely supported and managed by AST holders. Governance protocols will be introduced shortly after the creation of SRDB. The database will house information about the vast cosmos and the naming of the rights for stars/planets/galaxies which will be sold by the AST foundation.

Apollo Space Token has continually passed major milestones in the development of its DApp or decentralized application and is continuing to captivate a larger audience as the days go on. You can learn more about this crypto-based project and stay up to date by visiting their website at Apollospacetoken.com

How to Make the Most of AST Ecosystem?

The AST project might sound like a unique idea in itself, however, the ecosystem has much more offer than a decentralized star naming registry as its native token AST can be utilized to earn passive income along with the token burning system that increases the potential of the native token to rise in price. 

Burning tokens is the greatest way to increase a token's price floor as burns are a good thing but the supply and burn rate has to make sense.  AST ecosystem offers a 2% burn rate for each transaction and a fixed supply cap of only 13 billion, thus a meaningful price change will occur daily for AST. Let us understand it via an example, the current supply of AST is 13 billion with a

2% burn rate where Initial value of 1 BNB = 13,000,000 AST. if we consider the potential daily volume to be 1,000 BNB the potential daily burn would be around 20 BNB or 26,000,000 AST. That equals a burn of over 100 million AST every 4 days

This does not take into account price changes, changes in the number of transactions, or an overall reduction in tokens. The number of AST burned might be slow but the percentage will Never change. AST will become more scarce with each transaction and ultimately more valuable. The AST burn rate would act as the rocket fuel for the token price.

Tokens aren't just burned with each transaction, they are given back to the community! Just by holding on to AST, users will receive tokens back. This auto-staking feature allows users to earn income in the form of AST tokens just by being a part of the Moonmen Gang (AST holders). The project developers aim to expand the registry system with a growing community and add features such as naming rights to planets and even galaxies. The project aims to take NFT's to a whole new level.

07:02 13.05.2021
Udinesi Valente
Satozhi, the world’s first proof-of-burn token concept on Binance Smart Chain

Satozhi launches world’s first proof-of-burn token concept on Binance Smart Chain. Satoz, taken from the name of the Bitcoin proposal team, namely Satoshi Nakamoto, was launched in March 2021. Currently, Satoz lives on the Binance Smart Chain as a token that implements the world’s first fully proof-of-burn protocol.

Satoz has a maximum total supply of 21 million with a current circulating supply of 10 million, which means that almost 50% of Satoz’s circulation has been burned using the proof-of-burn protocol and generates 50 Satoz as a reward every 10 minutes fairly and distributed automatically, carried out by the blockchain without any human intervention.

A popular mechanism that evolved from token burning is the consensus proof-of-burn, which is based on users destroying their tokens to gain mining rights.

Benefits of burning token

In many cases, burning tokens can help stabilize the coin’s value and potential price inflation.

“More than half of the supplies have been burned now. With more coins being burned, the price of Satoz will constantly increase, and it is difficult to dump the price of Satoz.”

Satoz was redesigned to solve resource problems that have been difficult to achieve. To this day, coin mining has to be done with CPU tools, GPUs, very expensive ASICs with very high electricity costs, and expensive maintenance costs, making it less effective for some miners, which results in increased blockchain transaction fees and confirmation times.

A the time of writing, the price of Satoz was at $ 0.97 and has increased by more than 10,000% in two months. This is because the main developers and the community continue to consistently develop several superior DeFi products, one of which is the Virtual Minting Tool (the first in the world).

About VMT

VMT is a very unique project that only exists in Satozhi. VMT is a minting pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies and assets. The Virtual Minting Tool (or Virtual Minting Token) is an improved protocol that allows VMT creators to sell their work not only as a digital item or unique value but also as a lifetime mining reward. It can be traded on the VMT decentralized marketplace (VDEX) via the VMT smart contract itself automatically. This very unique project and only exists on Satozhi.

Currently, the main developer of Satozhi has launched its own blockchain wallet, Satoz Mobile, which can be downloaded on the Play Store (Android) and will soon be launching on the App Store (iOS). It’s compatible with all types of BSC, VMT and NFT tokens and integrates with a built-in DApp browser.

About the future of Satoz

In the future, Satoz will be listed on more exchanges, launch NFT and DeFi projects that can be integrated with other BEP-20 tokens, meaning the Satozhi ecosystem will be supported by all existing Binance Smart Chain developers.

08:25 12.05.2021
Udinesi Valente
ARNO: Real NANO Technology Project for Investment

It is essential for companies today to reduce and stabilize costs as much as possible. Energy conservation is becoming a top priority for manufacturing systems and processes. According to a new study, the global energy storage market would double as more homes and businesses use battery energy storage to complement rooftop solar and other renewable energy systems. However, as energy consumption and demand grow, on the one hand, available energy sources, especially non-renewable energy sources, are rapidly depleting. Arno is using carbon nanomaterial to develop secondary energy power solutions for industries and households.

About ARNO

When natural and non-renewable resources are rapidly depleting, Art Nano (ARNO) is focusing on incorporating the use of carbon nanotechnology for energy storage and battery improvement technology. Apart from diminishing resources, energy storage is a significant concern, as most losses occur during storage and transition. After years of R&D, ARNO has developed carbon-based products that can provide substantial energy savings combined with current battery technology. The company has focused on growth and creating a decentralized and productive delivery system with defi integration.

This research focuses on using different forms of carbon nanomaterials to modernize and dramatically enhance the properties of lead-acid batteries, which are ubiquitous and widely used. And to produce a finished product that, at a comparable cost, has substantial competitive advantages over rival samples, based on the adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

ARNO Token Project

The ARNO Token project is a precise effort to fund implementing a strictly scientific, innovative technology into long-standing supply chains to upgrade current and obsolete technologies that haven't lost their significance yet. The ARNO token is used extensively in the project's economic structure, and the whole ecosystem rotates around it. Even the most common cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, will not be included. Only ARNO will be used in our project and all of its components. It's a project with a lot of liquidity that occurs in the real world.

Exchange Listing

The ARNO Token is an ERC-20 token with a 50 million maximum availability. Only 8% will be available via ICOs and IEOs, with funds raised from these sales to further the project's growth. The company chose Uniswap DEX to list its token mainly because of its pricing model, which uses a constant equation to automatically measure demand versus supply, causing value shifts as more trades are collected. Moreover, it will also contribute more funding for the project.

After the ARNO token is listed on exchanges, the project team would sell off a certain number of tokens, and once the tokens are sold, the team will halt cryptocurrency feedback on the current platform for a year. The auction is run by traders who have no links to the developers.

Decentralized liquidity

The ARNO team is dedicated to giving users complete control over their Arno tokens at all times. They also reaped the most benefits from owning the Arno token. As a result, when the team lists on the Uniswap exchange, it will have a liquidity pool in tandem with Arno. People will purchase Arno because of its high liquidity, which will draw more capital to the project, causing prices to increase. Large investors have the option of entering and exiting at the same time. They can take Liquidity at any point in other ventures, but we can't in Arno.

As a result, even though all presale customers, airdroppers, and tokens obtained as a referral incentive sell their tokens during our Uniswap listing, the token price will not be affected significantly due to the high liquidity.

Bonus Structure

There are currently three such bonus programs, with the Referral Program being the most common. It's also known as an affiliate program, which implies a partnership between an organization and its partners. Simply put, this is when someone acts on your advice, such as registering and purchasing a certain amount of ARNO Token. You get paid a fee for getting this individual in. The team follows the one-level referral relation concept, which means that there is only one level, and the affiliate earns a commission from the referrals' purchases.

Currently, the incentive is 5% of the individually invited person's purchase sum and is paid in tokens. The Airdrop and Bounty services, in addition to the referral scheme, are other incentives to partners, with the essential requirements to be announced in the future.

The following is the new Bonus program:

When purchasing 30 or 299 coins, you can receive a 10% bonus.When purchasing 300 and 1499 coins, you can receive a 15% bonus.When purchasing 1500 or more coins, you will receive a 20% bonus.Conclusion

It is without any doubt that our future lies in new energy-efficient technologies. The incredible thing about this project is the ARNO token serves as the primary settlement mechanism for the project's economic component. It also performs a crucial role in the fact that the project is physical and operational. The world is adapting quickly, and so are we, and hence this path is fresh and familiar.

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