08:04 15.09.2022
Allen Chris
ChocoDoge: Innovating Entertainment with NFT

Entertainment is often deemed as a source of expenditure. But having a source of entertainment that ensures a passive return with a high yield rate seems implausible. ChocoDoge is an excellent platform for people to delve into high-profit earning entertainment activities.

CHOCODOGE is an algorithmic stablecoin created for DOGECHAIN, Inspired by Tomb, Frax, and other stablecoins that existed before, its purpose is to become a stable coin that will efficiently peg to $1.

However, this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. In addition to this, it provides Defi items that come with enticing profit margins, which ensures the long-term viability of the project as well as the safety of our investors' finances. It implements a system that can automatically increase and regulate the token supply to match the current needs, all while maintaining a relatively stable value for the ecosystem's universal payment method, which allows them to concentrate on expanding and innovating the project. This allows them to focus on growing the project.

How the system will work

"Expansion": A percentage of the total USCD supply is minted. The minted USCD is given to users who staked their CD tokens depending on how many CD they staked.

- "Contraction": USCD minting is stopped. Instead, USBD  tokens (bonds) are available for sale. Users can buy USBD with USCD. For 1 USBD bought, 1 USBD is automatically burnt. The Tax will also be significantly higher during this time.

- USBD tokens can’t be redeemed (convert to USCD) when TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) of USCD is under $1, but they can be whenever TWAP of 50C goes back over $1. This is a premium mechanism incentivizing users to buy bonds and helping the price to get back above its peg.

What are the types of tokens used?USCD - ChocoDoge Cash:

The purpose of the currency token USCD is to function as a medium of exchange. The protocol has a built-in stability mechanism that strives to maintain the USCD peg at 1 USDC throughout time. This mechanism is an implementation of the successful approaches of prior algorithmic tokens.

As the ecosystem continues to grow with the introduction of additional games and apps, USCD may also be used to make purchases more easily inside those games and applications.

CD - ChocoDoge Share:

ChocoDoge Shares are one way to figure out how much the ChocoDoge Protocol is worth and how confident investors are that it will keep USCD close to its peg (CD).

Whenever an epoch grows, the protocol makes USCD and gives it out proportionally to all CD holders who have put their tokens in the BANK (boardroom).

Also, HODLers can pair their CD up as LP and farm for an extra CD.

Later on, when community voting is enabled, CD will become the governance token of the CHOCODOGE.

USBD - ChocoDoge Bond:

The major purpose of ChocoDoge Bonds (USBD) is to stimulate modifications in USCD supply during an epoch contraction phase. This is done when the epoch is under contraction. When the TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) of USCD falls below 1 USDC, USBDs are generated and may be bought with USCD at the current rate. USBD can only be purchased with USCD. When USCD tokens are exchanged for USBD, the price of one USDC goes up since this action causes deflation by removing tokens from circulation.

These USBDs may be traded for USCD at a later time when the price is higher than the peg, and there will be an added incentive for them to remain higher than the peg for extended periods of time. When the USDC rate is higher than the peg, this results in price inflation and increased selling pressure, both of which work to bring it closer to the 1 USDC level.

How are tokens allocated?ChocoDoge Cash – USCD

The maximum supply is uncapped and is generated using the Seigniorage Model.

Genesis Pools (The first 2 weeks)

As a prize, a total of 100,100 USCD tokens will be dispersed among the following pools:

USCD/WDOGE (x77): 77,000 USCD

DOGECHAIN (x7): 7,700 USCD

WWDOGE (x7): 7,700 USCD

USDC (x7): 7,700 USCD

There is no lock period for claiming 35% of the USCD token awards if they are claimed during the first two weeks. 16.25% of the awards that are still unclaimed will be distributed every 10 days (4 releases in total).

The start time for WWDOGE, DC, and USDC is 12:00 GMT on September 5, 2022, and for USCD/WWDOGE on September 6, 2022, at 00:00 GMT.

After the Genesis pools stage, the only entity that is permitted to mint USCD is the BANK.

Beside, at the time of lauching, September 10th, users may stake their USCD in order to earn USDC.

ChocoDoge Share – CD

Maximum quantity available: 200,000 CD.

The following pools will have their awards distributed as follows:

USCD/USDC: 19,500 CD for the first weeks, with a 15% decline in value per week for 104 weeks for a total of 104 weeks.CD/USDC: 10,500 CD for the first weeks, with a 15% decline per week for the next 104 weeks for a total of 104 weeks.

There is no lock period for claiming 35% of the CD token incentives if they are claimed during the first three weeks. The remaining awards will be distributed at a rate of 16.25 percent every thirty days (4 releases in total).

After a period of three weeks, all CD token awards are available to be redeemed.

Time of beginning:

USCD/USDC: 00:00 GMT on September 8, 2022.

CD/USDC: September 9, 00:00 GMT, 2022

How does the BANK work each epoch?

HODLers of CD may stake their CD tokens here in order to earn USCD at the end of each epoch (provided that the $USCD TWAP value is greater than $1 USDC). Whenever there is an expansion, newly minted USCDs will be sent to the BANK to be used as rewards and to the Hedge Fund to be used as operational funding for the project.

The duration of an epoch is four hours. If you take any action, your CD withdrawals will be locked for 12 epochs, and your USDC reward claims will be locked for 6 epochs.

09:49 29.02.2020
Allen Chris
08:07 31.01.2020
Allen Chris
Enhance your returns from gold investment through PureGold

The huge e-commerce has and is further expected to grow exponentially and is largely anticipated to own 10% of the world GDP by the year 2022. Gold has been tried for trading online but because of e-commerce, it didn't get the required success. But the minimum volatility, enhanced portability along with more applications in the industry has made it one of the best asset for humanity.

Puregold is one of the promising platforms that keep an aim to uncover its potential by making use of its cryptocurrency token PGPAY and the first platform that offers a payment gateway for gold digital transactions. Gold with high influence on other currencies all over the nation, the demand for gold highly increases during inflation and should be part of a diverse portfolio.

06:45 20.11.2019
Allen Chris
UssCyber : Improving and Tokenizing the Sports industry

UssCyber is on the verge of creating a platform which helps people in trading football tokens on technology of blockchain. The primary motive of the company is to create amongst entrepreneurs and developers, the opportunity to get creative, innovative and also be able to offer token all around the world. Blockchain is the answer to a lot of problems and ranges in a diversity of products, from technology industry to finance to security. There are still many unopened doors which give way to new sectors to be explored. 

However, UssCyber aims to feature itself as one of the top five largest blockchain companies in the global market and at the top position in sports. The idea is quite unique and efficient. The football token created is based on live data of the team. This ensures that the supply and demand of the token will not be the strongest point. With a plan to operate over 95 countries with 2700 soccer teams, the long term goal for the company is to introduce top 10 sports of the world in their company and become the largest blockchain technology in the world.  

05:43 24.09.2019
Allen Chris
STAN WORLD : Finally, A Cryptocurrency that makes sense!

Stan World is a community-driven social virtual reality platform powered by AI and blockchain. It is a virtual world where users of common interests are encouraged to express ideas and share creations. Stan World’s social VR ecosystem enables people to enter a fully immersive world where fans of artists will be able to enjoy concerts in VR for a unique interactive experience along with their friends and the community. Check out Stan World’s Prototype on their homepage.

02:39 20.09.2019
Allen Chris
Synchrobit - SNB TOKEN SCAM

Synchrobit - snbtoken is a complete scam.

10:36 11.09.2019
Allen Chris
Super8 Coin : Move Super8 in a second for less than a cent.

Super8 based on a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and secured by strong cryptography. It offers a safe and user-friendly payment method without barriers. Super8 gives you the freedom to move your money any way you want. Grab a coffee, split a check, or pay your phone bill. Super8 moves money anywhere, to anyone, instantly, for less than a cent.

07:08 07.09.2019
Allen Chris
1IRSTCOIN : Another Great Opportunity to make over 50% Profit from 1irstcoin Holdings

1irstcoin LLC , a licensed financial services company, operates one of the world's fastest, safest and most innovative trading venues for cryptocurrencies and related financial instruments commences its second IEO on P2P to increase amounts of holders for 1irstcoin token which in return comes with a bonus of about 50% token and can be gotten here: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/FST/2The project is intended to serve a broader diversification of our tokens, as well as the refinancing of new and old projects. See attached the Whitepaper and the summary.

We have experienced a high surge in price over the few months with a massive boost in circulating supply and also market capitalization as seen in Coinmarketcap.

12:21 23.08.2019
Allen Chris
MACH and Ontology, joined MOU

The MACH project, which launched blockchain-based P2P safety trading platform MarketMACH has announced the signing of an MOU with Ontology recently following the announcement of MACH listing.

Through the agreement between the two companies, CEO Solomon Choi and CEO Lee Jun will first be joined by Ontology as the main partners in marketMACH platform and MACH's advance into China and great China region, and actively connect large-scale financial investment venture capital and media companies, an accelerator and marketing company connected to Ontology, to play a key role in helping the market platform become a neutralizing power.

08:01 14.08.2019
Allen Chris
CPUcoin to Launch IEO on Probit Exchange to Accelerate CPU/GPU Power Sharing Economy

SEOUL / Cayman Islands – August 14, 2019 – CPUcoin, the sharing economy for CPU/GPU power, is excited to announce its upcoming Initial Exchange Offering (“IEO”) of its CPUcoin (CPU) utility token on ProBit Exchange. The first-round offering will begin sharply at 9 AM KST on August 14, 2019. ProBit is a rapidly growing exchange with weekly trading volume exceeding $175 million and over 150 crypto pairs.

CPUcoin is developing the Compute Generation Network, or CGN.  This decentralized Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution drastically reduces cloud infrastructure costs by enabling a new sharing economy for unused CPU/GPU power, and provides end users with up to 4.5X more computational throughput than traditional cloud providers like AWS Lambda.

“ProBit has already secured itself a spot as a top-tier global exchange, and their track record of excellence will help establish a rapid path towards a robust and liquid market for CPUcoin,” said Sean Barger, Managing Director of CPUcoin.

“CPUcoin has a grand vision that is increasingly relevant in this new age of tech. Sean, Barger has assembled a strong team with excellent blockchain and business background as well as proven advisors including Michael Terpin,” said Ronald Chan, Director of Partnerships at Probit Exchange. “400 projects have applied for an IEO on ProBit, and CPUcoin is only the second project to be accepted as a premium project. ProBit is impressed by CPUcoin’s vision, time-tested technology and releases, including their live TestNet. We are very optimistic about the project’s future. The CPUcoin team combines industry expertise and proven backgrounds in entrepreneurship and large-scale multi-billion-dollar infrastructure solutions.”

CPUcoin enables anyone to install its miner client and collect funds for their unused compute time. A new certified utility token, also called CPUcoin, will enable any sized organization to pay as they go.

The Compute Generation Network will launch with a series of strategic partnerships to ensure increased utility of the token and provide growth capacity. For example, the first decentralized service to run on the CGN, Equilibrium MediaRich, currently powers multiple Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Adidas, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and The Department of Energy. For capacity, CPUcoin has partnered with QoinPro to offer their 1.2mil accounts the opportunity to earn CPU by installing the CGN miner.

The CGN effectively eliminates the hassles and high expenses associated with provisioning, managing and scaling applications globally. Think of CPUcoin as the “Airbnb” for CPU/GPU compute power and a platform for automatically deploying and scaling Decentralized Services and DApps. As the native currency of the CGN, CPUcoin will be used to pay for all consumption of services, as well as to pay out to the many providers of idle computer time.

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