BUZAR & BUZCOIN of Russian superstar Olga Buzova

August 3, 2018 12:00 AM
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BUZAR & BUZCOIN of Russian superstar Olga Buzova

On August, 1 in Russia started the token-sale of the loud project Buzar from the most popular person of that country - Olga Buzova. This is the first time that the ICO has been launched by a Russian star with a multi-million army of fans. In addition to fans who are ready to support the ideas of their idol, the community is expanding by crypto-enthusiasts and FINTECH specialists from around the world.

What are the features of the project and why it is so popular among the audience around the world? Russian media are discussing Buzar as a new sensation, and the developers meanwhile present the first component of the global it-platform BUZAR, which will be designed to replace Telegram and Facebook in Russia in the case of blocking the latter. The Russian authorities also speak favorably about the development of the Russian messenger with the widest range of functions - the creators of the platform calls it a super-marketplace! In addition, BUZAR platform is unique not only for its functionality, but also for the fact that now every user of BUZAR will be able to earn just using our application, and the longer you are inside our platform, the richer you become.

The fact that at the origins of the project there is such a well-known person as Olga Buzova makes scaling of Buzar is practically solved. Its current level of popularity will be a great springboard for the success of the project not only in Russia but also worldwide. We would like to remind you that the site already has a community of support of more than 12 million fans. And this number is only growing every day.

That is why the project Buzar is supported even by those people who have not heard about the cryptocurrency on the official website of the project. However, BUZAR & BUZCOIN has been supported by crypto funds as well!

Now lets find out what is the idea of sensational Buzar. This is a platform that combines the functionality of a communication service and a trading platform. Moreover, the platform combines cryptocurrencies, banking services and terminals, as well as digital signatures, which no one in the world has done yet. As a result of organic synthesis of innovative technologies, the development receives a unique functionality and becomes a "super-marketplace". Now it has no analogues. All this is possible thanks to the staff of professional developers and specialists from different countries, who will work on the product for Olga Buzova.

Two technologies will be basic in development: blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain makes the platform decentralized and completely protected from fraud. Thanks to this technology, direct transactions between its users are carried out, and this allows to do without intermediaries. There is only a sender and a recipient - and no one else who could influence the transaction, get incomprehensible commissions, etc.

The developed Russian global it-platform BUZAR will present its FIRST PRODUCT in the near future; it will be a fundamentally new messenger!

Buzar is not only a promising idea and a well-known face of the company, but also a whole set of cutting-edge technologies. It is very important that Olga Buzova already has a multi-million support, which means that the platform will be promoted as efficiently as possible. Only a few projects can boast of such support at the start. BUZCOIN token is not just a unit of account within the platform, it is a highly liquid Utility token of the ERC-20 standard with the inherent mechanics of cost growth due to the support of a large number of users around the world and the constant growth of this number (and growth is inevitable, given the popularity of Olga). If at the initial stage there is audience of 12 million fans, then a convenient and simple platform will only increase its audience, which means that the demand for tokens, which will be used in the application, will only grow and at the same time the price will grow.

Now the ICO of the project BUZCOIN has started - you can buy coins at the price of only 10 cents for one token. The minimum entry amount is $ 10.

More information about the project can be found on the website buzcoin.io or in White paper.