FairWin. The first humane gambling platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

March 1, 2018 12:00 AM
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FairWin. The first humane gambling platform on the Ethereum Blockchain

FasterThe main problem of the majority of existing platforms on the Ethereum blockchain is that they are insufficiently fast.
Everybody knows just how popular Ethereum is now. Tens of thousands of cryptocurrency farms worldwide mine Ethereum, making millions of computing operations a second, all of which are registered and stored in the Ethereum system. The more cryptocurrency exists in the world, the more computing capacity we need to mine it and the more time it takes to fulfil transactions and conclude smart contracts. And now imagine that every bet is recorded in the blockchain system. You would have to wait a few seconds and even minutes for every transaction and every bet. The game would lose the lion’s share of its charm for you.

That is why the FairWin team has developed FairChannel.
In the FairWin system you make only two transactions in the Ethereum system — when you begin the game and recieve tokens and when you leave the game and withdraw your tokens.

BrighterFairWin is not simply a fair game platform on the Ethereum blockchain, it stands for bright and memorable games with magnificent graphics. A whole team of designers works on the visual aspect of the FairWin games. Even people who are not interested in gambling will not be left indifferent.
At least, we hope so.

More ambitiousSince 2008 the FairWin team has been engaged in online casino games development. If our technology gains recognition in the course of our ICO, we plan to develop games on the Ethereum Blockchain as we consider that the future of the gambling industry belongs to it. We understand that the ICO is only the first step in the development of our company and it is an opportunity to gain acceptance on the international level. We hope that it will give us a powerful impulse for development.

More humaneWorking in the gambling industry we realize that it has negative consequences. In many countries of the world casino activity is illegal. However, we do not consider that the ban on gambling is capable to solve the gambling problem. With the development of online casinos it became even more accessible — now it is possible to play in a casino without leaving your house. Therefore it is much more important to make gambling safer for players and to soften negative consequences of gambling. The blockchain technology minimizes the risk of swindle by game organizers and makes casinos safer.

We hope to attract attention to our project and change the gambling industry.