15:11 21.11.2019
Svetlana Tereshenok (Neironix)

fineTOKEN — an Ecosystem Uniting All Participants in the Cryptocurrency Industry

The cryptocurrency industry is still very young, so its participants are suffering from infrastructure deficit. Many investors in different parts of the world want to capitalize on this booming market. But the problem is that in most cases, people have very little concept of ​​certain cryptocurrency projects. Lacking knowledge, non-professional investors are constantly at risk of making the wrong decisions or being deceived.

There is one more problem in the cryptocurrency world that concerns the creators of new blockchain projects. Due to quite serious competition in this industry, it is very difficult for new startups to break through and reach their audience.

Unfortunately, these are the current realities of the cryptocurrency industry, but there is a solution — the unique fineTOKEN ecosystem helps solve the foregoing problems. It includes the following services:

InvestinTOKENS.com is the flagship platform of the entire ecosystem, it can interact with absolutely all fineTOKEN services. It is a kind of gateway to this ecosystem. It is here that a meeting of all interested parties takes place: the creators of blockchain startups, private investors and representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges. Developers of new projects can attract a new audience, investors can find worthwhile projects and join investment groups, and exchange owners have the opportunity to get rid of the legal burden regarding KYC or IEO since this can be provided by the InvestinTOKENS.com platform.

stableDEX.io is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform with possible p2p trading. Here, users have full control over their funds. Clients of the platform can use a special gateway for exchanging funds with USDC, which is the only coin for investment accepted in investinTOKENS.com. The key objective of stableDEX.io is to provide instant liquidity, necessary for both projects and investors shortly after funding.

CoinMarketAlert.com is a special service that timely notifies users of changes in project quotes of interest to them. This technology will be expanded and introduced in other services of the FineTOKEN ecosystem over time.

fineTOKENpay is an internal payment system by which projects can accept a huge list of cryptocurrencies (ERC-20) for their applications. This service is a gateway to the infrastructure and distribution of tokens among users of the InvestinTOKENS.com site.

STDEX is an internal ecosystem token based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used in all fineTOKEN services. Besides, the STDEX token can be used to earn loyalty rewards.

Other features of fineTOKEN

All users of the ecosystem have passed the KYC procedure, that is, they are real people. InvestinTOKENS.com users can safely invest in proven blockchain projects. The point is, that each of them has his own discussion thread, as well as the rating received by voting.

InvestinTOKENS.com lets startups to work with their community, find funds for financing, pitch investment syndicates and receive feedback.

Owners of cryptocurrency exchanges, large communities and influential figures in the industry can create individual investment groups (syndicates) while participating in the success fee charged to the projects when funded. For example, if a blockchain project receives investments using a specific syndicate, then the owner of this investment group will receive a fee.

investinTOKENS.com unique proposition

The creators of the investinTOKENS.com invite everyone to create up to five syndicates absolutely free only until the end of this year. Projects are always welcome on investinTOKENS without any upfront cost. To know more information on any questions, go to the official website of the project or write to this email.

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Oh yes, every second platform suffers from attacks and insecurity now. I’m not sure that the creation of new projects will help the market and, in particular, investors to save all their savings and investments.
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