First Cash Money on Blockchain Project is Starting ICO

May 3, 2018 12:00 AM
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First Cash Money on Blockchain Project is Starting ICO

The project involves not only the establishment of “private Central Bank” and issuance of the currency, but also all the infrastructure for it, including global bank network with ATMs, bank cards, POS-terminals and crypto-fiat-currency exchange.

The pre-ICO round of financing is already started. According to preliminary valuation, the ICO could be one of the largest in the market with USD 250 million target. Now there is no money in the world that is fully backed by real assets, inflation-free and independent on political and economic situation of the country where it is issued. Crypto-currency also does not fulfill the function of money. Golden is planned to change it.

Gold backing of some currencies, December 2017

Golden will be used for cash and electronic payments and wire transfers. The global network of Golden banks will provide online bank and phone apps with integrated currency exchange and global low-cost real time payments. Multicurrency accounts for users will provide the possibility of currency-agnostic payments and real time low-cost fiat and crypto currency exchange.


Golden is planned to be a stable, reliable and transparent currency, non-national and non-politicized perfect payment and investment tool, it will be convenient currency with independent modern infrastructure and easy payment and currency conversion, it will provide anonymity and universality of use (in any place of the world) as being present in cash.  

Blockchain technologies will be widely used to provide transparency and stability. Blockchain proof-of-assets protocol, Ripple and other blockchain solutions will be examined for execution.

And it will be fully legal. Starting from issuance and following its banking and exchange services – all of them will be working within the legal framework of the countries where they work.

All details on the Golden Currency you can also find on web pages of the currency at www.goldencurrency.world