GTurbo: More Power for Tangible Blockchain Application

May 25, 2018 12:00 AM
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GTurbo: More Power for Tangible Blockchain Application

Nowadays even the most ambitious projects do not guarantee return of investments. One of the exceptions is a real sector, for example, gas turbine production. It is a stable market, oriented on specific industry demand as many companies producing nitric acid for fertilizers need their turbines to be reengineered. The company rebuilds outdated gas turbines according to the modern standard, using its own production plant, equipment, labor force, knowledge and technologies.

Gturbo solutions are of high demand among nitric acid producers who want to increase their output by transition from old GTT-3M turbines to new GTT-3PN. Such improvement allows to produce 24,000 tons more per year (22% of the total production of one turbine per year), which is equivalent to a gain of $ 3.5 million per year. Thanks to its reputation and experience, Gturbo has a list of orders from 14 major customers for 10 years ahead.

By taking part in the GTurbo option investors will contribute to expansion of an well-established business which is in operation since 1964.

Decentralized direct investment in the project will be implemented through the purchase of the GTurbo option launched on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The longer an investor holds a token, the higher will be the buyout price.

The pre-sale of GTurbo options will take place on the 1st of June, 2018. Additional production of gas turbines and buyout of the customer tokens will begin within 15 months from the ICO end.